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Neighbours Episode 3146 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3146
Australian airdate: 17/08/98
UK airdate: 16/12/98
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Mike Healy: Andrew Blackman
Joe Langer: Erik Donnison
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Graham
Karl telling Susan she can't write off 24 years of marriage because of what happened with Sarah. Karl telling Susan that the last few weeks have been a nightmare for him, and can Susan please give him another chance.
The Kennedys' where the Children are Waiting
Libby and Billy are waiting for Karl and Susan to return home from Carrington Bend. Lib tells Billy that they won't be home yet, before saying that Billy is a pig for eating so much of the bread; Bill blames Joel for needing to eat lots of carbs to build up his muscles. Bill asks Libby what time she thinks their parents will be back, and Lib says she knows what he's thinking - that Karl and Susan have miraculously reunited because they had to spend one night together in a pub. She tells him that it's not going to happen, but Bill thinks that they needed time together.
He teases Lib about the fact that she wasn't hurt in her accident in Carrington Bend, in fact, she was safe in the arms of her professor:
LIB: He's not my professor, he's one of my lecturers.
BILL: Same diff.
LIB: You're sounding so sanctimonious. It's all totally innocent and above board.
BILL: I'm going to enjoy hearing you tell all this to mum and dad.
LIB: It's got nothing to do with dad.
Bill doesn't understand why Libby is still so angry with her father, and she doesn't understand why Billy wants their parents to get back together.
I could've told her it was because of their terrific on-screen chemistry but I don't think she would have listened.
Ramsay Street outside Lou's where there is Rife Speculation
Lou is telling that there might be more overtime at the garage for Drew, but Drew is concerned that the bloke giving them more work isn't quite all above board. He also isn't keen to do too much more overtime. Lou reassures him that Joe and he go way back, and that although Joe's retired, he still works in cars as a hobby because there's big money in it for him - and Lou and Drew.
Lou tells him that Joe buys wrecks; a mate of his does the bodywork and he wants Lou and Drew to handle the mechanical stuff and he needs it done in a day - one or two now and then.
Drew sounds very unconvinced because Lou still hasn't paid him for last month's overtime, and he doesn't really know when he'll fit it into his schedule. Lou promises that all the money he's owed will be in this week's pay packet. Drew finally concedes...so would I if I'd been talking to Lou. He's very persistent.
The Thunderbird - driven by Karl - pulls up to the Kennedy house.
DREW: Hey - Karl and Susan aren't back together again, are they?
LOU: Not that I heard. Bit early to be going for a jaunt together, isn't it? Or maybe they made a night of it!
Karl and Susan get out of the car, and Karl looks over at Lou and Drew.
KARL: Well you know what this means, don't you? Lou and Drew are no doubt indulging in a bit of smutty conjecture.
SUSAN: Oh, rubbish. You're just being paranoid.
KARL: (waves at Lou) Am I?
SUSAN: Are you coming inside?
KARL: Well I'd like to hear about Libby's adventure.
SUSAN: She's probably still asleep.
KARL: (looks down) Yeah, I suppose she is.
SUSAN: Erm, come inside anyway.
KARL: (nods) Susan? About last night...
SUSAN: Oh, I don't think this is the right time to talk about it.
KARL : Yeah I suppose you're right...
SUSAN: We should see the kids...
KARL: It's just...I think we should have talked more.
SUSAN: It's just hard to know what to say.
KARL: (nods) I enjoyed having you with me. (pause) I wanted you to know that.
If only Karl had remembered his advice and applied it to himself five years later... Wow, this recap is so depressing. I chose to do this one because we get lots of Karl and Susan, but I've just brought myself right down...
Anyway, Susan half nods and they approach the front door as we cut to:
The Kennedys' where the Family are Reunited...Except Libby
Karl and Susan enter the house and Susan goes straight to hug Libby who immediately apologises for making them worry; they're just glad she's okay. Karl says that it was quite an adventure but Libby pretty much ignores him. Billy comes out of his bedroom and also goes straight to hug his mum, he also enthusiastically greets his father, and comments that The Thunderbird must have been a great car to be cruising in round the countryside.
Probably best not to mention that in front of Suse, Bill. Don't think she's over the previous night yet, by the look on her face...
Lib offers to get them something to eat, but Karl tells her that they ate on the way, and Susan and he start to talk about their journey back in a very husband-and-wife-familiar way...okay, now I remember why I wanted to recap this one.
Libby pays very little attention to their conversation and deliberately fails to respond to either of them. Bill goes to make a coffee for Karl, and he attempts to talk to his daughter. Karl tells her he's relieved she's okay, and she dismisses his concerns, saying she doesn't know what all the fuss is about. He's upset.
