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Neighbours Episode 3476 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3476
Australian airdate: 28/02/00
UK airdate: 03/04/00
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: None
- "Johnny Too Bad 1" by The Steve Byrd Band
Summary/Images by: Shona
Tad and Paul talk about Joe and Flick fighting; Tad tells Flick that Paul thinks something major is going on between Flick and her dad - she thinks it would be a laugh for him to go on thinking so.
Tad tells Harold the adoption agency have news about his real parents.
Ramsay Street
While Joe looks at plans outside number 26, Tad and Paul come down the driveway of number 24 with their bikes, heading for school. Tad is worried about his interview - he could find out his real parents are axe murderers or something. Flick catches up with them and Paul says that he thought Joe was looking a little stressed. Flick tells him he's always like that.
Karl walks up to Joe and blasts him for the Bobcat that is sitting across the driveway - what if he had been called to an emergency overnight? Joe tells him he didn't do it and he'll move it. As Karl walks away he cheekily tells him to keep his hair on (what's left of it).
The kids watch, Flick glad her dad didn't lose it and Tad observing Dr K was pretty fired up too. Flick tells them about Susan wanting to resign as Principle. Paul thinks they should do something to let her know how much they like her - Flick suggests a petition. Tad is far away in his thoughts but agrees to it.
Number 26
Joe is looking for the keys to the truck. Lyn wouldn't be surprised if he'd told the bloke to park it across the Kennedys' driveway, even though Joe denies it. He's been rubbing up everyone the wrong way. She tells him no one in the street has been to the salon and that's down to him. Joe tells her he's going to sort it out by going to the land titles office. Lyn tells him to try his pockets and lo and behold the keys are there.
Number 32
Amy is very thirsty and Anne gets her a jug of juice, before talking about cravings and whether she might be putting on some weight (she hasn't). Amy tells her she's been so stressed. Anne thinks she should talk to Damien, but she's been avoiding him. Her mum is coping wonderfully - showering her with bootees. Anne suggests Emma for a girl or Max for a boy - she loves the name Max. But right now Amy is concentrating on getting through believing her pregnancy first.
Grease Monkeys
Harold is dancing around with a broomstick to the rock'n'roll music on the jukebox. Paul and Flick interrupt him, and he's a bit bashful. Flick thinks it's going to be brilliant and she's going to fill in an application form for a job. Paul tells Harold in a whisper that she's been having trouble at home - there are some major problems with Joe.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Joe sits down with Lyn and a big greasy cheeseburger. Karl appears and Lyn calls him over, much to Joe's annoyance. She apologises for the truck and asks if he could fit Joe in for his annual check-up today. Joe tries to say he's busy but Karl will fill him in this afternoon. He tells Joe to enjoy his cheeseburger and leaves. 'What a nice man,' says Lyn. 'What a nice wife,' says Joe, tearing into his cheeseburger angrily.
Grease Monkeys
Harold asks what brings on these outbursts and Paul says it's mainly housework - Joe locks Flick in the house while her sisters just laze around. Flick has finished the form - she's good at cleaning, plenty practice at home. Harold lets out a thoughtful 'hmmm.'
Lassiters' Lake...
...where Tad is skimming stones across the water. Karl appears and he asks if everything's alright. He knows about the adoption from Susan - she's been very worried about him. Tad asks if it's true about her leaving and Karl brushes it off, asking how he's coping. He tells him about the appointment. Karl tries to ask how he's feeling, but Tad says that you just need to be there. Karl says that when he found out, he felt like punching the walls. Tad is taken aback and Karl tells him that it takes one to know one. Tad asks what happened - Karl found his real father and everything made sense. At times he resented him - he wanted more than his real father was prepared to give him. Although he has passed on now, meeting him and knowing him was the most important thing in his life. Tad nods and still can't believe it - he's blown away; finding out the truth about Karl today was like fate. Karl takes a stone from him and shows him how it's done - skimming it across the water twice.
