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Neighbours Episode 3500 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3500
Australian airdate: 31/03/00
UK airdate: 05/05/00
Writer: Bill Searle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Joe congratulates Joel for his idea which won them the cricket game; Joel confessing it was Karl's idea. Joe resigning as cricket team coach.
The Kennedys'
Poor Jackie Woodburne managed to film these scenes whilst barely keeping her voice alive. Kinda sexy, yet ill.
Susan can't believe that Joe walked out on the cricket team over such a simple thing. How could he not want to go on to win the final? Karl can see a silver lining, though, losing their coach a week before the Grand Final - which is that Joe hasn't really provided the leadership they needed.
SUSAN: So where's your silver lining?
KARL: With Joe gone we can install a new, fresh, innovative leadership.
JOEL: Oh, the kind of leadership that led us to the change in match winning tactics?
KARL: No, no, far be it for me to blow my own trumpet.
SUSAN: But undoubtedly you're just about to.
Joel and Susan think it's a bad thing that they lost their coach so close to the final.
KARL: He can't take advice, let alone criticism.
SUSAN: Which is definitely not your style, is it, my love?
The Scullys'
Joe feels that the team don't want him, but Steph says that he's throwing a tantrum about it. Lyn understands that Joe's hurt, but none of them wanted him to walk out. Joe blames it completely on Karl.
JOE: I think he should see a shrink. I really do.
Steph says that she doesn't think the team did the right thing, but Joe isn't doing the right thing now, either. Lyn reassures him that it'll work out.
The Bishops'
Paul is on the 'phone and is getting excited about going to spend some time with his dad - if he can finish school a bit early, he'll get to stay with him on his boat. Harold isn't keen on the idea of Paul missing out on school, but as long as he puts in extra time next term he can leave in four days.
Lou's Place
Daniel - someone who apparently works with Tess is in the bar and Tess introduces him to Anne. Daniel has just come back from a Year 9 camp, and is now house hunting for something really temporary until he can move in with his mate in a few weeks.
Anne says that they have a room at their place and Tess looks at her. If looks could kill, Anne would be dead and buried by now. Daniel senses the tension, so he says he'll keep it in mind, but with he and Tess working together it probably wouldn't be a good idea, would it? Tess agrees that it would not be a good idea at all.
The Scullys'
The 'phone rings whilst the Scullys are eating dinner, and Joe gets it - it's Katrina on the phone for Lyn. (Who's Katrina?) KatrinaWho? makes an appointment at the salon, and Joe looks disappointed that the call wasn't for him. Lyn puts the 'phone down and is annoyed that she has to work tomorrow - KatrinaWho? and her friend have a wedding they need their hair done for.
Joe feels sorry for himself - why is it that people need Lyn but not him? Steph is livid that Joe can't get over it, and get on with coaching - so what if the team took Karl's coaching over him? Joe thinks it's a vote of no confidence, but stresses that he doesn't care.
The Kennedys'
Drew is making Susan and Karl a cup of coffee.
DREW: White with no sugar, isn't it Susan?
SUSAN: Thank you. (to Karl) Gee, you can tell they're part of the furniture when they're forced to make coffee for the in-laws, can't you?
LIB: In-laws?
SUSAN: Oh, you know what I mean.
KARL: Can you wash my car tomorrow morning, thank you?
DREW: Sure - just after I polish your boots.
Susan asks Lib and Drew what they're doing tonight, and they're getting a video out. She then asks about the photo session that Auntie Minnie has arranged - Libby doesn't want to do it, but Susan thinks they'll look lovely; she wants a nice photo of the two of them together.
SUSAN: I would just like one nice photo of the two of you together.
LIB: You've got millions of photos of the two of us together.
SUSAN: I have got one photo of the two of you shoved into a Volkswagen with about a thousand other students. I just want one nice shot.
KARL: One in a frame...
SUSAN: Well, maybe...
KARL: ...you know, put it on the piano, and she can stare at it whilst she does her needlepoint.
SUSAN: Well what's wrong with that? Libby?
LIB: We'll see.
SUSAN: Well, I think it's the least you can do if you're not going to get married.
Lou's Place
Anne asks Tess if she has a problem with Daniel - she says no; Daniel thought it would be hard working and living together. Anne asks if there's a history between them, but Tess denies it. She says that Brendan would react if he found out she was living with another man.
Anne thinks that it's either a cop out, or that Brendan has too much control over Tess.