Lou's where we find Phil and Lou still Speculating
Phil is playing with Lolly as Lou finishes some paperwork. Lou tells Phil that Keith made a substantial offer on the pub but he turned him down - oh, and by the way he'll leave it to Phil to let Keith know. Phil is pleased that Lou will still be behind the bar - the pub wouldn't be the same without him.
Phil asks Lou if he noticed that The Thunderbird is outside. Lou says yes - and he saw Karl and Susan arrive in it this morning. Phil continues the rumour by saying that Libby arrived home last night.
LOU: Curiouser and curiouser!
The Kennedys' where Libby is Hurtful
Karl is on the 'phone sorting out a replacement for the morning surgery and says that he'll be in that afternoon. Susan comes into the living area having showered and changed, and asks if Karl's managed to get cover for work. When he says he has, she offers him the shower and bedroom to freshen up. He says he has no clothes here, but Billy offers to lend him some underwear, and Suse comments that there are briefcases of clothes on top of the wardrobe. Karl concedes - as Billy hands him two different socks to change into.
KARL: So is there any hot water left?
SUSAN: Probably not, sorry.
KARL: (smiles) Just like old times.
SUSAN: Oh, you'll need a clean towel. There you go.
KARL: Thank you.
She hands him the towel just as Libby comes out of her bedroom, and asks if her father's staying to have a shower.
LIB: Why can't he have one at his own place?
SUSAN: Because I suggested he has one here.
LIB: He can't just come in here and make himself at home.
BILL: Oh get over it - he's not doing anything wrong.
LIB: Maybe he'd prefer to have a shower next door.
SUSAN: (hurt) That was completely unnecessary, Libby. I am planning on asking your dad to come to dinner, I'd like you both to be here. I'd like us to try and have a family meal together.
LIB: Yeah, whatever. I'll see you later. I'm going out for a while.
SUSAN: So, you going to tell me I've done the wrong thing, too by having him to dinner?
BILL: No, I think it's fine. In fact, I think it's great.
The Coffee Shop where Libby Tells Drew
Drew is telling Libby that he's concerned about the extra work that Joe might bring to the garage, and Libby says that Lou might have to bring on an extra mechanic. Drew says he'll enjoy his snack breaks now whilst he can. Lib asks if Joe's dodgy, but Drew feels quite comfortable that this all seems to be legal and fair.
Drew asks why Libby's looking down - she tells Drew that she loved the riding and really enjoyed it. She was also with a guy when she went riding - and suddenly Drew realises why she loved it so much! Lib tells him about Mike, one of her lecturers and he gives her a look. She says that she's meeting him at the pub later - would Drew like to come along and meet him? Drew says he can't this afternoon - but if they have dinner later altogether...
But Lib cuts him off; she has to be home this evening for dinner as her dad's joining them. Drew seems happy about that but Libby strongly expresses her distaste about it.
LIB: The further he stays away from us the better, in my opinion.
Lou's where we find a Very Good Offer
Phil says that he made the 'phone call to Keith to say that Lou isn't accepting his offer on the pub, and apparently Keith won't take no for an answer - he wants it for his son. So Keith has made another offer of a further 15%. Lou looks very interested and impressed by it - he's tempted.
Lou's Place where we Finally Meet Mike
Libby is at the pub and Drew surprises her by turning up to meet Mike. He asks her how long she's been seeing him - and does she have to call him 'sir'? Oh - these two are SO right for each other, why can't they see it?!
He asks if her friends know about him, and Libby defends it by saying that she's not at school any more - it doesn't matter if she sees him. Lib also says that Susan doesn't know, as she's been a bit preoccupied with her own problems.
Mike arrives and she introduces him to Drew, and Mike goes to grab a drink.
The Kennedys' where we remember How Good They Were
Susan and Karl are finishing lunch. They are both wearing very similar blue jumpers. Nothing but the full script will do justice to this scene, so here goes:
SUSAN: Anyway, I gave Billy some money and he's off buying overalls and work clothes and stuff - I've never seen him so excited.
KARL: He was excited when he decided to go back to school.
SUSAN: Oh, not as much as this. I think we did the right thing by not interfering with his decision. I've got a feeling he's really going to make a go of this job.
KARL: I wasn't exactly thrilled when he told me. Although I'm not really in a position to lay the law down. I'm just, er, grateful he told me in the first place. (Karl looks down) Given the circumstances.
SUSAN: When are you due at the surgery?
KARL: Well, I should go now. (Referring to his clothes) Is this alright? It's not too casual?
SUSAN: (She smiles. Quietly) Actually, you look quite nice. (She smiles up at him)
KARL: Susan... (he puts his hands on her shoulders)
SUSAN: Karl - don't. (He takes his hands away). Ah, no I mean, don't say something that you'll regret. You can touch me, I'm not that precious.KARL: (sadly) It's very difficult making polite conversation.SUSAN: I know, I don't want that either. But I don't want noble protestations. I just...I just want to hear what's real.
