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Neighbours Episode 3553 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3553
Australian airdate: 14/06/00
UK airdate: 20/07/00
UK Gold: 04/07/05
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Bernie Samuels - Sean Scully
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Maurie has to be restrained by Joe from hitting Karl
Joel thanks Toadie for helping him and Dee get back together, but Toadie is sad that his own love life isn't working out.
Susan subtley brings up the subject of Career Day at school and asks Karl if he'd speak He suggests she look for someone else, who isn't being sued. Just then, Joe and Lyn come in, and Karl tenses. Lyn comes over and asks if the test results from Mrs Ryan's biopsy have come through, and Karl says he can't discuss it. She realises he's right and tells him to keep a stiff upper lip, and leaves. Karl stresses about her coming over and Susan has to calm him down.
NO 30
Toadie wants to go to bed, but Joel says he still has things to say to Steph. As he goes to his room, the door goes. Joel suggests it might be Steph, and it is, along with Dee. This makes Toadie decide to stay up
NO 26
Lyn and Joe come in and Lyn says he and Karl will never be friends if they don't make an effort. Joe's response is 'Yeah, it's good like that'. Lyn says they can't avoid everyone he doesn't like, and points out he was nice to him when he stopped Maurie from hitting him. Joe says that was about protecting Maurie, not Karl. He also says that Lyn thinks anyone with a degree can never be in the wrong. She says she just admires people who'd made the effort to get a good education, but that has nothing to do with this, Karl is a good doctor who doesn't deserve to be crucified. Joe says she wouldn't say that if it was her arm.
Lou is trying to sell Karl his fish toilet seats, but Karl isn't interested. Lou suggests he can get real fish into them, if that would be better. Susan feigns interest to amuse Karl. When Lou leaves Karl suggests he isn't the best person to talk to impressionable young minds. Susan says that's only if she can't get the doctor to do it.
NO 26
Lyn says that she doesn't look down on people who have a degree. Joe says she has rose coloured glasses for people who have a degree and she shouldn't, they're no better than they are. She says she just wishes she had more eduction, she just feels she'd get further at work. She feels Flick is outstripping her with her reading. Joe says she's one of the smartest people he knows and she doesn't need a piece of paper to tell him that. He says whatever she reckons, he'll love her anyway.
NO 30
Steph comes to see Toadie. She feels he was down about them teasing him about the radio show. He covers by saying it was, when it was about her really. She says she loves what he does. She comments about Dee and Joel mucking around in the other room, and they agree romance is nice. Toadie says he loves what she does.
STEPH: The mechanic thing? It's really not that glamorous.
TOADIE: It is, it is. Everything about you is terrific. I love you......I love you being my mate.
He takes himself off to bed embarrased, and she looks thoughtful
NO 26
Lyn tries to talk to Joe about courses in the paper she could do, but he is in a rush to get out of the door. She says he's not looking after himself and she wants him to start training again. He leaves and Steph comes out and says she needs to talk to her about 'something really messy'.
NO 28
Susan is working through a mountain of acceptances for the wedding. Karl jokes that he probably won't be there, he'll be in jail. Susan says they don't put people in jail for agreeing with a radiologist, which is all he did. If the worst comes to the worst and he goes before the medical board the evidence will show that he was geniune and acting to the best of his ability. Karl is worried about his reputation in the media and remembers the Doctor Love incident, but Susan says no-one else does.
NO 26
Steph has told Lyn of Toadie's feelings for her. She's not surprised that he could love her. Steph says it's just complicated, she has plenty of guys she 'just likes' but doesn't want to have a relationship with them. Lyn suggests she talks to him about it, but Steph feels that she might be wrong, even though she's sure she isn't. Lyn says it's up to Toadie then. If he wants to be friends, it'll have to be on her terms.
Joe is out in his taxi when he meets Lou, on his way back from a garage sale with a load of stuff he wants to put in the boot and Joe offers him a lift. He enquires if anyone has bought the toilet seats. Joe says he hasn't and suggests he try the garage sales it's amazing what people will buy at those things.
Joel and Dee finish eating. Toadie comes in and says Joel's dad, who he calls 'Bernie', has arrived in town and wants to take him to dinner. He invites Dee, but she says she has to meet a friend first, and will meet them later. She kisses him and leaves.
Joe, Lou and Lolly come in, and Joel tells him Lyn has booked him in for a training session. Dee comes back in and gets Joe to take her away in his taxi, eating his food as he goes.
NO 28
Susan advises Lyn to take her VCE through TAFE. They look through some courses in the paper and some catch Susan's eye too. The phone rings and before Susan can pick it up Lyn leaves and Karl arrives, thinking it might be the hospital which it is, he goes to answer it but is too nervous and gives it to Susan. It is the hospital, so she gives it back to him and he asks if there is a result yet.
Steph comes in excitedly and tells Toadie that she has swapped bikes with a friend and is now the proud owner of The Beast. She wanted to know if he'd been working on the car which was a joint project, and he says he had. She asks if there was a reason for him working on it on his own, but he avoids the issue.
NO 28
Karl comes off the phone and announces that Mrs Ryan's tumour was benign. He'd been worrying over nothing. They're both pleased and she hugs him, and he looks relieved.
NO 26
Joel and Joe finish their training session, Joe saying he feels a bit queasy. Lyn says she'll contact him about the next session. She invites him to stay for afternoon tea, but he says he has to tidy for his dad coming over. Lyn says she hopes to meet him. Lyn tells Joe that she plans to do her VCE at TAFE. Joe says if she wants to do it they'll manage somehow, and leaves.
Karl jokes with Susan that Lou is still trying to sell the toilet seats, and she asks him again about career day and again he refuses. Joe comes in and he and Karl say it's good news about Mrs Ryan. Joe then tells Lou he ran into a 'mate of a mate of a mate of a mate' who wants his loo seats. Susan and Karl think it's amusing and joke about who thought he wouldn't sell them.
Over at the bar, A man tells Dee his horoscope says he's about to become rich and meet the woman of his dreams. She's not impressed. He offers to buy her a drink which she refuses.
NO 30
Joel finishes getting dressed and convinces Toadie to come and join him at the pub. 'Knowing Bernie, he's probably chatting to someone and hasn't realised we're late'
Lou tells Dee her friend rang and can't make it. The gentleman comes over and says his friend stood him up too. As she leaves, he says 'don't go we were just getting to know each other' 'Where were we?' says Dee. Just then, Joel and Toadie come in and Joel introduces the guy who's been chatting Dee up as.....his dad.
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