Karl is taking blood from Joe, who very surprisingly is not fainting all over the place (must just be me then...). Joe says that he's very busy. Karl says that with his history and increased blood pressure he's going to test for everything when he sends his blood away. Joe will be off - he's running late. But Karl hasn't even given him a proper consultation yet. Joe won't even stop for a band aid, but apologises half-heartedly for having to run off. Karl tells him that with his history and a diet 'worse than Henry the Eighth's' he is dealing with a potentially fatal cocktail. He manages to get him to promise to come in for the results tomorrow (jeez, that was super quick!) before he runs out the door.
Number 24
Tad tells Harold that he only found out his parents' first names. Greg was his father - he breaks the news that he died in a motorbike accident and he'll never get to know what he was like. His mother, Rachel, was pregnant with him at the time. She was only twenty and Harold muses that she was such a young girl. Tad laughs - she called him Paul when he was born - what a daggy name, eh? Harold wonders at the odds of that and Tad thinks they're the same as finding her. Harold tells him not to be so hasty and asks what else he found out. His father was an apprentice mechanic and she was a student who liked playing guitar. He feels he won't find out anything else beyond these few bare facts and he thinks Rachel will have forgotten him. But Harold disagrees with this. However it will be her decision whether or not she sees him. Tad's done well so far and he has to persevere. Paul arrives home and asks about Tad's parents.
The Pub
Lyn and Joe are having a drink to celebrate Joe's clean bill of health. He thinks that cricket keeps him in shape and Lyn says it must be a while till they see the physical effects. Karl appears and she 'yoo-hoos!' him over, thanking him for fitting Joe in. Joe springs up, saying they have to go, but Lyn says she's having her drink. She goes on to say how great his results are, but he loves his fats - what about his diet? Karl looks at Joe, who won't meet his eye and says that he's sure Joe's mentioned his blood pressure results (isn't that breaking the Hippocratic oath?...such searching moral questions!) Lyn is not happy at all.
Number 30
Amy says they need to talk about her doing this on her own - she wants Anne to be her support partner at the birth. Anne says she's really honoured.
Number 26
Flick can't see the TV for Joe's plans. Lyn tells him to get them off the table. Joe is trying to get comfortable but she says he can't get comfortable with her. He has to stop all this one upmanship with Karl - get his test results and act on them. There's a knock at the door which Joe gets - it's Harold with the news that Flick has the job at Grease Monkeys (a one week trial). She goes to thank Paul. Lyn thanks Harold and offers him something to drink, but he doesn't want anything. Joe asks what he does want - but Lyn apologises for him - he has a medical problem. Harold asks how they're settling in - moving is really stressful, second to divorce. Lyn says if Joe doesn't move his stupid plans from the table then divorce will be the least of his worries. Joe tells Harold that Lyn is not herself tonight and he would hate for him to witness anything ugly. As Joe walks to the door Harold whispers to Lyn that he's here if she ever needs him. Joe slams the door behind him.
Number 24
Flick thanks Paul for getting her the job and asks Tad to come and celebrate but he's rather downbeat. Paul will catch up with her there - he says he's sorry about Tad's real dad. Tad feels so cut up about someone he didn't even know - he had been imagining getting to know him. Paul says it must be better to know the truth now. They laugh about having the same name, saying that they can be called P1 and P2. P2 (Tad) decides to come to the coffee shop.
Number 30
Amy comes out into the living room and Anne offers her breakfast, not seeing Amy is holding her stomach. She tells her she has to see Karl - something's happened and it's all going wrong.
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Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3476
Karl Kennedy

Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3476
Amy Greenwood

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3476
Harold Bishop

Paul McClain, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3476
Paul McClain, Harold Bishop

Tad Reeves, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3476
Tad Reeves, Karl Kennedy

Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3476
Tad Reeves

Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3476
Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully

Harold Bishop, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3476
Harold Bishop, Joe Scully

Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3476
Amy Greenwood

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