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Neighbours Episode 3197 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3197
Australian airdate: 27/10/98
UK airdate: 26/02/99
UK Gold: 12/10/04
Writer: Shaun Charles
Director: David Myles
Guests: Pat Arnott: Gillian Hardy
Josie Greenwood: Sally Kiel
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Portia telling Madge she has a new coach for the Grey Growlers.
Lou training the team.
Madge telling Lou the Grey Growlers need tactics not manic exercise.
Karen is showing Toadie a brochure about Bali. Toadie says he hasn't got the time or the money to go. Karen tells him to forget it. Karen says she was trying to make up for the breakup between them. Toadie says only time will heal that, not a holiday. Toadie looks again at the brochure telling her it does look good in Bali.
Ruth brings over an email from Hannah for Paul. Madge tells Ruth Lou is coaching the basketball team. She tells Ruth Lou made some cracks about Madge being a control freak. Ruth says it's the pot calling the kettle black! Madge says she's frustrated that Lou and Portia won't listen to her ideas about tactics. Ruth tells her to stand up to them.
Lou is looking for a lightweight pilot for the flying machine competition and is trying to recruit Karen. Karen isn't keen.
Susan is talking to the police who have caught the vandals that wrecked the computers in the school. She is pleased, but still worried about the forthcoming school council meeting. She says Amy's mother is after Phil's blood!
Toadie tells Karen about the prize money for the flying machine competition is $7000. Karen suddenly looks interested. Toadie says if she won they could go to Bali after all. Karen says Lou would never pay up, but Toadie says he will handle the negotiations with Lou!
Outside the surgery
Ruth tells Lou to be careful with the team's exercise and to make sure they do a proper warmup.
Madge tells Ruth that Susan is worried about the school council meeting. She says Susan told her a couple of people who might cause problems. Ruth looks worried - she has obviously jumped to the conclusion that Susan meant her and Phil.
Toadie tells Lou that Karen will pilot his flying machine. Toadie tells him he is Karen's manager and all negotiations must go through him. He tells Lou the prizemoney must be split three ways between them and also that they want an input into the design of the flying machine. Lou is reluctant to agree.
Ruth has left the computer problem off the agenda for the meeting! Susan says they can't sweep it under the rug. Ruth says Phil has apologised and they need to move on. Ruth asks Susan if she is finding it difficult working with her and Phil. Susan looks puzzled and asks her why. Ruth says it's not important and leaves.
Toadie and Karen are babysitting for Lolly and she has destroyed Sarah's makeup. Bill suggests replacing the perfume with a substitute.
Sports Hall
Lou is giving the team a pep talk before the game. He tells them they are useless! Madge gets out a sheet of paper that she's written tactics down on but Lou won't listen. Madge puts the tactics sheet in her bag.
The school committee meeting is taking place. Amy's mother says the computers weren't insured as the result of a stupid mistake. Phil apologises and Susan says it is time to move on. Amy's mother won't let it drop however and says apologies aren't good enough.
Sports Hall
The Grey Growlers are losing and Madge tries again to get him to listen to her ideas about tactics. He still won't listen. Portia gets the tactics sheet out of Madge's bag and reads it.
Bill, Toadie and Karen are trying to make a replacement perfume. The result is unsurprisingly not very good. Toadie says they'll just put it back in Sarah's room and hope she doesn't notice!
Sports Hall
The Grey Growlers are still losing. Portia asks Lou is she can make some suggestions about tactics (obviously stolen from Madge's notes).
Amy's mother asks for Phil's resignation but Ruth says it's time to move on. Amy's mother says Ruth can't be objective and moves a motion of no confidence against the Chair (Ruth).
Sports Hall
The Grey Growlers fortunes have improved with the change in tactics and win the game.
Lou is congratulating the Grey Growlers and praises Portia for her tactics suggestion. A random extra member of the team tells Madge she'll sort Portia out. She shows them all Madge's notes which have all Portia's "brilliant" ideas on them. She says she saw her take the notes from Madge's bag. Lou and Portia look embarrassed.
Ruth is on a rant about Amy's mother and the motion of no confidence (which was defeated).. She says Susan could have supported her more and storms over to Susan's.
Ruth wants to know why Susan didn't support Phil. Susan says it's all water under the bridge now and Ruth says maybe their friendship is water under the bridge!
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