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Neighbours Episode 3180 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3180
Australian airdate: 2/10/98
UK airdate: 3/2/99
Writer: Kelly Lefever
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: ?
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby sees in the tennis club guest book that Mike and his ex-wife Victoria were there last week, unbeknownst to her.
Tennis Club
Libby looks back in the book and sees Mike and Victoria have been coming to the tennis club every week - they've obviously been seeing each other socially. Susan tells her not to panic until she's got all the facts. Libby is mad with Mike but Susan says it might be perfectly innocent. Libby says if it was innocent, Mike would have told her about it.
Mike and Karl come up and Susan excuses herself and Karl leaving Libby to talk to Mike.
Sally is telling Joel that she thinks she's over the grief usually, but sometimes a little thing will bring it all back. Joel says he's glad she's opened up - he understands her a lot more now. He says Sally doesn't terrify him as much now and she says she feels comfortable with him. Sally asks if he still wants to go to the Johnny Silver concert but neither of them are keen. Joel says they've got the house to themselves and should make the most of it - he'll cook for her. He still hasn't completed the units!
Mike is trying to kiss Libby but she dodges away from him. He wants to know what's wrong. She tells him about the tennis club guestbook. Mike says they meet at the club to talk about Sasha. Libby isn't buying it - social outings should not be on their timetable. Mike asks her what else is wrong - he can tell something's on her mind.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is trying to get out of the charity auction. Harold agrees to postpone it to another time because there's so much going on with the concert. Phil comes in and tells Harold that he forgot to pay. Harold tells Phil, "I know where you live!"
Libby can't see why Mike would want to see Victoria if it didn't have anything to do with Sasha. Mike says he and his ex-wife are good friends but his feelings are only for Libby. Libby says it's one thing after another and she's in a spin. She thinks Victoria is still a huge part of Mike's life and she doesn't know if she's ready for the whole package of Mike, Victoria and Sasha. She wants some time alone to think about it - without Mike.
Joel has cooked for Sally. While he is getting the drinks, the phone rings and Sally answers. There's silence on the other end. Sally and Joel wonder if it was Sarah's stalker.
Little Tommy Tucker's
Karl and Susan have arrived for the Johnny Silver concert. Karl has brought his guitar for Johnny Silver to autograph! Johnny Silver hasn't arrived yet.
Harold arrives and shares a table with Karl and Susan - Libby and Mike aren't coming. Lou asks Harold if the rumours are true that Johnny Silver has been hitting the bottle in the last few years. Harold says he doesn't think so - in fact he's become a Born-Again Christian! Susan says Johnny Silver was a preening ego-maniac but Lou says he's a man's man who makes Tom Jones look like a pansy! Susan asks Lou to make her gin and tonic a double(!)
Sally is telling Joel about her family over dinner. Her father used to be in the navy. Sally tells Joel that she was a really shy kid but she got over it by telling jokes to people. She suddenly hears a noise outside but says she's still a little spooked. Then there's another noise and they both hear it. They open the front door to find a huge bunch of red balloons.
Little Tommy Tucker'sJohnny Silver still hasn't arrived. Lou tells the audience that he's been held up in traffic. Everyone is looking a bit fed up. Phil arrives and joins Susan, Karl and Harold at their table. Susan asks where Ruth is and Phil says she's got a headache. Susan says, "Lucky Ruth!"
Lou is a bit worried that Johnny Silver hasn't turned up. Susan is hoping for a bit of laryingitis! She jokes that Karl could play instead! Lou says if he doesn't arrive soon he'll be lynched!
The Pub
Libby is telling Drew that she's uncomfortable about Mike seeing his ex-wife socially. She's not sure about her place in his life. Drew says it sounds like Mike has a mature relationship with his ex-wife. Libby gets quite cross with him and says where there's smoke there's fire. Drew thinks she's over-reacting and if she doesn't want his opinion, she shouldn't ask him.
Little Tommy Tucker's
Johnny Silver still hasn't turned up and the audience are very cross. Lou gets off the phone and tells them that he's been had. Harold gets up and talks through the microphone. He starts to auction his Johnny Silver record as a distraction. Karl is about to bid but Susan tells him that if he loves her he won't raise his hand! Lou says, "God bless you, Harold."
Joel and Sally have burst the balloons and cleared them away. Sally can't understand why the police don't stake out the house. Joel looks worried.
Little Tommy Tucker's
Harold's record has been sold for an excellent $340! Harold can't believe it! Karl says he wouldn't like to be in Lou's shoes and he's very disappointed that Johnny Silver isn't coming.
Lou comes to the microphone and tells the audience that Johnny Silver is unable to appear tonight. The audience boo. Lou goes on to say that there's someone in the audience who is going to sing a tribute to Johnny Silver. Karl realises Lou means him and starts mouthing, "No!!" but Lou introduces him anyway. He gets up awkwardly and picks up his guitar. Lou whispers to Karl he'll give him free lunches for a month and a free car service!
Karl tells the audience it's a bit of a surprise but he straps on his guitar and starts to sing "The River of the Soul". He's actually quite good and the audience start to enjoy themselves.
Drew is just dropping Libby home. She tells him goodnight, but he says he doesn't want to go with such tension between them. He's sorry he upset her, but he was only giving her his honest opinion. Libby says she'll get over it and they agree they are friends again. Libby jokes that she won't ask for his advice ever again(!) Libby thanks Drew for a good night and he tells her, "Any time."
Little Tommy Tucker's
Karl is still singing "The River of the Soul". Susan looks very proud of him. Karl is really getting into the song and the audience are really enjoying his rendition. They clap wildly and cheer as he finishes.
Joel and Sally are snogging on the sofa. It's getting late so Joel offers to call her a cab. Sally says she's got a better idea - she'll just stay with him tonight.
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