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Neighbours Episode 3496 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3496
Australian airdate: 27/03/00
UK airdate: 01/05/00
UK Gold: 25/05/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Cecile Bliss - Molly McCaffrey
- "Flowers" by Janine Maunder
Summary/Images by: Shona
Cecile pushes Michelle over.
Joe tells Susan that Michelle's been bullied for weeks but Michelle denies it.
Erinsborough High
Susan shows the girls into a classroom and tells Joe she'll take it from here. It's a school matter and she's hoping it won't be necessary to involve the parents. He leaves, saying bye to Michelle before doing so. Susan wants to get it sorted for once and for all.
Number 28
Karl is still in the bathroom and Libby tells Drew she's afraid she's going to be late for work. In the meantime she asks him to put her story from the computer onto a floppy - can the country boy handle it? Drew says yes, just one thing - what's a computer? Karl emerges from the shower, still basking in the glory of his cricket victory. It's Susan's adoration that matters most to him though, no one else's. Drew comments that Lib does a lot of writing - she's very prolific. Karl thinks she wouldn't mind if he'd have a look at her work. Drew asks Libby who darts out for a moment if he can copy a short story but she doesn't hear him so he does it anyway.
Erinsborough High
Cecile tells Susan about the Joel incident - they felt like fools. Susan says she understands Michelle wanting to fit in being the new girl but it was the wrong way to go about it. She thinks a good first step would be some apologies and the girls apologise to each other. Susan thinks they should be friends, and tells Michelle to go. At the door she tells her to come to her if anything else happens. Turning to Cecile she says she won't tolerate any bullying and Cecile promises it won't happen again.
Number 28
Drew hands Libby the disk, saying he copied another story too but it doesn't seem like she heard. He suggests a good story for the paper would be Joel and Toadie in tutus singing Mary Had A Little lamb. She's already has a good story - about the cricket team. They leave.
Car Park
Joe tells Lyn about the Cecile/Michelle incident. He's not Michelle's favourite parent in the world but he couldn't just stand there and watch it happen. She should have told them. Lyn is worried - she used to get along with kids really well. Joe thinks these kids here think they're better than everyone else.
Number 30
Drew has been round to use Toadie's printer. Lance asks why it was so urgent - Drew says it was nothing, just Lou's printer on the blink. He leaves and Anne appears - she can't concentrate at lectures. She keeps thinking about Bill - she has to do something. She's thinking about dropping everything and leaving Erinsborough - she wants to be with Bill.
Erinsborough High
Cecile leans over and asks to borrow a pencil from Michelle - she gives her one and Cecile thanks her.
Number 30
Anne is telling Lance that she can transfer to Dawber - it isn't that far from Bill. It was the place she wanted to be in the first place. Lance thinks it's not likely they'll accept her this late in the year. Can't she just wait for the holidays? She's hardly given the long distance thing a chance. Anne had thought he would understand. But Lance says what if things don't work out. Anne thinks his personal experience is not the same as hers. Lance gives up, not being able to talk to her when she's like this.
The Coffee Shop
Karl asks about Susan's first day back in 'the Lion's Den' and she says it's fine. Pippa has given him a baseball cap as she's noticed him playing around with his hair over his bald spot a lot (how kind - shouldn't that have got her fired??) Luckily Karl takes it as a joke. He's been thinking about having an appointment with a dermatologist mate of his but she tells him to grow old gracefully. 'Give up like you?' Says Cheeky Karl. Well, really!

Lyn and Joe come in - Ivan hasn't turned up and Lyn is not impressed. He's also turned his mobile off. They spot Michelle sitting alone. Karl is leaving and Joe thinks he's going slowly - must be all the exercise. Karl retorts that he's moving just fine and leaves. They thank Susan for helping Michelle and they sit with their daughter. She says the whole school is laughing with her. Joe tells her to make a stand but she tells him he can't force anyone to like her.
The Garage
Drew is sitting in a car, reading a large manuscript that he must have printed out earlier. Libby appears and he puts it to the side. He tells her he's been reading some of her stuff - it's great. She tells him that she likes short stories but aims to write a novel. She's been struggling with something - 20something angst. 'Comedy?' asks Drew, hopefully. No, deep and meaningful and tragic. She'd die if anyone saw it. She says it's for her eyes only and tells him not to ask to see it. Drew goes into the car and stuffs the manuscript under the seat.
Number 30
Anne appears and angrily asks to talk to Lance. She knows that Lance told Ruth about her plans and now Ruth thinks she's having a breakdown. Lance thought she was under pressure and he's concerned about it. He is about to leave to do a job - Anne tells him to make a great job, like she did on him.
The Garage
Libby's off to interview Joe and Karl about the cricket. Drew asks would she rather be doing a novel or journalism, had she the choice. She doesn't know if she wants her private feelings out in the public domain. Drew thinks people might like it. She asks why he's interested - he just wondered.
Outside Number 26
More surveyors are working away and Lyn isn't happy - it's too expensive and Joe hasn't even discussed it with her. The Kennedys drive into the street. 'Afternoon,' smirks Joe as the pull into their driveway.
Number 26
Lyn finds out that Joe is planning for them to sell up and leave once the work is done, to make a profit from it. Lyn doesn't want to go. Joe says they could build a Granny flat for Lyn's parents. She says they all have to make a decision when the facts come in and they have to get on with the neighbours. Being the odd one out is no fun - think of what it's doing to Michelle.
Number 28
Karl is recounting his cricket victory to Libby. She thinks it isn't in line with other versions of the events and Karl asks for Joe's but she won't give it. There are conflicting ideas about that final run - Karl says it was his idea. With his medical knowledge he's done wonders for the training. He believes in credit where credit's due while Joe just wants it all for himself. Lyn comes over and comments about Susan's croaky voice - she's been shouting at too many kids. Lyn has an idea from the salon. Latest in hair technology - she hands an aerosol can to Karl. 'Spray on hair?' He asks. Lyn and Susan start laughing - all a joke to break the recent tension between them.
Lou's Place
Lance tells Drew about his fight with Anne and tells Drew that he knows about the novel - the title page printed out twice and Drew left one. Drew admits that although Libby agreed to him reading some stuff she doesn't want him reading this. It's good and very intense, says Drew. Lance promises he didn't see a thing. Libby comes in and Drew says he was talking to Lance about her short stories. Libby tells them that she can take criticism.
Number 26
Lyn is annoyed with having to clean up after everyone. Joe wants to give Michelle a lift but she wants to walk. Lyn encourages Joe to let her walk to school.
The Corridors of Erinsborough High
Cecile thanks Michelle for lending her the pencil. Michelle tells her she doesn't need to be nice to her just because of what Susan said. Cecile says that if she thinks the principal can protect her she's wrong - they have other ways of getting to her.
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Joe Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3496
Joe Scully, Susan Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3496
Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3496
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Michelle Scully, Cecille Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3496
Michelle Scully, Cecille Bliss

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3496
Karl Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3496
Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3496
Joe Scully

Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3496
Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully

Michelle Scully, Cecille Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3496
Michelle Scully, Cecille Bliss

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