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Neighbours Episode 3462 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3462
Australian airdate: 08/02/00
UK airdate: 14/03/00
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: David Myles
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Vanessa Bradshaw: Julieanne Tait
Summary/Images by: Pete
Joel and Toadie chat up Dione and Vanessa
Anne tells Tess that Lance is the father of Amy's baby
Amy tells Anne that Damian is the father
No 30
Lance shows Joel a photograph of him and Amy. Joel is looking through his fanmail from schoolgirls. Toadie comes in and says he's organised another date with the girls. They're coming over for dinner and Toadie wants Joel to 'knock up something Argentinian'.
No 32
Anne asks Amy how long she's being seeing Damian. She says a while. She knows that Anne thinks she's horrible. Anne denies this, but says she really should have told Lance. Amy says she was waiting for the right time so she didn't hurt him. Anne says he's going to be even more burt now because she two-timed him. Amy says she didn't mean to hurt him, band pleads with her not to tell him. Anne says she's not being fair expecting her to choose between her best friend and her brother, but if she had to she'd be loyal to her brother and Amy would do the same 'Jeff maybe, but not Patrick' comes Amy's response. Anne says that when she first mett Amy she thought she was a bit of an airhead, but she made friends with her for Lance's sake. Now she's beginning to wish she'd stuck to her original decision. Amy gets upset and leaves. Anne chases her out to the car and begs her to tell Lance. Amy says she'll tell him when she's ready. Anne asks when that will be 'when you're so far gone, he won't be able to miss it?' This is overheard by Susan, as Amy drives off.
Susan calls after Anne and follows her back into the house. Susan asks Anne if she wants to talk, but Anne brushes her off. Susan tells her that her door is always open if ever she does want to chat.
No 30
Joel is going through a spanish phrase book while Toadie cooks and Lance watches. Joel doesn't think it'll be succesful. Toadie tries to be encouraging, but Lance says if the girls have been travelling, they haven't got a hope in hell. Joel orders Toadie to cut the carrots differently, as he feels Argentinians would. Toadie says he wouldn't know, but Lyn Scully would, as she's a genius in the kitchen.
Lance: Instead of dealing with this debacle yourselves, you're going to spread it all around Ramsay St
Toadie: It's our debacle and we'll spread it how we want to
Lance shows them a photo album he's making for Amy, but Toadie and Joel agree it's a bit girly. If he made her a photo board however, that wouldn't be girly. Joel and Toadie leave for No 26.
No 26
Lyn is finishing a call to her new boss to arrange the opening for the salon. Joel and Toadie arrive to ask if Lyn has any Argentinian recipes. Joel notices the pillar has bene cut down to a plant pot. They try to bluff about why they want the recipe, but end up telling her they're trying to impress girls, and she finds them some recipes from a book.
No 30
Toadie is encouraging Joel to try out some Spanish. He notices that Joel has boiled the raisins and suggests they get Lyn over as they fall out. Lance picks up the book and gives them another phrase which translates as 'you guys are dead' he takes great joy in laughing at them as they leave.
No 32
The phone rings and Tess tells Anne not to pick it up in case it's Brendan. It turns out to be Amy, but Anne still doesn't pick it up. Amy says she's made a mistake and she's sorry before hanging up. Tess says it sounds like she needs to speak to Anne. 'Yeah it does' says Anne.
No 30
Lyn tries to help the boys with cooking, but when it becomes apparent that they really have no idea what they're doing, she offers to cook the meal herself. She orders Lance out of the kitchen with his stuff and asks the boys if boiling water is beyond them.
No 28
Anne pops round to see Susan and explains about the fight she had with Amy. Lance comes over looking for Bill and Susan invites him to wait for him. He asks Anne if she's seen Amy, and she says she hasn't. Susan of course knows this is a lie, but says nothing. Lance asks if Susan knows whether she's been to see Karl about being sick, which Susan doesn't. Anne says she's sure Amy will call soon.
No 30
The boys have smartened up and set the table. The girls arrive at the door and Lyn attempts to get a look at them as they come into the kitchen. Joel pushes her out and Toadie tells the girls she was the maid.
No 32
Anne is listening to music and drawing as the phone goes. She doesn't notice until the answering machine kicks in. It's Amy again. She's obviously upset. "Anne I know you probably won't pick up. I can't say I blame you. Everything you said was right. I have bene selfish, and I've got no right to treat Lance the way that I have, but I didn't mean for things to turn out like this. This isn't the way that I planned my life. Anne, I'm so scared'. Anne picks up.
No 28
Lance has made himself at home watching TV while Susan finishes paperwork. The door knocks and he answers it. It's Lyn and she asks him what's going on at No 30. He says she doesn't want to know, and he decides to see if he can catch Bill at the pub and leaves them to it. Lyn asks Susan if she's had a chance to put her name forward for school council. She says it will be brought up at the next meeting. Lyn then asks about Susan applying for the Vice Principal job and says a woman of her talents shouldn't be playing second fiddle to anyone.
Anne and Amy discuss her options. Anne says that if she loves Damian, she shouldn't keep secrets and she can't keep this a secret. Then there's Lance. Just then Lance walks in, Amy quickly tells Anne that she can't tell him as he comes over and kisses Amy.
No 30
They finish dinner and Toadie tells the girls that unfortunately 'Jose' has to go back to Argentina soon. The girls say they are disappointed, but they should go to out to dinner to celebrate and suggsst Lanzini's. The boys send the girls into the living room and they stand in the hallway giggling while Joel and Toadie panic about where they will come up with the kind of cash needed for Lanzini's.
Lance and Anne laugh about the situation at No 30, then Anne decides she has to go home. Lance asks Amy how she got on when she went to see Karl. She makes the same excuse about being tired again. Lance still thinks something's up, but Amy manages to change the subject, and asks him to get her a drink. He suggests wine, but she refuses and asks for a juice. As he gets up he says he'll have a surprise for her in the next few days.
No 30
Lyn has come round for her dish and to fish for information about 'Jose'. She tells Toadie and Joel the best way to get a girl is to be themselves, and she leaves. Anne comes round to ask Lance how the night went. He says it was fine. He shows her the mural he's made of pictures of the two of them. He asks if it's too girly and she says it's not.
Lance: Best boyfriend in the world right?
<<3461 - 3463>>
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