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Neighbours Episode 3089 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3089
Australian airdate: 28/05/98
UK airdate: 28/09/98
UK Gold: 29/07/04
Writer: John Upton
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Kim tells Karl that he can tell Karl and Sarah have more than a working relationship.
- Karl admits to Phil that there is an attraction between him and Sarah.
- Paul and Hannah dance at the formal.
- Mickey phones in a fake pizza order to the Coffee Shop.
- Susan confronts Paul and Mickey about the pizzas.
Lou comes in raving about his date with Carol. Toadie is not pleased that Lou is late home - he was meant to go to his study group. Lou apologises (he forgot) and then doesn't have enough cash left to pay Toadie(!)
Coffee Shop
Madge is ranting at Paul about the pizza hoax - especially as the school won't pay for the pizzas. Paul says that he didn't know Mickey would ring the Coffee Shop, but Madge counters that Paul was perfectly happy to play the trick on another pizza place. Paul allows that this is true. Madge says Paul and Mickey are going to work in the Coffee Shop for nothing until all the pizzas are paid for.
Susan comes in ranting about Paul and Mickey. Karl rubs her neck then asks carefully if Susan has heard from Kim. She says she hasn't. He tells her that Libby has been taken off the development story at the paper, so hopefully it'll stop the threats. But Susan is still thinking about Kim and asks Karl why he brought him up. Karl says it's just because he's a friend. Then he asks if she's given their weekend away anymore thought, but Susan isn't really interested.
Toadie is studying at 2am and Bob is bothering him. He jumps up and spills Toadie's tea.
Paul tells Hannah that he enjoyed their dancing last night.
HANNAH: I'm sure Claudia enjoyed it.
PAUL: What I mean is, I enjoyed dancing with you.
HANNAH: Really?
Paul is embarrassed and goes outside to wait for her.
Susan thanks most of the kids for their good behaviour at the school social, but says that Paul and Mickey have let them all down. She tells them she has a punishment for them, and they should meet her at recess.
Susan instruct Paul and Mickey to clean up the School Hall after the dance. They are not to miss classes, and at lunchtime they have to go to the Coffee Shop as Madge has something to discuss with them(!)
Lou gives Toadie his money and Lou apologises again. Toadie accepts his apology, saying he doesn't have enough hours in the day at the moment. Lou tells Toadie that his life is a mess.
TOADIE: Thanks for the insight, Lou. Any part in particular that you'd like to mention? Is it Uni, or is it my job at the Coffee Shop, or is it the radio station. Or maybe it's even babysitting Louise. Or is it my girlfriend, who really is a great girl, but I never get to see her because I'm too busy doing something else?!
LOU:(calmly) Yeah, yeah, that's about it, more or less(!)
Toadie says he can't afford to drop anything. So Lou offers Toadie a job at the pub - one of his guys has quit suddenly. He can quit the Coffee Shop for more pay and less hours at the pub. Toadie is surprised and says he'll have to talk to Harold and Madge about it.
TOADIE: Hey, uh, you know Carol?
LOU: What about her?
TOADIE: She thinks you're a good man. Smart woman, that one.
Ruth is stressing about her first client appointment at Phil's house.
Coffee Shop
Madge tells Paul and Mickey that their hands will shortly be bloated from washing up.
MICKEY:(cheekily) Haven't you got a machine?
MADGE: I've got two machines - you two(!)
She sends them back to school. Toadie comes in and tells Madge he has to resign. Madge tells him that he's actually doing her a favour - Paul and Mickey need jobs to do, and when the punishment is over, Paul can do a few extra shifts a week. Toadie thanks her and heads off to Uni.
Paul offers Hannah some cold pizza(!) Just then, the computers go wrong. Susan is not too happy and Mickey reminds her that Lou donated them.
Coffee Shop
Madge heads off, telling Harold to maintain the severity of punishment on Paul and Mickey in her absence(!)
In the kitchen, Harold offers Paul and Mickey a coffee and end up giving them a banana smoothie(!)
MICKEY: He's not as hard- core as Madge.
PAUL: Told ya!
In the shop, Sarah comes in and tells Harold she's been to the estate agent.
SARAH: I found out who complained about the noise at Number 30 without speaking to me first.
HAROLD: Oh, really.
SARAH: Harold, how could you, we nearly got evicted!
HAROLD: Well, Toadfish's party was very noisy, you know...
SARAH: Maybe so, but why didn't you come to me first?
HAROLD: I would have...
