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Neighbours Episode 2984 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2984
Australian airdate: 13/11/97
UK airdate: 28/04/98
UK Gold: 25/03/04
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Paul McClain: Jansen Spencer
James Bowen: Joel Marrocco
Elliot: Sam Olliver
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Harold tells Caitlin and Mandi that he and Madge might take on another boarder.
- Harold and Madge agree to find someone mutually acceptable.
- Billy tells Caitlin he can't kiss her, he's with Anne.
- Anne and Billy fight.
- Billy tells Toadie that he thinks he's in love with two women.
Sarah is reading a magazine when Caitlin comes in looking fed up. She tells Sarah she's gone off James. Sarah thinks Caitlin is hung up on Billy, and at least James isn't tied up to someone else.
Coffee Shop
Harold and Paul are off to the zoo to see the snakes. Madge shudders.
Toadie and Billy come in talking about Anne. Billy says things have never been smooth with Anne - but Toadie points out that no chick has been smooth with Billy!
TOADIE: What's Caitlin got that Anne doesn't?
BILLY: I don't know - things just seem easier when I'm with Caitlin.
TOADIE: But isn't she with that James dude now?
BILLY: I think that's just to make me jealous.
TOADIE: Lucky it's not working(!)
BILLY: You're not helping, Toad!
TOADIE: Look, Anne is a top chick. I mean, sure, you've had your ups and downs, but she's always been there for you. You just can't go and dump her because you've got some stupid crush on AquaGirl. I mean, who says that's going to last? Do you want to risk it?!
Billy is apologising to Anne for going out with Caitlin. She apologises for being jealous and dumb. They make up. Anne says she can't stand the idea of Billy and Caitlin being alone together. They promise to be totally honest with each other and Anne suggests she could write up an honesty pact. Billy looks a bit worried(!)
Harold arrives home with a present for Madge from Paul. It's a plastic snake and Madge jumps(!) Madge laughs. Apparently Paul knows everything about snakes and Harold thinks he is a wonderful warm- hearted young man. He suggests to Madge that they could take Paul in.
HAROLD: You like Paul, don't you?
MADGE: Yes, well, of course I do, what I know of him! But, I mean, that is a *huge* responsibility. It's not like taking an exchange student and shipping them off after a few months or whatever.
HAROLD: Alright, well, perhaps I could set the ball rolling, and sort of broach the subject with Tracey...
MADGE: Harold, hold your horses! I haven't said 'yes' yet.
HAROLD: Oh, but...
MADGE: Don't rush me!
HAROLD: I wouldn't dream of it, my love. Now you think about it, and I won't mention another word.
MADGE: Thank you.
There is a pause.
HAROLD: But if I may make one observation...we are put on this planet for such a short time, I thought we should do as much good as we can. And when we're presented with a situation like this, we should...grasp it with both hands.
Madge just looks at him.
Susan has left a note telling Toadie and Billy to put the washing away and get the vegetables ready for lunch. Billy tells Toadie that he's made up with Anne, but he's not sure about the honesty pact that he had to sign(!) Toadie laughs and says maybe it's just a "chick thing". Who cares as long as it makes her happy?
TOADIE: ...unless you're planning on not being totally honest with her?
BILLY: I'm not planning anything, but I'm down that pool every day, how do *I* know what's going to happen?
TOADIE: You're really hung up on Caitlin, aren't you?
BILLY: I don't know. That's just it, how can I sign an honesty pact thing with Anne, when I don't even know what my true feelings are?
Madge is talking to Ben and Lou about taking in a foster child - she's not sure if she wants to do it, but she'd feel guilty if she says no. Lou says that Madge will easily adapt to a child. Ben suggests that they could just take in Mandi as she's looking for somewhere to stay on weekdays only.
Car Park
James and Caitlin drive up. James kisses her, but she doesn't really want to kiss him. James says that lots of girls would like to be where she is now - he's not sure what to think about Caitlin - one minute she's keen and the next she isn't. Caitlin gets out of the car to walk home.
Ben asks Sarah what she thinks of his design for the Lou's Place ad on his car. Sarah doesn't think it's very good.
Elliot pops round with Bob and Sarah fusses him. (But his real name is Sparky) Elliot asks Sarah to mind the dog as they're moving Interstate and they can't take Sparky with them. Basically, would Sarah like him for good? Sarah is delighted and promises to send photos of him to Elliot.
A road
James drives up to Caitlin and tells her to get in the car. She tells him she's not ready to get into a heavy relationship with him. He agrees and she gets back into the car.
Harold suggests asking Paul around to dinner tonight, so Madge can get to know him a bit. Madge tells him about Ben's suggestion that they take in Mandi. Harold says that Paul needs a proper home, not just somewhere to stay overnight - the sort of family life he's never had. Madge relents and says they can ask Paul over for dinner, but there are no guarantees.
Caitlin pops round to see Billy. She tells Billy that James is a bit pushy. Toadie comes out of his room and joins them. He starts telling them pointedly that Caitlin is using Billy as a shoulder to cry on - and he's sure Anne will understand(!) She decides to head off to the pool.
When Caitlin has gone, Billy rounds on Toadie. Toadie says Caitlin is not just a friend!
TOADIE: After what you told me this morning, you are treading on very dangerous ground, boy!
Billy has popped round to apologise to Caitlin for Toadie. Caitlin asks why Toadie is being so aggro about Anne. Billy says there's no reason - Anne is his girlfriend and Caitlin is his friend. It's all a bit awkward though, and Billy decides to leave.
Paul arrives for dinner - Madge has made quite an effort with the dinner table. Paul sits down and finds the plastic snake on his chair(!). They drink a toast "to us".
Coffee Shop
Anne comes into find James there. He offers her a coffee and tells her the Caitlin is hot and cold with him. Anne says that Caitlin has never struck her as the shy type. James thinks there must be someone else on the scene. Anne looks thoughtful.
Harold says he might get his tuba out later. Paul says he plays the guitar a bit. Harold is pleased and says they could do a duet(!)
Caitlin pops round and tells Madge that Mandi would be really pleased to stay with them (Ben told her). Madge says nothing is decided yet.
Back at the table, Harold looks upset.
Caitlin opens the door to Toadie - he's come over to apologise.
CAITLIN: What was the problem? Since when do you go off your head about me visiting Billy?
TOADIE: Come on, I already said I'm sorry.
CAITLIN: Look, just forget it. He came around before and explained things.
TOADIE: He did? What did he say?
CAITLIN: Well, just how he feels, and I know he doesn't want to hurt Anne.
Toadie looks stunned.
TOADIE: He just came right out and told you?!
CAITLIN: Yeah...
TOADIE: He must be serious then.
CAITLIN: eah, I guess he is.
TOADIE:Gosh, what a mess. Anne will freak you know. But then, she was suss all along.
CAITLIN: What, about me and Billy?
TOADIE:Yeah, I just thought she was being a paranoid chick but then he comes out and says he's got the hots for you too!
CAITLIN: Is that what he said?
TOADIE:Well, that's what he told you, isn't it?
CAITLIN:(smugly) He didn't tell me anything.
TOADIE:But you said that he told you how he felt.
CAITLIN: Yeah...about Anne!
TOADIE:Oh, no.
He sits down, heavily.
TOADIE:I think I've just stuffed up big time.
CAITLIN: I think maybe you have.
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