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Neighbours Episode 3464 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3464
Australian airdate: 10/02/00
UK airdate: 16/03/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: David Myles
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Arch Chapman: David Gaedicke
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Keep On My Side" by Ammonia
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou tells Steph that Jeff is prepared to play in the cricket team if Steph doesn't.
Libby tells Drew that she'd like her boyfriend onside, but Drew says she's acting like a paranoid five year old.
Toadie tells Joel that the girls want to see them again, but they've booked night at Lanzini's. They can't see how they can afford it, but Toadie says that he couldn't say no without looking like a cheapskate. He says he'll think of something.
Joel goes to the door and it's Joe. He has come to give Toadie and Joel a pep talk about the cricket team. He says their performance so far has been abysmal.
When Joe has gone, Joel says that he thought the cricket was a social thing and he doesn't want the hassle. Toadie agrees.
Joe has come to tell Karl about the problem with Jeff Greenwood not wanting to play with Steph on the team. Karl offers to step in but Joe laughs and says that he's got an old teammate of his to fill in. Karl is none too chuffed at this and is even less chuffed to hear that Joe has put him in as number 11 bat!
Toadie and Joel are trying to scrape together funds for the Lanzini's evening. Steph comes in having tripped over the step because the front light has broken.
They fill Steph in on the situation with the Lanzini's evening and she laughs. She suggests that they do something fun together. Joel says he hopes it'll be something cheap!
Libby is in a strop. Karl wants to know what it is about but Libby says Karl will "probably be on his side"! Finally she tells Karl that Drew is like a controlled machine and doesn't show any emotion at all. Karl says that Drew is a very decent person, but Libby counters that she doesn't want decent - she wants passionate! Karl can't understand why she doesn't like Drew's levelheadedness and tells her to know when she's well off - she'd hardly want to go back to Darren or Mike and fight every five minutes. He tells her that there's more than one sort of passion - Drew might not be flowery but he's always straight with her. Libby claims that Drew is emotionally retarded and Karl scoffs. He says that maybe that's what Libby needs - someone to balance her out.
Ramsay Street
Libby bumps into Harold who is putting out his bin. He compliments her on her recent article in the Erinsborough News. Further down the street, Libby bumps into Drew who is just coming back from a jog. She invites him to go for a walk, saying they need to talk.
Steph is beating Toadie and Joel at cards. She wants them to play for cash but the guys refuse - they're too skint. Steph can't understand how they can possibly afford the Lanzini's evening. Since she has won all the matches in their house, she suggests that they play for their CD collection!
A road
Libby and Drew are walking. She tells Drew that she's never had a boyfriend like him before. Drew gets a bit defensive but then tells her that he can't reconstruct himself to be the kind of boyfriend she wants. He says she doesn't even know what she wants - but he's got a feeling she wants a cross between Mike and Darren. He can't be that, and won't be that. He says she has to like him for who he is. Libby is silent and Drew jogs off leaving her standing there.
Steph has won all Toadie and Joel's CD collection. They think she's cheating but she denies it. She finally admits that there is a trick to it. Suddenly they realise it's 3am and they were all supposed to get an early night before the cricket match. Steph runs off home.
Cricket field, the following day
The cricket team are fielding. They are not doing particularly well and Toadie is yawning his head off.
Libby is watching the match when Geri comes and sits down with her. She claims to be covering the cricket match for the gossip column. She wants to get an interview with Steph and goes off to talk to her. Libby sits on her own and mutters, "Could my life get any worse?!"
On the field, the team are still fielding and Toadie and Joel drop a catch by bumping into each other. Joe is not pleased.
At the break, Joe gives the team a pep talk and encourages them to talk to each other and support each other. He tells them very seriously that they have to win the match.
Our team are batting now and Joel is given out quickly. Toadie isn't far behind him with an LBW. Steph and Drew put together a reasonable partnership until Drew is given out. Bill puts a few runs on but he is caught out.
Karl is now kitting up and Joe tells him to keep his head down with a straight bat. He does not look chuffed that the match hangs on Karl's bat. Karl goes off to the crease.
Karl and Steph must put together forty runs to win the match.
Lyn answers the door to a Mr Chapman who is looking for Joe. He has come to do a survey and goes off to get on with it. Lyn is very busy and agrees.
Cricket field
Karl is nearly given out a couple of times, but he survives and the score climbs slowly. Finally, Steph hits a six to win!
The Pub
The whole team are toasting Steph and how she won the match. They also toast Karl. Joe puts a bit of a dampener on things by saying they have to keep winning if they're going to get to the finals. Karl congratulates Joe on his coaching ability.
Harold compliments Steph on her jumper and says that he can hardly see the mend. Steph is surprised but when she hears that her sister brought it to Madge she says it answers a lot of questions. She says she'll be asking her sister about it.
The surveyor says that there is a land boundary problem. Lyn tells Joe to forget it - it's not important. Joe is unmoved however.
The Pub
Geri comes up to Steph and asks for an interview with her. Steph says she's already given an interview to Libby. Geri says it doesn't matter - she'll get all the stories when Libby is overseas. Libby is working behind the bar and overhears this. Much to Geri's horror, she informs her that she's not going overseas after all.
Steph asks where Drew is and Libby says he's gone home as he was feeling pretty tired.
Ramsay Street
Karl drives up to find some yellow tape tied along his boundary. He follows the tape and finds Joe on the other end of it(!) He asks him what's going on.
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