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Neighbours Episode 3077 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3077
Australian airdate: 12/05/98
UK airdate: 10/09/98
UK Gold: 21/07/04
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: David Myles
Guests: Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Lily Madigan: Alethea McGrath
Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Mickey Dalton: Trent Fowler
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
Melinda Parker: Paula Bell
Police Woman: Gina Hogan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Drew tells Sarah and Kim that he's like to have kids one day.
- Lou tells Drew that the police are on the way to the garage for a drug bust.
- Drew wonders why the police would be interested in tomato plants(!)
The police have inspected the tomato plants and pronounced them legal(!) Drew says that the report was made because Lou has an untrusting nature and an oversuspicious mind! The police are not very happy and go off to look for real criminals.
When they've gone, Drew is very offended by Lou. He tells Lou he can stick his job.
Drew has come to hear about Ben's part in reporting him for growing drugs. Ben is horrified to hear they were only tomato plants. Drew isn't pleased. Phil, Ruth and Hannah come in and look confused. Ben explains that he and Lou reported Drew for growing drugs(!)
Ruth thinks it was a bit of a funny mixup, but Drew can't see the funny side.
Karl, Susan, Sarah and Kim are having a chat.
At the bar, Libby is mocking Karl for reporting Drew. Karl comes over and calls Lou "a dope"(!) Libby thinks that Drew will get over it.
School, the following morning
The computers are broken again. Anne is fed up as they have to keep re- doing all their work.
Anne asks Hannah and Zoe to help fix Lily Madigan's garden. They agree, as long as Anne asks Drew as well!
Lou has not been able to get hold of Drew as he's not answering his phone. Ben says they'll just have to handle work without him.
A smart- looking woman arrives. She's looking for Drew. Apparently Drew was going to check her brakes and she wants him to call "Melinda".
The Office
Drew comes in with some flowers for Sarah. He's a bit embarrassed that there's a gigantic bouquet from Kim there, but Sarah is still pleased. He invites her to lunch at 1pm.
Karl comes in and asks Drew if he's retired to tend to his tomato crop(!) and eyes Sarah's flowers.
Hannah and Zoe are dancing and wants Paul and his mate to join in. Paul's mate wants him to introduce him to Anne.
Anne comes over and asks them to join the working bee for Lily. Paul's mate says they'd be glad to, much to Paul's horror.
Everyone seems to be ringing up for Drew today as Ben is fending somebody else off now. Lou says that's the third female customer today!
Lou has bought a gift for Drew to apologise and goes off to find him, saying the future of his business is at stake!
Coffee Shop
Lou asks Cassie if she's seen Drew. She hasn't, but asks if he has a girlfriend(!)
Lou asks Libby if she's seen Drew, but she hasn't.
Lou asks Sarah if she's seen Drew. She tells him she's meeting him at the Coffee Shop at 1pm.
Coffee Shop
Cassie comes over to ask Drew for advice about buying a car. He says he'd be happy to check one out for her and she is pleased. Cassie says that Lou is looking for him.
Just then, Lou comes in and sits down with Drew. He apologises again and says he wants Drew to come back to the garage. He'll hold his job open. He gives Drew a present - it's a pot plant. Drew says he'll come back, but only for a pay rise! Lou cries poverty, but Drew says it depends how important he is to the business(!)
Lily Madigan's garden
Anne comes to find Lily, who is sitting in the garden. She is pleased to hear about Anne's working bee. Lily says the neighbours have sold their house to a construction company, and the company wants to buy her house too. Anne says they must fight it - it's against council regulations to put up 4 story flats anyway.
Kim comes in and thanks Karl for a good night last night. He wants to take Sarah for lunch, but Karl informs him that she's gone to lunch with Drew. Kim is disappointed and goes off to find them. Karl asks if he's interested in Sarah and Kim says that of course he is.
Susan, Phil and Ruth are talking about the school's financial problems. Phil says there's nothing in the emergency fund. Susan says they could have another fundraising drive, but they groan. They'll have to think of something quick, though.
Coffee Shop
Sarah and Drew are having lunch and getting on well. Kim comes in. Drew tells him he could get takeaway(!) but Kim sits down with them. Drew decides to go off and sort things out with Lou. When he's gone, Sarah tells Kim that she has to get back to work too!
Karl tells Sarah off for being late back from lunch. He's in a very bad mood that she keeps taking long lunches with boyfriends. Sarah is not happy and tells him he's being too hard on her.
Anne pops round. Libby is very tired after her shift and is trying to write an article - restaurant reviews. Anne tells her that she might have a good story for her - an illegal development next to Lily's house. Apparently the area zone is for 2 storey buildings only, but the Council are bending the law for the construction company. Libby says she'll take the story on.
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