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Neighbours Episode 3056 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3056
Australian airdate: 13/04/98
UK airdate: 11/08/98
UK Gold: 06/07/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: David Myles
Guests: Ruby Bannock: Susana Grest
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Caitlin tells Anne that she's finding in hard to be friends with Billy and Anne.
- Anne cries and says that Billy has hurt her so badly, she hates him.
- Karl tells his colleague off for making insinuations about him and Sarah and treating women badly.
- Billy kisses Caitlin.
Caitlin breaks from the kiss with Billy and says she shouldn't have kissed him - she's supposed to be going out with Josh and he's only just broken up with Anne! She asks him to leave.
Ben comes and sits with Anne, who is sitting in the garden, rather upset about Billy. They chat about Billy and Anne says that she hates men. Ben advises her to get out there and have some fun - not to give Billy the satisfaction of seeing her so down.
Anne asks Caitlin if she wants to go out and do something, but Caitlin says she's too tired. Caitlin asks if there's any chance Anne and Billy will patch things up, but Anne doesn't think so. She tells Anne that she saw Billy this afternoon but they hardly said a word to each other(!)
Susan is warning Dahl not to touch her cracker and cheese tray(!)
Sarah and Karl come in from playing golf and explain that they left because of all the inneuendo. Karl invites Sarah to join them for a few nibbles.
Amy comes round to see Lance, but he isn't there. She's got some proof sheet of the photos she took, and shows them to Anne. She says Lance looks like an orang- utang(!). Anne warns her not to let Ruth see half- naked photos of Lance and Drew, but Amy says it's fine because it's art(!) Amy suggested that Anne could go out with Drew! Anne says he's too old for her, and anyway, it's too soon after Billy. Amy says it would be a great way to make Billy jealous!
Karl, Susan and Sarah are chatting about the sexist colleague. Karl and Sarah rave about what a good day they had and are getting on very well. Billy comes in and goes straight to bed. Susan says Karl should go and talk to Billy about Anne and do some male bonding.
When Karl has gone, Sarah and Susan chat about sexism.
Billy's bedroom
Billy tells Karl that he's definitely split up with Anne for good. Karl says he's heard that before, but Billy insists that it's definite this time. He moans about being bored though. Karl says that Billy has a hard year coming up with Year 12, so perhaps it's for the best. Billy says it's time he moved on.
Amy has made Anne dress up in a dress to go and talk to Drew(!) Amy goes in and says hello and re- introduces him to Anne. Then she shows him the proofs of the photos. He winces and says he's not into posing. He offers them a coffee and Amy enthusiastically agrees! Anne looks awkward.
Sarah pops round and asks Karl for a lift to work. They head off, Karl and Susan agreeing to meet up for lunch.
When they've gone, Susan asks Billy how he's feeling today. He says he's OK and has decided to set himself some new goals.
Drew, Amy and Anne are chatting over coffee. Amy tells Drew that Anne has just split up with her boyfriend and he sympathises. Drew goes off to answer the phone and Amy decides to leave Anne and Drew alone(!) Drew is busy though, so Anne decides to leave too. Before she does, Anne asks him on a date. Drew is surprised, but agrees they can meet up tonight.
Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan are having lunch when Lee (the sexist man from the golf)'s wife comes in. She asks Karl if he played golf with Lee yesterday and he confirms that he did. She is surprised, and says that the "function afterwards" probably went on quite late. Karl says he wouldn't know, as he left just after the game.
When she's gone, Karl tells Susan that he thinks Lee is having an affair. Susan tells Karl off for "covering" for Lee. Karl says he just didn't want to get involved - it's none of their business.
SUSAN: Karl, the man is cheating on his wife and you just lied to protect him.
Billy has come to tell Caitlin that he wants to be with her. He reckons there's a spark between them, but Caitlin says she's still going out with Josh and unconvincingly says that she loves him. She's concerned about upsetting Anne, but Billy says he's a free agent!
BILLY: I know how I feel.
CAITLIN: And I know how *I* feel, OK? Confused. I think you'd better go.
BILLY: Are you sure?
They kiss.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Susan is upset with Karl for not being fully upfront with Lee's wife. She insists that Karl gave her false reassurances. Sarah comes out and calls Karl into the surgery, so Susan stomps off.
Amy is chuffed that Anne asked Drew out and he said yes. They giggle. Ben comes in and tells them he's off to the garage to see Drew.
When Ben has gone, Amy tells Anne that she can't wait to see the look on Billy's face!
Drew is trying to clean his hands when Ben arrived. He says he's taking a girl out tonight, it was totally unplanned. He suggests that Ben comes along(!) Ben says that three is a crowd, but Drew talks him into it.
Caitlin tells Billy crossly that she needs space and a bit less pressure. She agrees to go down to the Coffee Shop with him.
Coffee Shop
Drew has arrived to meet Anne with Ben in tow. Ben is shocked and explains that Anne is his sister.
BEN: There are some things you should be aware of.
ANNE: Look, Ben, if Drew and I want to see each other, it's none of your business.
Billy has come in and heard this last exchange - he looks very shocked.
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