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Neighbours Episode 3182 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3182
Australian airdate: 6/10/98
UK airdate: 05/02/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Anne and Lance are angry that Phil and Ruth are letting Hannah go to France.
Alex tells Sarah that he can't understand how Richard has managed to disappear.
Richard comes up to Sarah in the garden of No.30 while she is taking in the washing.
Richard tells Sarah that he's come to help her out as she works so hard. He offers to help her take the washing in. Sarah humours him by letting his fold the clothes. She asks him to fold the rest of the clothes while she goes into the house to get them a cup of tea. He smiles. Sarah goes into the house leaving him folding away.
Phil is on the phone to Rosemary. He tells Hannah that Rosemary is coming to Australia for a meeting and then she'll fly on to Paris with Hannah.
Garden of No.30
Sarah has come back out and Richard asks her if she liked to balloons. He is clearly a fruitcake. The police arrive at that moment and take Richard away. He tells them he hasn't done anything wrong and begs Sarah to help him. Sarah starts to cry.
Bill and Karl are inspecting the idol. Bill says that Susan will freak. He suggests putting it in the backyard but Karl says it will scare Cassie the sheep(!) They have no choice but to leave it there so they don't hurt Lou's feelings. Karl starts to recite a poem about an idol, much to Bill's displeasure.
Karl is looking forward to a bit of a holiday – he’s joining Susan in Cairns. Bill wishes he could have a holiday.
The park at night
Sarah is telling Alex about what happened with Richard. She doesn't think that dragging him through the courts will help. Alex says it probably won't, but it's the best system they've got. Alex thinks Sarah has a bit of a bleeding heart, but there is room for a few more of those in the world. Alex said that Richard loved her, even though he showed it in odd ways.
Anne comes in. She asks Phil if he's seen Lance's bike. Phil thinks he's lent it to Pinhead. Anne remarks snidely that she though Phil might have sold it off to pay for Hannah's holiday. Phil tackles Anne about it - she thinks Hannah is getting more that she deserves. She's wondering why she and Lance bothered to try so hard to make things work with the amalgamated family.
Martins, the following morning
Hannah is on the phone to Mark. He wants Hannah to meet him later. Phil is looking for Hannah's birth certificate for her passport application. Anne is sulking on the sofa. Hannah asks Anne if everything is alright. She says yes then gets up and leaves.
The Police Station
Sarah has come to drop the charges against Richard. She tells him that he has to stop following her around and the police will get him some help. The policewoman on the desk tells her to think about it, but Sarah says she's certain.
The Garage
Sarah comes in. She tells Lou and Drew that they found the stalker and she's decided to drop the charges. She's still a bit jumpy though. Lou suggests she gets away for a holiday, but Sarah says she can't afford it. She asks them to join her for a celebration drink later though.
Karl is trying to shut his case which is ridiculously over-full. The phone rings and it's Karl's locum - he's got the chickenpox. Karl is really fed up and Bill tells him off for raving. He suggests Karl find another locum quickly.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah is telling Mark that she'll really miss him when she goes to France. Mark tells her that he wants to break up!
Bill is inspecting Karl's packing and says he doesn't need six pairs of shoes! Karl still can't find a locum and is panicking. Bill looks thoughtfully at the idol and asks Karl if he believes in curses(!) Karl says he hates the way that the idol is watching him constantly. Bill suggests getting rid of it - just in case. Karl agrees to put it in the garage. They pick it up between them but it's very heavy. Lou arrives at that moment.
Anne tells Hannah that Mark has a point - she hasn't been that much fun recently. Anne tackles Hannah over being horrible to people and then being rewarded. Hannah says it's not like that - she can see how Anne would be upset, but she doesn't want to give up going. Hannah says it's important to her that Anne doesn't hate her. Anne says she doesn't. She also tells Hannah that Mark might have done her a favour - now she's a free agent when she meets all the dreamy French guys. Anne says it might make the way clearer for Paul too - she can tell Hannah likes him. Hannah blushes.
Phil has found Hannah's birth certificate. He's very excited. He asks her how Mark was and Hannah says he did her a favour.
Lou tells Karl and Bill that the idol is an inside piece because it's coated in a special varnish.
Lou offers Bill a job leafleting for his Chicken Special Week - in a chicken suit! Bill says he's got too much homework(!)
When Lou has gone Karl says he'd like to see Bill in a chicken suit!
The phone rings - it's another locum that can't fill in!
Outside the Pub
Sarah, Alex, Lou and Drew are having a drink - they give her an envelope with a plane ticket - a trip to go and see her mum. Apparently the whole street chipped in - Lou put in the lion's share and Joel, Drew and Alex also contributed. She is overwhelmed, but says she can't get time off work. Alex says he'll write her a certificate! Drew tells Sarah that she has a lot of friends in Ramsay Street. Sarah says it's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. They clink glasses.
Bill and Karl are shifting the idol about trying to find the least offensive place. The phone rings and Bill drops the idol on Karl's foot! Bill answers the phone - apparently the wrong statue has been delivered to them by mistake. The one they have has a genuine emerald as its eye. But when they look, the emerald has fallen out during the moving about. Bill and Karl start looking for it. Apparently the emerald was worth $11,000 and if they don't find it, Karl will have to pay for it! Karl looks horrified!
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