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Neighbours Episode 3060 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3060
Australian airdate: 17/04/98
UK airdate: 17/08/98
UK Gold: 08/07/04
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: David Myles
Guests: Simon Butterworth David LePage
Denise Wilby Vanessa Ready
Crystal Staples Patrycja Broda
Ned Belcher Jim Alexander
Summary/Images by: Shona
Paul hires a cleaner - she steals $20 from the housekeeping jar when no one is around
Billy looks to be going down with something and Caitlin tells him he's too self-obsessed
Susan tells Libby she's feeling left out with all the time Karl's been spending with Sarah
Later on Libby sees Karl putting a ring on Sarah's finger at a jewellery store
Susan remarks that Libby is a bit flustered but she brushes it aside. Susan wants to go home but Libby tries to talk her out of it, finally succeeding with a story of a dress that she really wants to get. Susan agrees to accompany to the shop, as long as she takes the heavy bags. As they leave Libby casts a worried glance back towards the jewellery shop.
Billy apologises to Caitlin for the other day and she accepts. The coach, Simon, appears and tells Billy to go and join the others. He instructs Caitlin not to push herself before reiterating to his assembled charges how important their health is. Caitlin assures him that she's over her virus.
Number 24
Harold is a bit flustered with Madge returning home tomorrow. He wants to bake some cheesecakes and Paul agrees he should, since it stops Harold playing the tuba to relax instead! Harold has to get some messages so goes to the housekeeping jar to find it pretty bare. Paul doesn't know where the money would've gone - Hannah wouldn't have taken it. Harold is in such confusion that he thinks he even might have taken it and forgotten. He leaves and Paul thinks this over.
Caitlin is taking a breather and wants Billy to go as Simon will suss something's up. She says she simply mistimed her breathing. She climbs out and wrecks her goggles to buy some time.
A girl tells Simon that she's going to be away next week and Caitlin overhears him tell her there's a man from the institute coming down to see them next week.
Lou's Place
Karl passes on a game of foosball with Lou. In fact he has a favour to ask of Lou.
In the office Karl gives him a necklace.
LOU (fans himself): Oh, Karl, I didn't know you cared! People will talk!
Karl laughs, then tells him to stop clowning around. This is a very serious matter.
Number 24
Harold is searching through the bin as he thinks he might've thrown the money out by mistake. Paul comes clean about hiring the cleaner from the phonebook. Harold thought the clean state of the house was a little too good to be true and asks to be informed in future when he makes a decision using housekeeping money. But Paul tells him he used his own money - what he's trying to say is the woman took the housekeeping money. Harold isn't pleased that there was a stranger in the house and when he hears she's returning tomorrow, he says they'll be ready should she try anything.
Number 28
Susan muses it's a shame Libby's dress was gone by the time they got back to the shop. Billy isn't pleased to hear they're having a nice family dinner of Spag Bog again. Susan answers the phone to Karl who tells her he's snowed under at work and won't be able to make it home for dinner. Once Susan has hung up, she relays the news to the kids and Libby says that maybe they should make an appointment to see him. Billy says it isn't Karl's fault but Lib thinks he should've given more notice. Susan agrees with Billy - he's a doctor and it's part of the job. However, sometimes she gets a bit tired of it.
Later Libby dishes up the Spag Bog and Billy makes remarks about her having had enough practice at it. Lib tells him the kitchen is his any time he likes.
BILLY: No, no, no - the kitchen is for the women!
Susan and Libby laugh at this and Billy apologises immediately. He answers the ringing phone then passes it to Susan. Lou tells Susan that he needs her at the pub - it's very important and can't discuss it over the phone. Susan tells him she'll be there ASAP. Lib isn't chuffed that Susan has to run off.
Once Susan has gone Libby tells Billy they have to go there too. She knows what's going on; she saw Karl in a jewellery store with Sarah and maybe something's going on between them. Billy thinks it's a ridiculous conclusion to come to but follows her to the pub anyway.
Lou's Place
Lou presents the box to Susan, who's a bit hacked off and confused. Lou shows her to a table to the side, where Karl walks out from hiding in the corner, holding a rose.
KARL: In all the pubs in all of Erinsborough, you had to pick this one.
SUSAN: Have you been drinking?
He tells her he feels he's been neglecting her recently. She opens her present and thinks it's beautiful. He puts it on for her just as Libby and Billy storm in. Susan asks what they're doing here.
The next morning and Billy tells Caitlin that she's crazy for pushing herself like this. Caitlin assures him she's fine but Billy thinks maybe he should tell Simon the truth. He cares about her and doesn't want her going downhill. Caitlin tells him about the man from the institute and her possible big break. He must promise not to tell. Simon sees them chatting and orders them to give him twenty.
Number 24
The cleaner arrives and Harold meets her. Mrs Wilby tells him not to be cross with the kids - their hearts were in the right place. Harold tells her he's going off to the airport. Paul also makes it clear he'll be out too. Mrs Wilby looks over to the housekeeping jar once they've gone.
Ramsay Street
Caitlin thanks Billy for not dobbing her in and Billy reminds her that Simon says the visitor isn't an official scout. They spot Harold creeping round the balcony of number 24, spying through the windows. Billy thinks he's looking for minute particles of dust on the windows. They decide to hang out at Caitlin's, since Susan will find something for Billy to do if they're at number 28.
Number 24
Harold rushes in, having caught Mrs Wilby. He tells Paul she did it again - they were right. Mrs Wilby tells him that whatever he saw, he has it wrong. If only he'd let her explain. Harold will - once he's called the police!
Later and Mrs Wilby tells him she was simply putting money back. She was short of cash yesterday to tide her over to pension day. They see that she has indeed replaced the money. Mrs Wilby apologises. Harold says he isn't a harsh man and would've leant her the money had he known. Mrs Wilby is embarrassed to have to admit to being broke at her age. She knows he has to tell the agency but Harold decides not to. She gets back to finishing the job while Harold rushes off to the airport. Mrs Wilby thanks Paul.
Coffee Shop
Sarah says hi to Libby, who immediately spots her ring. Sarah tells her she had it thrust upon her yesterday.
LIBBY: It's such a cliché, isn't it? Buying some jewellery for the wife, a little something for the girlfriend...
Sarah is confused and tells Libby that she bought it for herself. She was trying it on and it got stuck and by the time it came off she was in love with it.
Libby is embarrassed when she confesses she thought she was having a fling with her dad and tells her what she saw. Sarah thinks she's pretty good at jumping to conclusions.
LIBBY: I mean, you and my dad, as if! Eww...
She tells her not to tell her dad as the thought of someone like Sarah being keen on him would give him a big head. Sarah's smile fades.
Number 24
Madge, still with bandaged eyes, hugs Paul. Harold has filled her in with all the news and Harold remarks they haven't done too well in her absence. Madge likes the feeling of being needed.
Number 30
Caitlin has a sore shoulder and Billy gives her a massage. He starts to kiss her neck but she jumps away, telling him she was enjoying the massage but that was it. Billy says he's given her time but Caitlin tells him he doesn't get it. Billy needs to know - does she likes him or not?
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