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Neighbours Episode 3523 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3523
Australian airdate: 03/05/00
UK airdate: 08/06/00
UK Gold: 13/06/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Geri Hallett - Isabella Dunwill
Tom Wu - Gareth Yuen
Antonio Perez - Marcela Toro
- "Radio Funk" by Endorphin
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
- "Be There With You" by Human Nature
Summary/Images by: Pete
Lance and Toadie open their home to backpackers
The German girl takes advantage of Toadie's feelings for her
Brendan's car breaks down and Tess invites him to stay the night
NO 32
Tess fixes Brendan a bed on the couch, and he settles in.
NO 22
Libby and Drew pash on the couch and enjoy each other's company. Lou interrupts the moment returning from holiday. Lou catches up with the local gossip. When Lolly wakes, Drew amuses her. Lou remarks to Libby that Drew'll make a great dad.
NO 32
Tess and Brendan engage in small talk on the couch, before she wishes him goodnight and goes off to bed. He is just about to take his top off when he looks thoughtfully behind him and the scene changes, leaving many female viewers disappointed.
Next morning, Tess and Brendan are getting on well. He goes to leave, and Tess raises the issue of his car, which Brendan seems to have forgotten is broken down. He suggests that he should be able to fix it. Tess suggests getting Drew to look at it. Brendan tells her it'll be alright but she insists and leaves the house.
NO 30
Joel arrives home to discover a new resident in the shape of Tom Woo, who's got a reservation. Toadie comes in and is not aware of Tom's arrival either. During the course of the conversation it comes out that there are no reservations. Joel is confused as to what's going on.
NO 32
Drew looks over Brendan's car. When it works Brendan calls him a genius despite him 'not really doing anything' Libby watches thoughtfully as Tess sees him off, and Tess works out that Libby is suspicious of his motives.
NO 30
Joel is furious as Lance and Toadie reveal the extent of the B&B plan, while Toadie makes Renate breakfast in bed. When he takes it to her, he discovers she's gone, without paying and taken Steph's hairdryer with her.
NO 30
Joel, Lance and Toadie try to figure out their losses after Renate ran out on them .She didn't pay, she took Steph's hairdryer, and most importantly, Toadie thought she really liked him. Toadie suggests they take on another backpacker. Joel puts his foot down. Toadie wants to hear what suggestions he has, but he has none.
Geri comes along in a new open top car, to show off to Drew, who's suitably impressed. Apparently a girl like her needs two cars. Libby suggests she's got herself a new sugar daddy, but Geri just snarls. Libby seems curious as to what she might be up to.
Geri arrives late at the station. Flustering in, she announces to the listeners that she has a fabulous new car from Mike Ellis Motors. Toadie puts on a song and tells her that if this is part of her 'kickback' scheme he's going to have her. She asks him if he really thinks he would do something as unethical as that.
Brendan arrives with flowers for Tess. He's leaving the country for a week in the morning. He's enjoyed being with her and was hoping.....but she stops him before he can say any more. She wishes him a safe trip.
NO 30
Joel and Lance are talking to Lou about everything to do with his holiday but all Lou wants is the rent. They keep trying to put him off. Just as he realises they have no rent and they begin with their excuses, an oriental girl in rollerskates singing along to a walkman comes through the kitchen grabs a drink from the fridge and leaves again, to bemused looks from all 3 men.
Later they're sat round the kitchen table, and the boys have obviously spun Lou a story about how Joel met her overseas. When Lou asks her name, the first one that comes to mind is Bob. Lou leaves really unimpressed. Lance suggests they take in more backpackers, but Joel thinks they'll just get busted.
NO 22
Libby and Drew are babysitting Lolly and having great fun as 'parents'. Lou comes in and Drew asks him if he's been chatting up Merridy. Libby looks through the paper and discovers Geri has done an interview that she had been promised.
Geri and Toadie discuss Bay City Rollers and the 70's on the radio. Geri manages to slot in plugs for A Good Hair Day and Mike Ellis Motors. Toadie is furious at these blatant plugs.
Libby and Toadie complain to each other about Geri's behaviour. Libby says someone decent needs to 'bring that harpie down - and I'm just the girl to do it'
Geri phones Mike Ellis from her new car to see if he heard the plug and praise the car.
Libby asks Geri how she got the interview, Geri says it was all down to hard work - something Libby herself taught her. Libby says Simon recognises her talents. Geri says she can't accuse her of nepotism without evidence. Geri meets her 'guest' and sits down. Toadie and Libby complain to each other how they hate her. Libby realises she's meeting with the owner of a fashion chain, which is unbelievable. Toadie says 'first it's her hair, then it's her car, now it's her clothes, how many kickbacks does she want?'.
<<3522 - 3524>>
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