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Neighbours Episode 2976 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2976
Australian airdate: 03/11/97
UK airdate: 16/04/98
UK Gold: 15/03/04
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Cara: Siho Ellsmore
Kay: Reiko Nagao
Steve Van Eck: Daniel Tobias
Jimmy Drane: Peter Hardy
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alice/Sal
Tracy invites Harold to volunteer to look after foster kids.
Lou interupts Harold trying to talk to Madge (about his non-job) and Madge boasts to Lou about Harold's great new job.
Little bean bag balls fly out of a vent in a classroom, people laugh. Then smoke appears and people start coughing.
Someone puts a chair through the glass of a door.
Outside Susan addresses a group of students (Toadie, Lance and Amy) that she will find out who did this and they will be in lots of trouble.
Ben drives around the track. Fast. A man, who we later learn is Jimmy, watches and times him, nodding happily at the time. Ben pulls up near him and asks how he did. "I min 18." Jimmy says Ben should fine tune the engine before getting out and trying again, but Ben thinks the engine is fine. Jimmy calls 'Dutch' over, the top local boy. He gets Ben to turn over the engine and Dutch tells him there's a timing problem and that he needs to get a new mechanic. Ben tells Dutch he is the mechanic and Dutch thinks they're pulling his leg if Ben can't hear the problem and walks off. Jimmy follows.
Somewhere in Erinsborough High
Susan is talking to Toadie. She is disappointed in him and wants him to be "more helpful." Toadie swears that he was no where near the air conditioning room. Susan promises to find out who did ans asks Toadie to send Billy in. Billy and Taodie share 'a look.' Billy enters and Susan sharply tells him to close the door and sit down. She tells him that his loyalty to Toadie shouldn't stop him from telling the truth - he owes it to his friends. Billy replies that he doesn't know who did it. "I'm not like, the school detective." Billy tells her that he doesn't follow Toadie around and Susan asks if that means Toadie did disappear around the time of the fire. Billy says he did, but it doesn't prove anything. He doesn't think Toadie would have be so obvious about letting everyone know he had the bean bags if this is what he was planning. Susan disagrees. Billy tells her there is nothing she can do until she has some evidence and she doesn't. "Yet," replies Susan.
The Coffee Shop
Harold enters and Madge comments that he is bck early. They let him work through his lunch break, he tells her as he joins her behind the counter. "They're very flexible like that." Madge comments that his salary will really help them as the rent is due and she spent the rent money on "really good quality glassware."
"So could you take care of it?"
"The glassware?"
"For heavens sake, the rent."
"Oh, oh, I see, you want me to pay it."
"Oh, it is such a pleasure to see a razor sharp mind in action."
"Well there's no need for sarcasm."
Harold tells her he'll look after it.
Ben is racing Dutch. They go very fast. Dutch is ahead of Ben, and seems to be pulling away. Ben catches up and apparently overtakes, but Dutch speeds up and passes him easily. Ben tries to speed up too but smoke starts pouring out of his echaust. He stops, gets out and watches Dutch speed off.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie is waiting for Billy and when he walks in Toadie tells him he took his time. "You must have had a lot to say." Billy tells him that he told Susan Toadie did it. "What?!" Billy tells Toadie to relax and says he only told her that he didn't know. Toadie is still offended and asks whose side Billy is on. Billy tells him no one is on anyone's side and that if Toadie didn't do it he's go nothing to worry about, but if he did he should own up now. Toadie concludes that Billy thinks he did it and Billy denies it.
"I'm looking you right in the eye. I didn't do it."
Billy apologies and wonders who did it. Toadie says he doesn't know and Billy says that his mum is mad and whoever it was is going to be in alot of trouble.
Racetrack Garage
Jimmy and Ben are looking at the engine of Ben's car and Jimmy tells him it's stuffed, "good and proper." Jimmy lists a few things that have gone wrong. "Tell me about it." Dutch comes up and takes a look. "Told you the timing was off." "The timing was fine." Dutch tells Ben to start looking for a decent mechanic, but Ben tells him he can manage. Dutch walks off saying, "I'll see you in a week then." Ben asks if he doesn't think he'll be racing tomorrow. "If you do, you'll be needing a pair of running shoes." Ben tells him he'll be back tomorrow, better than ever. Dutch isn't impressed.
The Garage
Lou comes in while Ben is trying to repair the car. Lou asks how he manged to blow up the engine and Ben snaps that it just happened. Ben says he redlined it to long, but he wanted to try it out. Lou tells him he can't race tomorrow but Ben says he'll get it up and running if he has to stay up all night. Lou doubts he can and Ben tells him to rack off if he's just going to be negative.
