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Neighbours Episode 3239 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3239
Australian airdate: 11/02/99
UK airdate: 27/04/99
UK Gold: 10/11/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: N/A
- "Tease Me" by Paul Kelly
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Susan and Karl getting rid of the idol.
Mike telling Libby that Lou is going over to his car port to borrow some tools.
Lou pulls off a tarpaulin to reveal the idol.
Bill and Karl are folding sheets and talking about the Full Monty. Bill says Karl is a closet exhibitionist from wayback(!) Bill shows him some suggestions for underwear he could wear e.g. Libby's tiny knickers(!)
Lou comes in and says he's found the idol! Bill and Karl pretend to be pleased and Bill pretends to ring the police to tell them to call off the search(!) Karl tells Lou that the idol was stolen. They go out to have a look.
Mike's Carport
The idol has gone. Bill says that the thieves must have come back(!). In the background we see Libby and Mike carrying the idol away(!). Bill tells Lou that the sun on his holiday might have gone to his head(!). Karl promises to get to the bottom of it.
Lance's mate rings him with a tip for a horse but Lance tells him he's not interested. Anne overhears and says she is impressed at him resisting the temptation, especially as he needs the money to fix the car. She says she's proud of him.
Mike and Libby come in with the idol saying they have to hide it really fast.
Karl says he felt bad about lying to Lou but the idol is too ugly for their house(!). He tells them the words are, "Deny, deny deny!" and that it worked for President Clinton(!). Libby reckons Lou will forget about it. Karl thinks Lou will get his own back. Bill is nervous about uni placements which are coming tomorrow.
Lou comes in and tells Lance he's worried about him. Lance says he's handling it and getting help. He says if Lance wants to talk he's always available. He agrees not to tell Ruth or Phil for now. He asks Lance to do the Full Monty! Lance says he'd die.
Ramsay Street
Anne, Bill and Lance are trying to find the Uni placements in the newspaper. Amy comes up and says she missed out on photography, but she got in to Chinese medicine(!). They take the newspaper inside to read it.
Everyone is frantically looking through the paper. Lance has got in to horticulture and Bill has got in to Industrial Design. Anne looks and has got in to Fine Arts at Dawber. Bill and Anne look both pleased and disappointed. Bill goes off to get breakfast and and says they can talk later when they can be alone.
Karl has already read about Bill's uni placement in the newspaper and is very excited. He doesn't notice Bill's mood. Karl rings the hotel where Susan is. Bill tells Karl he's not sure he wants to go to Uni. Karl puts the phone down.
Lance, Anne and Amy chat about Lance's uni placement. Anne asks Amy if he can meet her at the Coffee Shop later. Anne tells Lance she wants to get rid of the ute - it just reminds her of Joel and the accident.
Karl is arguing with Bill about going to Uni. Susan rings up. Bill tells Susan he got into Industrial Design. Karl is ranting in the background that Susan must talk sense into Bill(!). Bill tells Susan he still wants to study, but only part-time. Susan is a bit surprised because he got into such a good course. Bill says it's a matter of what he wants to do while trying to fend Karl off(!). Bill says he also wants to make wooden items which he can sell at the market. Karl says that's a hobby, not a career, but Susan asks him if he's serious. Bill says she's always told them to do what makes them happy. Susan says she'ljl think about it.
Bill tells Susan that Anne got into the Fine Arts course at Dawber, so will be moving to Queensland. Karl overhears this and looks contrite. Susan says they'll talk later tonight and that things will all work out. He puts down the phone.
Karl says he's sorry about Anne going to Queensland. Bill makes himself some breakfast.
Public Hall
Lou is suspicious about the idol - he knows they were trying to get rid of it. Karl and Mike try to make excuses but Lou isn't having any of it. He tells them they have to do the Full Monty as penance.
Lance comes in. He has got a cold and is wearing many layers of clothes and a scarf. Lou says that it's all the more for him to take off for the Full Monty!
Anne is trying to decide whether or not to go to Dawber. Bill says he'll go with whatever she decides. Anne asks if Bill will go with him to Dawber on a similar course. Bill says he doesn't want to go to Uni - he's changed his mind. He wants to start his own furniture business. Anne is a bit surprised but Bill says he has to give it a go.
Public Hall
Lou is holding a dance rehearsal for the Full Monty with Lance, Bill, Karl and Mike. They are terrible! Over the music, we see Libby calling Amy at the Coffee Shop and enlisting her help as choreographer.
In the next shop we see much better dancing with Amy running the show.
Libby says that Amy has done a great job with them. Amy says it's all the hours of watching stripping videos(!). She tries to get the boys to do the dance again without clothes, but they all make excuses and leave quickly. Amy tells them to improve their attitudes by the next rehearsal.
Bill catches up with Lance outside and asks what's going on with him and Amy. Lance says there's nothing going on now and Amy seems happy about it. Bill says Lance should talk to her about it.
Lance asks Amy if they can go somewhere and talk. She agrees to come round later.
The Pub
Mike tells Libby he's got two left feet and no sense of coordination. Lou comes in and says there's a full house booked for the Full Monty. Mike says he's pulling out. Lou says OK - he's had his fun with Mike, but Karl is another story(!).
Karl is practising for the Full Monty(!) by dancing. Bill is irritated and tells him to stop. Karl tells Bill that sometimes separations are good for couples. Bill says he'd secretly hoped that Anne wouldn't get in to Dawber. Karl says he must remember three little words. Bill says, "Please don't go!" Karl says, "Love conquers all". Bill is unconvinced but Karl tells him not to give up on the relationship now.
Lance tells Amy that he just wanted to have a chat with her. He tells her he thinks they should get back together - they make a great team. Amy says they're two very different people and she doesn't want to be half a person anymore. Lance looks sad but Amy says it's hard for her too.
Anne comes in in tears. Bill guesses that she has decided to go to Dawber. Bill understands and tells her they can still have a long-distance relationship. He says he can't stop her going but he wants what's bets for her. Dawber is what's best for her so she shouldn't feel bad. Bill tells her he loves her and that he'll never hold it against her.
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Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3239
Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3239
Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson

Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3239
Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3239
Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3239
Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood

Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3239
Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3239
Susan Kennedy

Mike Healy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3239
Mike Healy, Karl Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Mike Healy in Neighbours Episode 3239
Lance Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Mike Healy

Amy Greenwood, Libby Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3239
Amy Greenwood, Libby Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3239
Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3239
Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3239
Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson

Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3239
Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson

Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3239
Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

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