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Neighbours Episode 3015 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3015
Australian airdate: 13/02/98
UK airdate: 10/06/98
UK Gold: 11/05/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Ned Turner: Edward Lyons
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Kim offers to cook dinner for Susan as an ice breaker
Susan tells Karl she'll drive down in the morning
Karl is jealous of Kim and missing Susan
Geoff is being too attentive to Ben, who asks Phil to keep him away
Phil tells Geoff to stay away from Ben; Geoff refuses
The Coffee Shop
Phil is still trying to convince Geoff to stay away, but Geoff ignores his warnings about the effect on Ben of learning that Geoff is his father.
Number 28
Karl is playing his guitar when Lib and Darren come home. Libby asks after her mother, and Karl unsubtly comments that Susan must be having so much fun with her new house mate who's a guy. Darren comments that Susan has a house boy! Karl isn't impressed and Darren thinks he should go, let Libby get some sleep as she has an early start tomorrow.
Libby tells her dad that she has an interview with uni tomorrow morning with the readmissions board and he can't believe that his daughter didn't tell him this before. Libby tells him she's really nervous and doesn't need his help - it'll stress her out. Karl turns out the lights and goes to bed.
Number 32
Ruth is furious that Geoff has stormed to the hospital to tell Ben the truth - she's going there to stop him.
Erinsborough Hospital
Ruth arrives and Geoff hasn't told Ben the truth, yet. Ruth is grateful. Geoff tells her that twenty years ago he was a scared kid - will Ben understand that? Ruth thinks that Ben is pretty understanding.
Number 32
Anne and Lance are eating breakfast, getting crumbs all over the couch. They banter and there's a knock at the door. It's Phil for Ruth, who tells her partner that she stopped Geoff from telling Ben anything. Phil tells Ruth that the whole thing will get more and more complicated if she doesn't say anything - she needs to tell the kids - and Caitlin - the truth about Geoff. Ruth asks Anne to go and get Caits.
Number 28
Karl is talking to Dahl, saying that he knows Susan was going the right thing by not driving last night, but that he's paranoid about her and her new flatmate! Dahl doesn't say anything. Susan returns home and the atmosphere is strained. They don't hug or kiss, and Susan tells Karl that Kim gave her a lift as he had to see some family in the city. They stand, all awkward.
SUSAN: So. Did you miss me?
KARL: A little bit.
KARL: But that little bit was very concentrated.
SUSAN: Oh that's better. I wish the weekends were longer.
They kiss and go all cuddly, steadily making their way to the bedroom...then they look across the house and suddenly stop with no explanation which is weird. Anyway. Susan underplays Kim's cooking and tells Karl he'll get on well with Kim. Libby comes out her room and hugs her mum, telling her about the readmissions interview. They both hope she'll be fine.
Number 32
Ruth, with Phil beside her, tells Anne, Lance and Caitlin that Geoff is Ben's real father. She apologises, telling them she didn't try and keep it from them. She tells them the story of how he's there - she hasn't seen him for twenty years, and she hasn't told Ben because of his fragile health. Ruth feels awful. But Anne reassures her mum that she's not angry, it's just a surprise. Lance and Caits agree. The kids offer to help, if there's anything they can do.
The Coffee Shop
Darren is telling Libby to relax but she's having none of it - she's all stressed out. He reassures her that she can keep trying til she gets back into uni. He can't wait for her interview to finish, though, because he has something to do.
Erinsborough Hospital
The physio is trying to get Ben out of his bed for a session, and Ben's not complying. The physio is firm with him and talking about his attitude, but Ben cries and yells at him that he's a cripple - the physio isn't going to make any difference. Sarah stares from the door.
Ramsay Street
Darren is mowing the lawns outside when Libby comes up and tells him that the interview went alright. Darren tells her to close her eyes and he leads her to the garage of number 22 - he's bought her a moped! She is utterly thrilled!
Erinsborough Hospital
Ben stares into space and Caitlin comes for a visit. They make small talk, and Ben tells her the story of the physio being here earlier. Caitlin cuts in - she needs to tell him something about Geoff; there's a reason he's hanging around. Geoff is his father. Ben laughs it off, but Caitlin tells him the story of his picture being in the paper after the accident, and Ruth confirmed it. She says that she thought he deserved to know, even though everyone else kept it from him. Ben realises that it explains why Geoff has been hanging around so much. Ben asks his sister a favour - can she go and find Geoff for him and tell him to go back where he came from. Geoff walked out on him and Ruth before he was born and he hates him for it.
The Coffee Shop
Caitlin is telling Geoff that she's told Ben the truth. And Ben never wants to see Geoff ever again; he wants him out of his life. Caits apologises, but Geoff thinks she misunderstood. Geoff says he needs to see his son and talk to him - he's determined - and if he can't, then he can ask Ruth to speak to Ben for him. Caitlin doesn't want that, as Ruth won't be pleased that she told Ben the truth.
Ramsay Street
Karl and Susan are walking in the middle of the road, arms around each other. Darren and Libby drive up behind them on her new moped - Karl isn't happy about it, but Susan thinks it's great!
Number 32
Sarah's telling Ruth that Ben's really upset about the whole physio thing, and asks Ruth to pass on her love to her son that she really cares for him when she sees him. As Sarah leaves, Geoff and Caitlin come round. They tell Ruth what's happened, and Geoff begs Ruth to talk to Ben, convince him to talk to his father.
Number 28
Karl is upset that Libby has a moped - she's too young! Susan tells Karl to treat his daughter like an adult and let her grow up. Libby and Darren come home and Karl stresses out about her not driving safely!
Erinsborough Hospital
Ruth tells Ben that he needs to listen to the physio and to try and walk again because there's no reason for him not to. Ben does listen and knows he has to help himself. Ruth and Caitlin also want to talk about Geoff to Ben, but he's not interested. Geoff bursts into the room and Ben stands up, screaming at him to leave. Geoff leaves and Ben cries in Ruth's arms.
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