Karl tells Susan that Anne and the other kids will be fine. Susan worries that the incidental will affect the campaign to keep the school open and that parents will start transfering their kids. Karl doesn't think anyone will take is that seriously.
"If I was a parent I would take it very seriously."
"You are a parent."
"Well then I do take it very seriously."
Karl thinks it's just a joke that got out of hand and Susan tells him people could have died. She tells Karl she knows Toadie did it but she can't prove it. Karl sticks up for Toadie, "innocent until proven guilty remember?"
Phil's on the phone to Debbie when there is a knock at the door. He tells the other person Harold is at the door so he has to go. Harold starts sneezing. Phil hangs up the phone and shoos the dog out. Harold asks Phil if he can do him a favour and, after much stumbling over it, asks Phil if he can borrow 200 dollars. Harold apologies, but Phil hands over the money saying it's no problem. Phil asks if there's anything else he can do, but Harold tells him it's fine.
Ben knocks on the door. "Ah. Ben."
"Any chance of a word?"
"Depends what the word is."
Ben follows Lou into the house and apologies, saying it was himself he was really angry at because he let himself be 'kneedled' into pushing his car too hard. Ben says he's not going to give up and he wants to try and get the car up and running for tomorrow. Lou says he'll probably need a hand and that Darren has nothing planned as he's resting his bad back. Ben says he doesn't think Darren should help because of all the bending and lifting and Lou clarifies that he meant Darren could babysit Lolly so he could come and help Ben. Ben thanks Lou and apologies again.
Susan and Karl are reading on the sofa. Billy tells them he's off to see Anne and Susan says that Toadie isn't home yet. "He must have gone to a party or something." Billy doesn't know where he is. Susan thinks he's avoiding coming home because he's guilty. There's a knock on the door and Billy opens it as he leaves. Cara and her mum come in. Cara's mum prompts her to tell Susan that she saw Toadie hang about the back of the school with the bean bag things just before the fire. Susan asks if she'll tell the police if it's nesscary. Cara is shocked, but Cara's mum says she will.
The School
Toadie is lurking about, looking thoughtful/upset.
Billy protests that it still doesn't prove anything and that she should give him the benefit of the doubt and Karl agrees from the kitchen. Susan assures them she'll give him the chance to explain. Toadie comes in, asking if it's too late to get something to eat.
"I think we have more iimmediate things to talk about."
"Hmm, I don't know, I'm pretty hungry."
Susan tells Toadie that they have 'very reliable' witness who saw he leave the air conditioning duct. Billy suggests that Cara is getting back at Toadie for saying no when she asked him out. Susan doesn't believe that Toadie would say no, but Toadie protests that there was just a misunderstanding. Susan tells him she's had enough of misunderstanding and that he needs to think very hard about what he was doing. She warns him that if she doesn't believe him this time he won't get another chance.
The Garage
Lou and Ben enter with boxes of stuff. Ben thinks they'll need magic, but Lou tells him off for being negative. Lou thinks that by tomorrow Dutch will have learnt a lesson and their names will strike fear into the hearts of racing drivers everywhere. Ben says he'll be happy just to get out on the track tomorrow, but Lou tells him he's going out there to win. "Am I right?" Ben sighs. "You're right Lou." Ben suggested they'd better get started on the car, and Lou take a deep breath.
"Well mate, look I'm sorry, to tell you the truth I'm really tired. Would you mind if I left it, there's bound to be other races." Ben looks at him. "Haha, only joking."
Madge and Harold are sitting on the sofa. Madge puts down the magazine she's been reading and tells Harold that all the magazines are full of how many children some woman adopted and that no one cares. Harold tries again to tell her about the job, "you'll find it quite amusing I think." The phone interupts him and he goes to answer it. It's Tracy from the volunteer program and she wants him to work tomorrow. Harold tells Madge that his boss at work wants him to work tomorrow, if it's okay with her. Madge thinks that can't manage without him if they need him on the weekends, and tells him she's proud of him and that he's become a new man. She asks what he wanted to tell her, but Harold says he'll make a cup of tea.
It's late at night and Toadie is watching the television. Karl come in and switches it off. He tells Toadie that although they've disagreed in the past, he admires how Toadie has grown up of the past few months and that he thinks of Toadie as part of the family. He says if Toadie says he didn't do it, he'll trust him. Karl gets up to go back to bed, but Toadie, stops him, quite upset.
"Um, I don't think you should."
"Trust me." He takes a deep breath. "I lied. It was me."
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