The Kennedys'
Susan is coming out of the bedroom with a book. Karl is lying face down on the sofa looking bored.
SUSAN: Damn, I forgot I finished this last night.
KARL: At 2am if memory serves me.
SUSAN: Oh, how would you know? You were snoring.
Steph is at the door and asks to see Drew - would he come down to the pub, and Libby? Libby isn't interested in cricket, so - no. Drew goes off with Steph.
KARL: (kneeling up onto all fours on the sofa) If you're going to talk about cricket shouldn't I be involved?
STEPH: No, it's not something you probably need to know about.
DREW: See you later.
KARL: What's going on?
LIB: Do I look like a mind reader?
KARL: It's pretty odd, don't you think?
(Karl is still on all fours on the sofa. Susan looks over and stares at his bottom.)
SUSAN: Careful love, your paranoia's showing.
KARL: Yeah, well, she is the daughter of Joe Scully.
Lou's Place
Steph and Drew run into Tess, Anne and Daniel. At the bar they discuss Karl and Joe's behaviour - it's going from bad to worse. They decide to sort it out for them. But who and how?
The Kennedys'
Susan can't find any books that she hasn't read.
SUSAN: Don't you hate it when you finish a really good book?
KARL: Not as much as I hate not knowing what Steph and Drew are discussing.
SUSAN: I'm sure you'll find out, darling.
Libby asks her mum if she's been looking at any of the files on the PC. Susan says no, as does Karl. She says that someone's opened the file. Drew calls Karl and asks him to go down to the pub and talk tactics. He thinks that this is good because obviously they're going to ask him to take over the team.
The Scullys'
Joe has also received a call to come to the pub; he tells Lyn that it was one of the lads from the team who have had a team meeting. Lyn tells him she told him it would be alright. He thanks her and leaves.
Lou's Place
Daniel leaves the pub just as Karl turns up, and announces that they should start to plan a successful final. Drew stops him mid-sentence as Joe turns up.
Drew announces that if Karl and Joe can't put their differences aside then none of the team will turn up to next week's game. Joe can't believe that they're going to strike.
Joe tells Steph that she shouldn't have schemed behind his back; Karl should never have done what he did. Steph as good as ignores him.
Karl tells Drew that he doesn't understand; Drew tells him that he's ignoring what the rest of the team wants. Karl agrees that he and Joe can sort something out. Joe says he can't - the team have made it clear that he's not wanted and Karl is, so he's walking. He leaves the pub. Karl tells Drew that he tried.
No 32
Anne and Tess returned home - Tess tells Anne that she doesn't want to discuss Daniel anymore, and tells her that it's not easy with her when Brendan's looking over her shoulder. Anne tells her that she's letting Brendan control her.
Ramsay Street where you can See This Coming
Karl is hosing down his car and sees Joe coming out with a bucket and sponge to clean his truck. Joe slams down his bucket, causing the water to leap out and soak him. He stomps back towards the house, and comes back with his own hose. He deliberately aims it at Karl, who gets soaked.
Joe turns to his car and starts to sponge it down; Karl does the same. They start racing to see who can sponge the front of their car the quickest.
No 32
Anne and Tess are in the kitchen in their PJs, making breakfast. Anne asks Tess if she slept well, but she didn't. Anne doesn't ask her why, so Tess says "Don't you want to know why?" Anne: "Only if you want to tell me."
Anne apologises for last night, and Tess says that she was right, though. She knows she has to get Brendan out of her life, but trying to avoid conflict with Brendan is second nature to her. Anne thinks she's done step one, though - she moved out.
Ramsay Street
Karl and Joe are still furiously sponging their cars down. Lyn comes out and asks what Joe's doing; Susan comes out and asks what Karl's doing. She tries to take the hose from Karl who snatches it back, accidentally spraying Joe.
Joe is furious and deliberately sprays Karl, as Harold appears and starts watching. Joe soaks Susan, who tells Karl it was his fault. Lyn is cross with Joe and Harold looks on disapprovingly.
No 32
Anne has had a call from her mum and Tess asks her what she's heard about Dawber; she hasn't heard anything. There's a knock at the door and it's Daniel - he asks if he can have the room as a temporary measure. If they make rules like not agreeing to talk school in the house, it could work out. Tess makes about 5 different faces in the space of 2 seconds whilst she ponders. I can't be bothered to wait for her answer, so I'm cutting to:
End Credits
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