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Neighbours Episode 3121 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3121
Australian airdate: 13/07/98
UK airdate: 11/11/98
UK Gold: 20/08/04
Writer: Kelly Lefever
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Cliff Browning: Kevin Summers
Craig Pinders: Nathan Godkin
Nicole Smithers: Kate Nelson
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Holing
Karl telling Susan that he has been punished enough and asks her for another chance
No. 28
Susan is silent and Karl wants her to say that they can work it out. Susan, however, has no intention of saying that since he lost any right to their life when he entered the relationship with Sarah. Karl says it wasn't a relationship - nor a dalliance, but Susan tells him that he has had six months to give it a name! She can't believe that he expects to walk in and expect everything to be normal again since he has betrayed her trust and everything that she and their children believed in.
Karl: Please, Susan, we can work it out. I'll do anything.
Susan: No. It's over.
Karl leaves and as the door shuts, Susan bursts into tears.
No. 26
Hannah is on the phone and Lance keeps trying to tease her. Anne tells him that he had better not get the girls offside since they outnumber the boys. Lance spots Ruth carrying a fishing rod out to go in the garage sale and he objects, despite the fact he hasn't been fishing in a long time - but he insists that he will get back into it. Phil suggests a fishing trip, Lance agrees, and Ruth playfully hits Phil and tells him that he is not helping! They go over things that they've doubled up on, and Ruth brings out a pile of board games but Anne doesn't want them sold, and it appears as though everyone has suddenly become sentimental about throwing anything away.
No. 28
Susan tells Libby and Billy that Karl was over and that she told him that he has to move on with his life. Libby says that they'll always support her. Susan then puts in a word for Karl - even though she doesn't want to see him, he has always prioritised the two of them. Libby is pretty vocal that things will never be the same, but Billy isn't really sure how to feel.
Erinsborough High
Amy wants to run through her school captain's speech, but after the first line Lance calls it "stuffy". Amy tells him not to say anything if he isn't going to be constructive about it. She begins reading from the top again, and Anne notices Billy deep in thought. Billy is just thinking about some family stuff, and Anne offers an ear if he needs to talk to someone. Amy notices that nobody is paying attention to her. She begins reading from the top, once again.
No. 26
Ruth and Phil have a cuddly moment before Hannah rushes into the kitchen lamenting that she had to wait too long for the bathroom which is why she's going to be late. She mumbles that she should be first in line since it's "my house", and Phil quickly berates her and for her attitude and tells her that she will come straight home after school to clean up her room. After Hannah leaves, Ruth says it's not the last altercation that they'll have but she assures Phil that they will get through it.
Erinsborough High
Amy is standing around telling a group of students what she'll do as captain. Lance and Anne walk past and are amused at how the power is going to Amy's head, and Billy jokes that they had better not knock it as she may be our first female prime minister. Amy tells Hannah off for being late as she walks into the corridor and Hannah calls Amy the "sleep- in queen". Amy starts introducing herself to another group of students before Lance and Anne pull her away to class.
Motel/apartment somewhere in Melbourne
A lady is showing Karl around at the apartment. He isn't sure how long he will be staying; he hasn't made up his mind.
Erinsborough High
Susan welcomes the class to the new school term. She announces that since the previous school captain won't be returning for the new term, a new election will be held which very much surprises Amy who follows Susan out into the corridor. Amy insists that as vice- captain, she should automatically become captain. Amy cites an example:
Amy: In 1994 when they found incriminating photos of Miss Sweden, Miss Venezuela who was the runner- up in the Miss World pageant, had to take Miss Sweden's place as Miss World.
Susan: That's fascinating Amy, and your point is?
Amy: My point is, with Catherine Draycott not able to perform the duties of school captain, I am Miss Venezuela!
Susan is amused, but tells Amy that the rules are rules - the captain is always elected by ballot. She tells her to get her nomination in and cheer up.
Laundry room in Karl's motel/apartment
Karl wants to do his laundry but he finds some inside the machine. A man walks in and apologises before taking his laundry out. Cliff introduces himself as a computer software salesman and asks Karl if his medical practice is computerized. Cliff offers an invitation to lunch which Karl accepts.
Lou's Place
Karl has taken Cliff to the pub. Cliff asks Karl about his family and says that he is going through a separation which Cliff had already picked up on with Karl's demeanour. Libby walks over with the drinks and Karl is surprised to see her and says that he saw her article and he is proud of her. Libby smiles wryly and says that she used to proud of him, too.
Karl's motel/apartment
Cliff and Karl are having tea together and Cliff says that his separation with his wife was public humiliation so Karl's little exchange with Libby was a walk in the park. Cliff had tried everything to salvage the marriage, except the one thing he really should have which was not to stuff it up in the first place.
Erinsborough High
Susan reads out the nominations - Pinhead, Amy and Anne. Anne and Amy are both surprised, and Anne knows that Billy nominated her but he denies it.
No. 26
Hannah waltzes in the house and goes straight to her room in a bad mood. She walks back out annoyed that Ruth has gone into her room to get the laundry. Ruth says that in future Hannah can bring it out herself, and diplomatically says that she doesn't want to tell Hannah how to live her life, but her room needs to be cleaned. Tonight.
No. 28
Libby tells Billy that seeing Karl made her angry, but Billy can't imagine never talking to Karl again even though he doesn't know that he will anytime soon. They both agree that it sucks.
Coffee Shop
Amy wants to talk about the nominations but Anne wants to talk about something else. They sit down but then Amy brings it up again. Anne doesn't know if she'll accept the nomination, but Amy doesn't want her to since she's never been interested and Amy will win anyway. Anne is incredulous at how self- obsessed Amy is, and has decided that she is definitely in the running for captain.
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