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Neighbours Episode 3550 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3550
Australian airdate: 09/06/00
UK airdate: 17/07/00
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher
Glenda Ryan: Bronwyn Di Cecco
Const. Ralph Walker: Paul Collins
Sgt. Joanne Douglas: Matilda White
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
- "Crush" by Violetine
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Harold calls the number featured on 'At Large.' Dione tells Joel she just wants to be friends because relationships have too many problems.
Michelle asks Lyn if she'll do canteen duty at Erinsborough High tomorrow because lots of other mothers have. Lyn says she just hasn't got the time what with the hairdressers. Maurie and Joe go through some building plans but they keep getting interrupted. Firstly Lyn comes in to tell Joe that she got a call from Phoebe (that girl at the hospital, remember? What do you mean, no?!) to thank her for doing her hair and to tell her about how well her party went. Then Lou turns up to ask Joe if he wants any of his toilet seats - Joe thinks it's hilarious, especially when Lou tells him he's got loads to get rid of!
Libby and Drew continue to snipe at each other and Libby invites Dione back to Number 28. When they've gone, Joel thanks Drew for passing on the opposite image of a good relationship! Over at the Kennedys, Dione tells Libby that she told Joel she didn't want a relationship - she just wants to try being friends to see how he really feels about her. Joel still thinks they are more than just good friends and is sure Dione is just testing him. He suggests that he progresses things a bit. Drew tells him that he doesn't think she wants to be more than friends, the vibe was definitely platonic.
Over at Number 24 - when Harold goes to bed, Paul calls Madge... we assume to ask her to come back. The next morning, police turn up in Ramsay Street looking for Harold. Karl is on his way to work and they ask him if he knows whether Harold would be at the Coffee Shop or Grease Monkeys. He's not sure but asks them if it's about the 'At Large' programme - the sergeant says she can't say. They head down to the Coffee Shop and ask Harold to accompany them to the station. Joel, Libby and Joe are all there to see him taken off. Paul turns up and asks what is going on - Harold asks him to look after things.
Lyn turns up at Erinsborough High to do the tuck shop duty and tells Michelle that she came because it seemed so important to her. Glenda Ryan (Maurie's wife) turns up to do her duty too. They head off to the canteen and Michelle collars Susan to ask her about the scary house. Susan says from what she knows the guy who lives there is just a very private person and perhaps everyone should respect that and not bother him.
Paul tells Karl and Lou at the Coffee Shop that Harold was taken off by the police. Lou offers to go down to the station to see if he's okay if he isn't back by lunchtime. At the police station, the sergeant conducts an informal interview with Harold. She asks him to talk about his time in Tasmania. He explains that his memory was very patchy at that time. She asks him if he's ever had any problems with violence in the past - she adds that an informant claimed that he was assaulted by Harold last week. Harold explains that the man was harassing Dione and that he was just defending himself using his judo skills. He says there were lots of witnesses.
Joel tells Drew that he won a competition from the Marine Education Centre - he came up with a winning teaching concept for primary school kids. He says there's going to be an awards ceremony. Later, Joel tells Dione about the win and she give him a peck on the cheek and a hug. He's over the moon!
At Erinsborough High, Michelle tells Susan that Glenda Ryan has collapsed in the canteen. Susan tells her to call Karl while she calls for an ambulance. Maurie is at Lou's Place when he gets a call on his mobile to say that Glenda's gone to the hospital.
Lou turns up at the police station to see Harold but the policeman won't let him because he isn't family. Meanwhile, Harold has to take part in a formal interview. He says that he won't answer any more questions until he has a lawyer present.
Maurie turns up at the hospital and Karl tells him that Glenda collapsed in the tuck shop and she has a pathological fracture of the arm. Maurie asks him if that's the same arm that was bothering her a few weeks ago. Karl says it is and that she's undergoing surgery right now. Maurie says that when she saw him at the surgery, he said everything was okay. Karl says it was - the x-ray was clear and the elbow was steadily improving. Maurie says it isn't now and that he made a mistake, she'd better be fine or there will be hell to pay. Lyn listens in the background.
Michelle heads back to the scary house and stands by the door talking to the man inside. She tells him again that she appreciated the bracelet and apologises once more for her Mum making her give it back. She says she'd be happy to do any other chores for him that he wants done - like shopping or whatever. She starts to walk off when something comes underneath the door. It's a sheet of paper with an e-mail address on it - plutarch@erinsborough.net.au. Hmmm... it's not mine honest!!!
Susan goes over to Number 24 to see if Tad and Paul are okay. Yeah, right - she just wanted the gossip! Harold gets back from the station and they ask if everything is ok. Harold says he's free for the moment but they might want to question him later. Susan says she can't believe it. Harold says there are plenty of people who will and that he's beginning to wonder himself.
Back at the hospital, Karl asks Maurie how Glenda is. He angrily tells him that they've found a large tumour on her arm and they might have to amputate it. He says that 10 days ago he told him it was fine. Karl says it was, it may have just appeared but they can't be definite until they get the biopsy results. Maurie asks how the hell she is going to cope with just one arm.
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Sgt. Joanna Douglas, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3550
Sgt. Joanna Douglas, Karl Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Sgt. Joanna Douglas in Neighbours Episode 3550
Harold Bishop, Sgt. Joanna Douglas

Sgt. Joanna Douglas in Neighbours Episode 3550
Sgt. Joanna Douglas

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3550
Harold Bishop

Maurie Ryan, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3550
Maurie Ryan, Karl Kennedy

Lyn Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3550
Lyn Scully, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Maurie Ryan in Neighbours Episode 3550
Karl Kennedy, Maurie Ryan

Karl Kennedy, Maurie Ryan in Neighbours Episode 3550
Karl Kennedy, Maurie Ryan

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