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Neighbours Episode 3021 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3021
Australian airdate: 23/02/98
UK airdate: 18/06/98
UK Gold: 19/05/04
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Josh Hughes: Sullivan Stapleton
Carol Maitland: Helen Trenos
Craig Richards: Cristin Daniel
Joy Stevens: Sally Davis
Andy Becker: Russel C Bedford
Becky Miles: Cecilia Opie
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Josh suggesting that if Caitlin train hard enough, she could get to the Institute of Sport, too.
Lou wanting to spend more time with Carol.
Toadie winning the graveyard shift at Uni FM.
Lou's Place
Phil and Carol talk about him being an accountant, and Lou joins them for dinner - he doesn't want Phil telling tales on him and his tax issues! Carol takes a phone call, and Lou asks Phil if he wants to join him, his beer, and his cable TV to see a boxing match tonight. Phil is delighted about the invite!
Carol comes back to the table; her mate has let her down tonight - they were meant to be attending an auditing function. She asks Lou to join her instead. Lou agrees:
LOU: I can't think of anything I'd rather do!
Phil is horrified! Carol declares she has to leave - she has shopping to do. Phil confronts his friend - Lou has given up a night of beer and boxing for an auditing function?! It must be love!
Number 30
Josh and Caitlin are getting intimate, when Sarah arrives home. Cait introduces Josh, and he leaves to attend more training. Sarah asks Caitlin about him, wondering if she's jumping into a relationship too fast. Caitlin thinks that Josh is the one, and Sarah laughs.
Lou's Place
Phil and Lou are still chatting away, and Phil admits that last week things looked dodgy between him and Ruth, but they're getting better. Lou is pleased - because he'd like to go on a double date with them and Carol! Phil thinks Lou has probably skipped the double date stage.
Toadie appears at the bar - his love life is bad. Very bad. He's had an embarrassing moment. He's stuffed up with Shannon - he tried to kiss her because she seemed to be into him, and he made a mistake. Phil and Lou agree that women always give out very confusing signals. Lou tells Toadie it happens to everyone, and thinks he should cheer up.
Toadie says Shannon thinks he's a sleaze. Phil and Toadie agree to watch the boxing together whilst Lou goes to an auditors' dinner.
Number 22
Toadie and Phil are ready to watch the match, and Lou comes down dressed in his formal wear, and Carol arrives a little early, all dressed up. They agree to leave, but as Lou is going out the door, he catches the screen, and can't take his eyes from the match... Carol asks him if there's something he wants to watch and he politely denies it.
They stand at the door, but Lou really can't leave the television...!
Uni FM Studio
It's six in the morning and Toadie's stint at Uni FM is finishing.
Ramsay Street
Josh is listening to Uni FM and picking up Caitlin for training. She gets into the car and they kiss. Ugh. She tells him she's not going to school after training, and they are going to spend the day together. Josh seems really pleased.
Uni FM Studio
One of the DJs has called in sick, so Craig is covering, and Becky has rushed in to prepare the programme. She comments to Toadie that she heard the last part of his show this morning, and she thought it was really funny. Toadie is flattered, and tells his colleague that he's thinking of resigning because he's so tired. Becky thinks he should take Craig's afternoon slot because Toadie is SO much better.
Craig arrogantly rushes in, pushes Toadie out the way and strops into the studio, ready to do the show. He tells Becky to make him coffee.
Number 22
Lou is doing breakfast for Lolly when Toadie returns home - he's going to sleep before he's needed back at uni this afternoon. Toadie asks after Lou's evening with Carol; Lou says it was boring, but he liked being with Carol.
Toadie is still upset over Shannon, and even more peeved off over DJ Craig who is mean to him at Uni FM. Lou says that Toadie should try and impress the studio manager by coming up with some great ideas - that will show that he's better than Craig.
Number 30
Caitlin and Josh come back from training and run into Sarah who's late to get to work. Sarah tells Cait to go to school, and Caitlin tells her that she's not going to school today. Josh wonders if his girlfriend should go to school today, but she refuses.
Number 22
Toadie is trying to think of a creative idea to impress the studio manager. Carol comes to the door, and asks for Lou who isn't there. Toadie asks her to go outside and knock again. She complies, and Toadie records her knocking on tape. He's trying to come up with a competition at the radio station - and he's got it! The listeners have to guess who's knock it is. The first one is a tax auditor.
He's going to call the programme "Who's That Knocking?" Novel.
Toadie tells Carol that Lou's at the pub; Carol says she has tickets for the opera but Toadie tells her he doesn't like her chances. Lou doesn't like the opera - just as he doesn't like formal dinners. Carol is a bit taken aback at his honesty, and goes off to find Lou.
Lou's Place
Carol arrives for her new man, and Lou gets her a drink. She asks him if he'd have preferred to stay home last night and watch the boxing match. He says no, and she asks him about the opera tickets. Lou declares that he LOVES opera! Can't get enough of it, in fact!
CAROL: I don't believe you.
LOU: Why?
CAROL: Look, Lou, I don't think this is gonna work out...let's just forget it.
Lou is completely confused, and Carol walks out.
The Coffee Shop
Cait and Josh are eating lunch and Sarah comes in. Sarah meets Andy the blind date - from the other night - and he admits that he's been thinking about her a lot since then. He asks her on a date, and she agrees.
Lou's Place
Back at Lou's Place, Lou wants to know what he's done. She says that every day she listens to clients lying to her on the phone over their tax. She doesn't want this kind of dishonesty in her private life. Lou is still genuinely confused. She asks about opera and the boxing again.
She also lets on that Toadie told her about him hating the auditors' dinner. Lou says he was being tactful - he promises not to lie about it from now on, but he wanted to do something that she enjoyed doing.
At that moment, Toadie appears and needs to speak to Lou immediately. He has an idea for the radio station - and he needs a prize of a meal for two. Lou and Carol think it's not worth helping Toadie out after the stress he's just caused them...!
Doctor's Surgery
Sarah is tippexing stuff. Andy comes in and asks about that date - can they have a meal and movie tonight? Sarah would like that. Karl comes out of his office and realises that she's booked a date; he doesn't seem too pleased about it.
Uni FM Studio
Becky is working, and Toadie asks after the studio manager, Bruce. He's not there, but Toadie can't stay around; he gives her a promotional tape to hand to the Bruce for when he gets back. Craig pulls rank and says he's the head presenter, so all promo tapes go through him. He threatens her with the sack if she doesn't hand the tape over.
Number 22
Caitlin and Josh are slumming it at home, with chocolate, crisps and drink. Josh asks her how she's feeling about not going to school today. They get into a silly cushion fight, and he falls to the ground, really hurting his arm; he thinks he's broken it.
Number 22
Phil arrives to restock the fridge since he drank a lot of it the night before. Lou doesn't mind - as long as Toadie and Phil enjoyed themselves. He tells them that he's off to see a movie with Carol tonight.
Uni FM kicks in on the radio - and Craig has a new promotion. A show called "Who's That Knocking?"...
TOADIE: What? They've stolen my tape! That is my idea! I don't believe it! This jerk has used MY idea!
Lou is pleased that his pub just got a free plug at prime time.
TOADIE: He's not going to get away with this. This is war.
Doctor's Surgery
Andy arrives to see Sarah - he has a problem with tonight. Sarah's a bit gutted, but Andy has an old family friend in town...or, at least, he did until his girlfriend walks in wondering how long he's going to be. Sarah tells Andy to get lost, and Karl smirks. Sarah has a go at him and tells him to keep his nose out.
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