Karl just looks at her, then looks down between them. He takes her hand in both of his and kisses it. And holding it under his chin, he just looks at her.
Karl and Susan are just the best thing to recap. Ever.
(I'm concerned that I'm on page 5 and we're only 12 minutes into the episode. I'd better shorten future scenes...)
Lou's Place where Drew Finds Out
Mike, Drew and Libby have finished eating together. Mike mentions someone called Sasha - it's his daughter. He goes to get another drink, and Drew asks Libby about it...Libby seems very unconcerned, and tells Drew that he's being conservative.
She asks him what he thinks of Mike - he should be flattered; she hasn't introduced him to anyone else yet. Drew likes him - he thinks he's a nice guy. Mike comes back and knows he interrupted something - Libby tells him that Drew was giving him the once over, and he's passed muster!
Karl's Surgery where Lou is Curious
Lou's having a check up when he mentions to Karl that he noticed The Thunderbird this morning outside number 28. Karl explains about Carrington Bend and Lou tries to read more into it.
Karl tells Lou that he's going to get him a full bloods exam - just to be sure as his blood pressure's a little high. He also needs his cholesterol checked. Lou says he knows why his blood pressure's up - business! The thrill of the chase!
Lou's Place where Lou is Celebrating
Mike has to go and kisses Lib goodbye. Drew tells Libby that he's pleased she's so happy. Drew tells her that she needs to understand how difficult it is when there's a child involved, but Libby thinks that Mike having a daughter will be a breeze.
Phil comes in looking for Lou - and Lou offers to buy Phil and Drew a drink. He says that Keith's offer for the pub is going to be accepted - Lou's selling up! Phil doesn't understand - he was adamantly against it this morning! He begs Lou to hold on it until he's had a chance to get the solicitor to look at the deal. Lou wants to pop the champagne, but Phil thinks it's too soon - he needs the peace of mind from the solicitor first.
Lou says that he knows what he's doing - which of course means he doesn't and that something is going to go terribly wrong...
The Garage where Joe is a Little Bit Naughty
Joe arrives for Drew and looks at the car that Drew's working on. Drew continues to tinker with the car in front of Joe, and says that Lou isn't here, but he will call in later.
Joe says that if Drew wants to cut out the middle man, he can come direct to him and he'll give him plenty more work - and pay him better than Lou will. Just at that point Lou comes in and greets Joe who rushes off, saying that there'll be another car in soon.
As Joe drives away, Lou comments that Joe is a nice bloke, and knows the business inside out.
The Kennedys' where it All Goes Wrong
Billy is showing his dad the tool carrier that he's bought. Susan offers more lasagne - Libby doesn't want anything - she's not hungry, so Bill takes it. Karl comments on the nice wine, and get up to refill Susan's glass. He tells Lib that they passed lots of vineyards on the way up to Carrington Bend, but didn't have a change to stop. He and Susan talk enthusiastically about the vineyards there, and Libby looks more and more uncomfortable. Eventually:
LIB: Can you please just stop trying to be so nice?
SUSAN: Libby!
LIB: Well he is! (to Susan) And you're being stupid.
BILL: Libby, shut up.
LIB: So are you. Everyone has just conveniently forgotten what he did to us, and how he humiliated us.
KARL: I'm sorry. This is clearly not a good time.
LIB: No, no time is a good time. I wish you'd get that message.
SUSAN: (cross) Libby.
KARL: I should go...
BILL: Dad...no, no...
LIB: That's the most intelligent thing you've done all night.
Libby storms off into her bedroom. Karl looks devastated.
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Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3146
Libby Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3146
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3146
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3146
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3146
Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Philip Martin

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3146
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3146
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Philip Martin, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3146
Philip Martin, Lou Carpenter

Drew Kirk, Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3146
Drew Kirk, Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3146
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3146
Drew Kirk, Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3146
Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy

Philip Martin, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3146
Philip Martin, Drew Kirk

Lou Carpenter, Joe Langer in Neighbours Episode 3146
Lou Carpenter, Joe Langer

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3146
Karl Kennedy

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