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Neighbours Episode 3502 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3502
Australian airdate: 04/04/00
UK airdate: 09/05/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Glynis Mordlake - Julie Day
Dee Bliss - Madeleine West
Carrie Clark - Vanessa Rossini
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Grooving" by The Hunting Party
Summary/Images by: Pete
Libby and Drew get their portrait taken and Drew proposes.
Libby asks Drew if he's joking. He says he told her before that he was going to keep asking her until she said yes. She wonders if he planned this whole thing, but he says he didn't think about it until he got down on one knee, and it just came out. She says it's very corny and he agrees, and gets up. She says yes. Drew doesn't quite hear and asks her again, and she says yes, she will marry him. The photographer has been subtly hiding in the back and comes out to take 'official photos'. Libby and Drew tell her they don't want anyone to know yet.
NO 30
In the back garden, Joel tells Toadie that he got a job as a telephone canvasser thanks to Carrie. Toadie suggests taking her out for a romantic dinner for 2 'to say thanks'. Joel isn't keen and says they've been through this. Toadie is having none of it.
NO 28
Susan is on the phone to Bill, who we actually see in a phone box. Libby and Drew sneak in and hug in the background while Susan tries to reassure Billy. He's worried because he can't get in touch with Anne and thinks she may have found another guy. Susan tells him he's being silly and she'll call when she can. She hangs up and discusses 'poor Billy' with Libby. She wonders if 'all this secretive stuff is worth it'. Libby suggests just telling him, but Susan says Anne would never forgive her if she spoiled the surprise, and she'd like to see the look on his face when she just turns up on his doorstep. Susan asks how the photo session went and Libby smiles and says it was good. She asks where Karl is, and won't tell Susan why. She asks if Susan will be home for a while, she says she's got loads of laundry to do and goes off with it. Drew asks why Libby didn't just tell her, Libby says she wants to tell her parents together. Drew leaves to go to the garage, and says that he may call his parents to tell them. Libby says that's fine as long as they don't tell anyone else 'no sneaky phone calls to my parents, I don't want them stealing our thunder'. Susan comes back and says the photo session wasn't that bad an experience. She says that Libby seems jumpy, but Libby says she's fine. Libby hugs her excitedly and says she's off to see Toadie. Susan watches her leave, puzzled.
NO 30
Libby drags Toadie off to the pub for a game of darts. Dee tells Joel he doesn't commit himself to anything. She says they've been seeing each other for a couple of months and wants to know where they're going. He says he's having the best time he's had with anyone and he wants to go on seeing her. Dee says she'd like them to have a more than casual relationship, she'd like it to be be exclusive. 'as in not seeing anyone else?' says Joel . They agree it's a deal.
NO 26
Drew comes to see Steph. He asks her advice on a secret, before telling her that he and Libby are engaged. She hugs him excitedly. He shows Steph the ring and asks her advice because Libby said he had really terrible taste. Steph says it's gorgeous, and Libby couldn't not like it. She puts the ring on and there's a knock at the door. As she tries to get it off, she realises it's stuck. Drew looks through the spy hole and realises it's Toadie and Libby, so Steph hides him in the laundry and grabs a headscarf to put round the ring. She answers the door and tells Libby she cut her hand. Toadie laughs at the 'novelty bandage' he offers to have a look but she puts him off and tells them she'll join them at the pub once she's sorted her hand. They leave and she races to the kitchen where she and Drew remove the ring with soap. As it comes off it falls down the sink. Drew asks where they keep the tools.
Over a game of darts, Toadie asks Libby where Drew is. Libby is deliberately cagey which Toadie picks up on and badgers her about it. Eventually she tells him they got engaged, but makes him promise not to tell anyone.
NO 30
Joel and Dee are talking about a holiday when Carrie calls. Dee invites her to join them at the pub. Joel can't put the phone down fast enough.
Drew and Steph arrive and pretend they just met outside. Libby and Drew decide to go home and wait for Karl and Susan. Toadie and Steph work out that they both know about the engagement.
NO 28
Karl arrives and Susan puts the phone down. She says she was talking to Rose Kirk for a full 10 minutes about nothing. It was almost as if she was waiting for Susan to tell her something. Karl says she must be lonely, but Susan thinks there's more to it than that. Karl asks where his dinner is and Susan tells him that he knows where to buy it basically. Karl takes her to the pub for a meal. Susan leaves a note for Libby and tells Karl she was looking for him.
Steph tells Joel that he can't tell anyone about the engagement. Dee comes over and Toadie tells her about the engagement, just as the happy parents come in. Dee lets slip about the engagement and the penny drops with Karl and Susan who rush out excitedly.
NO 28
Libby and Drew arrive home and find the note. Drew uses the opportunity to give Libby the ring. As he takes it out he drops it under the couch and goes looking for it. He says 'at least it's not the kitchen sink' and Libby replies 'I'm pretty sure that only happens in the movies'. When they finally get it on her finger, she says she ws going to tell him not to bother about a ring, but now that she has it....'thank you for having more sense than me'. Karl and Susan rush in. Susan says 'is it true, tell me it's true?' Libby shows her the ring on her finger, and they all scream excitedly.
We cut outside and back in, where everyone is still excited. Libby and Drew want to know who told them, and they say it's the blonde friend of Joel's. Karl asks if it's still true about the father of the bride, and Susan says it is. Susan wants to tell Billy and Mal 'and Grandpa Tom' says Libby. 'He'll come after me with a shotgun' says Drew. On the contrary says Libby, you're the only boyfriend he ever approved of'.
NO 30
Joel finishes his first successful call, with Carrie watching on. She asks him how he feels about Dee and tells him she said she thinks he's The One. Changing the subject, Joel suggests taking a dip in the pool.
Outside, Joel throws Carrie into the pool and jumps in after her. They swim in each others arms.
Dee and Toadie come in the front door and he suggests that Joel might be in the pool and sends her out.
Joel and Carrie come up for air in each other's arms. They look at each other and Joel says 'we shouldn't be doing this' before they kiss. Dee comes skipping along happily but her face falls when she sees them kissing.
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