SARAH: So why didn't you?!
HAROLD: Well Madge had been very sick if you remember, and I'd been under a great deal of pressure...
SARAH: Look, we're all under pressure at times Harold, we don't sell our friends down the river!
HAROLD: I believe I had a genuine complaint!
SARAH: So, you're happy with the way you handled it, are you?!
HAROLD: Perhaps I should have spoken to you...
SARAH: There's no "perhaps" about it, Harold!
HAROLD: Alright then, I apologise.
SARAH: Right. Well, apology accepted, just next time come to me first?
Harold agrees. Paul and Mickey giggle.
Susan and Phil come in. She tells Lou that the computers have crashed (software problems), and the school "expert" described them as "cheap and shoddy".
LOU: Er, Susan, uh...you came to me desperate for help and I acted in good faith, as did Toadie. But if you're here now to ask me to put my hand in my pocket for repairs, well, I'm afraid I just can't help you.
There is a bit of a pause.
PHIL: Lou, the computers were a gift that you used as a tax deduction and we both know that, uh, the value of that gift was...a little inflated.
LOU: Oh, I'd have thought that was reasonable.
PHIL: You get the computers fixed, and that value will be about right. That way, Carol won't have to investigate her boyfriend.
LOU: You wouldn't.
PHIL: No, *I* wouldn't.
SUSAN:(dangerously) But I would.
Lou looks scared(!)
Toadie is finishing his presentation to the class. The lecturer is not very impressed. When the rest of the class has gone, the lecturer tells Toadie that his presentation was insulting.
LECTURER: If you're not interested in attending this university, why do you keep coming? It can't be in the hope of graduating, because on the strength of that performance, you simply won't.
TOADIE: It is still my first year...
LECTURER: It'll be your last unless you get your act together.
Paul is telling Hannah that Sarah found out about Harold's noise complaint and she laughs. Ruth comes out and asks them to keep the noise down as she's in the middle of a consultation. They apologise, but Hannah doesn't think they were making that much noise.
HANNAH:(to Paul) Am I supposed to live here or what, or doesn't that count anymore?
The lecturer has called Toadie in. He apologises for losing his cool with him earlier. He tells Toadie that he's a gifted student but her has a lot of bluff. Toadie explains about his commitments. The lecturer tells Toadie to slow down and put the work into his studies.
LECTURER: You've got the potential, if you do the work. It's up to you.
Phil pops round.
PHIL: A very weird thing has just happened.
KARL: Don't tell me. Harold Bishop just ran naked down Ramsay Street?
SUSAN: That's one of Karl's fantasies, you know!
PHIL: Your secret's safe with me(!)
Phil explains that he has been left a horse and gypsy caravan in a client's will! Susan thinks it's great and says they are very romantic. Phil offers it to her and Karl for their romantic weekend!
KARL: Oh, Susan, honestly, I was thinking more of a resort - a gypsy caravan's a bit silly, don't you think?
PHIL: Well, you couldn't get a cheaper holiday, you can have it for free.
SUSAN: Did you hear that, Karl? Free...it's your favourite word!
Hannah turns on the radio and it's Toadie's show. But it suddenly goes silent.
Ruth comes out and says that her patient consultation went well today.
RUTH: I'll see you tomorrow, Hannah. I guess that means I'll see you, too, Paul, you two being something of an item these days.
PAUL: We're not an item.
RUTH: Oh, sorry, I was joking, I meant that you're an ite...team. See you.
Hannah is still a bit irritated with Ruth about the patient. Toadie's show comes back on - he had pressed the wrong button.
Phil comes in and Hannah immediately, and brattily, starts moaning about Ruth's patients. Phil tells her that they all have to make a few adjustments and compromise a little.
PHIL: A fair trial, that's all I ask.
He goes off to start tea.
HANNAH: Why am *I* always the one who has to compromise?
Toadie comes to see Lou to tell him that he's quit the Coffee Shop, and wants to talk about the shifts at the pub. He's surprised to see Lou's living room is full of computers.
LOU: You installed the software, sunshine. It's up to you to fix them.
TOADIE: And if I don't, I don't get the extra shifts at the pub, is that what you're trying to tell me?
LOU: Did I say that?
TOADIE: Lou, I have had this!
LOU: Hey, hey, calm down! This won't take long.
He turns around and kicks one of the computers. A large cloud of smoke inexplicably rises(!)
TOADIE: It's no, Lou. The answer's no!
He storms out!
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