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Neighbours Episode 3561 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3561
Australian airdate: 26/06/00
UK airdate: 01/08/00
Writer: Patrick Edgeworth
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Viv Garnett: Emma Buckland
Dr. Veronica Olenske: Caroline Lloyd
Ricky Tyson: Rafi Recht
Female Voice: Libby Stone
- "Grey" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Paramedics reassuring Steph at the scene of the accident that Libby's alright. Brendan telling Tess that he wasn't driving dangerously.
The Scullys' where Steph feels bad
Toadie is telling Steph a bad joke which makes her laugh, and she's sore. But she says that she's not as bad as Libby, and she still feels bad about it. Toadie tells her that he saw Brendan driving off like a maniac, but Steph says it was raining. She still blames herself.
The Kennedys' where Susan Can't Face Lyn
Susan comes in to number 28 and brings in a wedding present with her. She then plays an answerphone message which says that Libby's wedding dress is ready. Close to tears, she answers the door to Lyn who's come to see how Libby is. Susan brings herself to ask about Steph, but her mind is completely elsewhere. Lyn asks if there's anything she can do, and Susan says no, she's just postponing the wedding; Lyn offers to help, but Susan's adamant that she can do it herself.
Lyn says that she doesn't know how she'd feel if it were her daughter lying there, but Susan snaps and tells her it's not her daughter, it's Libby. She also says she blames herself - she should have been more worried about the scooter.
Lyn says that God will look after Libby, but Susan says he's done a terrible job so far, then apologises because she knows Lyn's religious. Lyn says she has to go because Joe's getting take-away, and Susan is close to tears as she leaves.
Erinsborough Hospital where Libby lies
Libby wakes up and says Drew's name and asks him for the time. She says she feels okay, and tells Drew he needs to shave. Drew admits that he's been concerned, and Libby thinks he should get some more rest, but he doesn't want to leave her. Libby experiences some pain, and Drew wants to call a nurse, but she says she's fine.
The BMX track place that I don't really know
Paul and Tad are rehearsing jumps at the BMX track place, and Paul comes off his bike in great fashion; Tad compliments Paul, telling him he's getting better. They discuss Harold and Tad wonders what happens if the jury decide that he's guilty, even though they know he's not. Paul doesn't really want to think about it.
Erinsborough Hospital where Libby lies
There's a nurse in Libby's room, and Drew tells her that one minute Libby was fine, then she wasn't. The nurse presses against Libby's stomach, and she's in a lot of pain.
Drew sits and waits outside Lib's room, and Karl comes along and he tells her about the pains she's experiencing. The doctor comes out and tells Karl that Libby most probably has peritonitis. Drew looks devastated.
The Kennedys' where Susan needs A Shoulder
Susan is calling round relatives and friends one by one to tell them the wedding is postponed. There's a knock on the door and it's Toadie.
TOADIE: Hi. Came to see if anyone needs a shoulder.
SUSAN: Thanks, I think if I start crying on your shoulder now I'll be gone, so I'll just put your offer on hold, if that's alright.
Toadie offers to help with the postponing of the wedding, so Susan will do the relatives, and he'll do the rest. She says it's surreal because she's getting acceptances about the wedding, presents are arriving, the dress is ready and she's trying to pull her wedding backwards when all it wants to do is go forwards. Just as they're agreeing that, Karl calls and tells Susan that Libby's a sick girl, and she needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible. She can't find her keys, so Toadie says he'll take her.
The Bishops' where Tad Gives In
Paul tells Tad that he's made an application for the Mud Master Pro competition, and Tad can't believe it, but Paul makes fun of him for not entering himself. After being told that he's not good enough, Tad immediately decides to enter himself!
Erinsborough Hospital where Libby lies
Karl is telling Susan and Toadie what peritonitis is about and that it's another complication. Susan is worried that she won't respond to the antibiotics, but Karl says she will. Susan and Karl go into Libby's room and take her hands. Drew says that an hour ago she was fine and talking but now she's gone downhill so quickly; Karl tells him that infections do that.
The Scullys' where Lyn feels Awful
Lyn tells Joe that Susan was a bit off with her, and a bit cold. Joe says that's to be expected, but Lyn thinks that Susan resents the fact that it's Libby in hospital and not Steph. Lyn says Joe she needs to tell him something that she doesn't want to confess: when she first heard about Libby she thanked God that it wasn't Steph. She bursts into tears, and Joe reassures her that it's just human nature - it's what people do. He also reminds her that she's been praying for Libby to get better.
Steph crutches in and asks about Libby, but they reassure her that she's still stable. She says she needs to tell her parents something, and that she's going to get rid of the bike. Joe suggests that she should hold off doing anything yet, but Steph says she won't change her mind - she used to love to ride but she won't ride anymore. Lyn agrees with Steph.
No 30 where Tess is Maddening
Tess comes to visit Toadie, and he tells her that he dropped Susan off at the hospital earlier and Libby's developed peritonitis. He asks after Brendan, and she tells him - in a totally gobsmacked fashion - that Brendan's been blamed for the accident. Toadie reminds her there were witnesses. Tess says that you can't trust that, and she doesn't really care that Toadie saw Brendan earlier, either. She says that plenty of people drive when they're mad, and Toadie can't be sure it was Brendan's fault, and she walks out.
Tess reminds Toadie that he's supposed to be her friend and supposed to be loyal, so he's either friends with her and her husband, or not at all.
I suggest you pick the latter, Toad - you've nothing to lose.
Ramsay Street where Tess is in Denial
Tess approaches Karl in the street and she collects the flowers that Brendan threw down before he drove off the other day. Tad and Paul see Karl getting into his car and cycle up to him, offering him their thoughts on Libby. They cycle off to school, Karl drives down the street and stops to talk to Tess. She asks about Libby and he asks about Brendan.
Tess tells Karl that Brendan's been charged, and Karl agrees it's a mess all round.
Erinsborough High where Tess Loses It
The class are reading excerpts from Much Ado About Nothing (I can recite that play from beginning to end) and Tess gets mad when one student makes funny jokes.
Erinsborough Hospital where Libby lies
Susan, Karl and Drew are by Libby's side when the doctor comes in and says she has a strain of E Coli, so they will modify her drugs, and she'll be in ICU a little longer.
Drew says that he can't believe she survived everything just to pick up an infection and die. Karl jumps in and almost aggressively tells him that Libby's very strong, and isn't going to die.
Susan is almost in tears and says that Libby doesn't look strong any more - as the camera pans onto Libby with all the machines and tubes around her. We cut back to Susan just in time to see a single tear fall (that is SUCH bad fanfic) as she crumbles for the second day running.
I SO don't want to end this fabulous run of Susan tears, but unfortunately here come the:
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