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Neighbours Episode 3186 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3186
Australian airdate: 12/10/98
UK airdate: 11/02/99
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Robert Meillon and Mark Hancock
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Constable Jackson: Matthew Norman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/AliceN
Paul telling Hannah he likes her.
Hannah tells Paul she likes Paul too but his timing is hopeless because she's going to Paris in three days. Hannah says she's liked him for ages. She says the trip will be a disaster if the whole time if she's missing him. They are about to kiss when Phil and Ruth come in. Phil and Ruth wonders if they missed something.
Madge is showing Lou an article about dodgy dealings by a company called Juicy Chickens. Madge tells Lou the birds have been treated disgustingly and thinks it's no coincidence that Lou is suddenly doing a special on chicken! Madge says she'll expose him to the press if he doesn't take the special off. Lou says he hopes Madge has proof to back up her accusations.
Madge is on the phone to the newspaper about Lou but they tell her they are not interested in crackpot animal rights stories! Madge vows to find them proof that Lou is acting illegally. Paul is moody. Harold wonders what the matter with him. Madge says it doesn't take a genius to work it out. Harold says it's a pity about his father. Madge says his father has nothing to do with it - she's guessed things are more serious than friendship between Paul and Hannah.
Lou is brushing Lolly's hair. Drew says they need more modern equipment at the garage to cope with modern cars. Lou says spending isn't on his agenda. Drew says they need to keep up with demand but Lou says most of their business is old cars.
Joel arrives to see if Drew wants to go for a run. Drew says he's already been to the pool. Drew tells Joel he's going to enter the triathlon.
Phil wonders if Paul and Hannah have had a row. Hannah comes in and asks in what circumstances they could get a refund on the trip to France. Phil looks worried but Hannah says she was just wondering!
Behind the pub
Madge is going through the dumpster looking for chicken wrappers! Lou comes up and catches her. She tells him she's looking for proof that he's making money from the suffering of chickens.
Joel tells Sally that Dominator sports are coming to watch him compete in the triathlon with a view to sponsoring him. He invites Sally to the pub for a chicken dinner. He says there's a guy in a chicken suit advertising the offer and he looks really dorky. Sally says she's not in the mood for chicken.
Madge is furious that Lou has accused her of trespass in his bin! Harold tells Madge they don't have any evidence against Lou. Madge says she'll get Libby and Toadie to spy on Lou at the pub.
Paul comes in and says Madge stinks after being in the dumpster! She goes off for a bath.
Ruth is asking Hannah why she's so quiet, so Hannah opens up about Paul's huge "it's you" revelation. He's gorgeous, and she really likes him, so Ruth advises Hannah to tell Paul how she feels, and Hannah lets Ruth cuddle her.
Coffee Shop
Ruth comes in and Harold wants to discuss Hannah and Paul. She tells him that the kids are in love, and then Madge gives Ruth a going- away present for Hannah.
Phil is in trouble for saying Hannah's passport photo looks like Margaret Thatcher, but she doesn't mind much until Rosemary comes, and bursts out crying (probably because Rosemary is the closest she has to Helen and Julie). Rosemary comforts Hannah saying how the trip will be exciting, and help her to grow up.
Hannah is over her tears when she comes to tell Paul she'll miss him, and he apologises for not speaking earlier. Hannah says he can email her on Phil's computer. He says she can see guys in France so she says he can see girls too, and they'll pick up where they left off when she gets back. She shakes his hand so he kisses her cheek.
Outside the pub
Madge confronts the giant chicken who's supporting cruelty to animals, so the chicken grabs hold of her hand and takes her round the back where he she rips off her head and ta- dah it's Sally!
Sally knows nothing about the issue and believes Madge's version (though she has no proof), but Sally needs the job. Madge has an idea for Sally to help without getting into trouble, and she won't spill Sally's secret to Joel either.
Pub (inside) Drew is making excuses not to train with Joel when they hear a noise coming from outside, and Lou goes to investigate.
Outside the Pub
Madge has a rally going, telling the crowd that Lou Carpenter has blood on his hands, then she squirts 'blood' (I guess it's meant to be tomato ketchup but to me it's more like gravy) onto the breast of the giant chicken.
Madge thinks that even though the chickens in Lou's freezer have plain wrappers, he bought them from evil Juicy Chickens and burnt the incriminating labels. Lou says she's gone too far, but Madge calls him "The Murderer", and the whole crowd cheers.
Coffee Shop (Later)
Lou brings a policeman to the Coffee Shop and tells him to arrest Madge for malicious damage to his chicken suit!
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