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Neighbours Episode 3019 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3019
Australian airdate: 19/02/98
UK airdate: 16/06/98
UK Gold: 17/05/04
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Simon Butterworth: David LePage
Josh Hughes: Sullivan Stapleton
Gordon Stones: Michael Robinson
Nurse: Liz Oates
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Harold kissing Madge awake to wish her a happy anniversary.
Caitlin telling Bill she's going to ask Josh out.
The Swimming Pool
Simon and Josh are chatting, and Caitlin approaches, asking if she can speak to Josh about coaching tips. Josh takes her aside and she asks him out on a date - for pizza - after training. He suggests they meet up there later on, and it's a date! Simon calls Josh back, and Caitlin is thrilled! She tells Billy who is pretty impressed.
Ramsay Street
Paul is preparing papers to deliver for local businesses; it's his new job. 3 cents a paper! Hannah can't believe he's doing it so cheaply, and gives him the benefit of her experience of working at Phil's newsagents. The mid nineties rocked.
Hannah helps Paul look through the best route for his round, and she offers to help him out for free because she's bored. He can shout her a milkshake later. Paul is pleased.
Erinsborough Hospital
Madge and Harold are eating the food he prepared, and the nurse comes in to see how Madge is doing. She leaves Madge's medication on the side for her, and Madge regales the nurse with tales of her marriage. The nurse warns Madge not to get out of bed after she's taken the tablets as they'll make her sleepy.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah and Paul are about to deliver the papers, and Hannah says he should get a juke box - that's where the real cash is!! On their way out, they meet Josh and Caitlin on their date. Cait is trying too hard, and Josh tells her to calm down! They talk about Simon and the sporting institute.
Anne comes in and Cait calls her over; in her enthusiasm, she knocks Josh's juice out of his hands, spilling it down him. It's a disaster date! Caitlin wants Anne to stay because she's embarrassed, but Anne has to go.
Roads in Erinsborough
Paul and Anne do the paper round together. Musical Montage! Paul's papers fall to the ground. He breaks a letter box. The wheel falls off his cart. Hannah is having a much better time with her bag.
Erinsborough Hospital
Harold tells Madge he has to be off as he has lots to do; she's worried that he's doing too much, but he says he's fine. He has a headache, and she tells him to take some painkillers which are on the side. He takes them with water - but takes Madge's medication by mistake...
The Coffee Shop
Caitlin eats the pizza that Josh ordered, but she didn't like it, despite pretending she did. She asks him what bands he likes, and she pretends to like the same ones. Josh clearly doesn't believe her and says he has to go. He asks if she'd like to go out to a movie tonight, and she says yes, thrilled.
Josh tells her to relax! He's impressed already, so she can stop trying so hard!
Number 26
Hannah and Paul come home and Hannah's had enough helping for today. Paul says there's loads more to do, but Hannah points out that she's done it all for free, and she's not doing any more! She tells Paul to work harder.
He says he has to deliver them by a set date because of a special offer in the paper. He resents doing this job...
Erinsborough Hospital
Madge asks Harold to remind Paul to do his maths paperwork, and reminds him of some Coffee Shop stuff. Harry's headache has nearly gone - and in getting Madge's tablets he realises that he took them earlier.
Madge rings for help!
Roads in Erinsborough
Paul's delivery is a disaster, and papers are flying everywhere, and then it thunders and POURS with rain. Paul takes the easy way out - and stuffs the papers down the nearest drain...
Number 32
Caitlin is hunting for Date Clothes in Anne's wardrobe. Lance doesn't understand why she'd look at Anne's stuff for nice dresses. He thinks she should turn up nude. Anne tells Caitlin to be herself, and she takes a load of clothes with her to make a decision. Anne wants all the gossip later.
Lance suggest to Anne that she's pleased for Cait because now she's no threat to Billy and her...
Erinsborough Hospital
Paul can't believe that Harry took Madge's pills!! Harold is asleep by Madge's bed and has been for a few hours!
Paul tells Madge about his paper round, and she's proud of him. He admits that it's too hard, so he's giving it up already. He tells her that you have to walk for miles and the papers are really heavy.
Number 26
Paul arrives at Hannah's, and he needs a favour - a torch. Hannah wants to know what's going on, and he tells her that she can come with him and see.
Roads in Erinsborough
It's still pouring with rain, and Paul is taking Hannah to the drain to retrieve the papers. But when they get there, there are workmen taking the papers out - they blocked the drain. The workmen ask Hannah and Paul if they know anything about it; they deny all knowledge.
The Coffee Shop
Josh and Caitlin are flirting with each other in their mutual appreciation society. Hannah and Paul arrive for a milkshake, and Darren follows them in. Madge has been trying to call Paul at home, but couldn't get an answer so she called Darren. Darren tells Paul that he should come to theirs whilst Harold and Madge are at the hospital, and Paul agrees.
Erinsborough Hospital
Madge takes a call from Paul who tells her he'll go to Lou's house until someone gets home. In the corridor, Harry awakes from his sleep! Madge chastises him once again, and Harry doesn't understand it - he just dozed off for a minute! Madge tells him the medical staff put him on a trolley.
HARRY: They must think I'm an idiot.
MADGE: Well they didn't exactly use those words. Close, though.
Madge says they nearly pumped his stomach! Harold says he'll take a taxi home, and Madge lets him know that Paul is at Lou's, waiting to be picked up.
Number 22
Darren says he'll make soup and sandwiches for the kids as they arrive home. There's a knock at the door, and it's someone from the water board, asking around for Paul McClain because of the papers stuffed down the drain. He knocked next door but there was no answer. Darren says he hasn't seen Paul, and the water board guy leaves. Paul has to tell Darren what happened.
The Coffee Shop
Cait and Josh's date is finishing, and they agree they have to get home to get up in time to train. Caitlin is thrilled when Josh tells her they are officially an item.
He kisses her.
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