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Neighbours Episode 2960 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2960
Australian airdate: 10/10/97
UK airdate: 25/03/98
UK Gold: 20/02/04
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr and Helen Gaynor
Guests: Mandi Rodgers: Sabina Lokic
Caitlin Atkins: Emily Milburn
Matt Compton: Jonathan Kovac
Mick Chalmers: Richard Aspel
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Elise/Sal
Caitlin looking at Billy in the pool
Caitlin and Mandy asking him to train with them.
Sarah looking at the ring.
Swimming pool
Caitlin and her friend talk about how they would like him to join the team and train with them, they say he has got serious potential. They ask him and he says it is a bit too full on for him, he passes and says he will catch them up later.
Sarah says she need Ben's advice, she tells him that she found a box with a ring inside that looked very expensive. She asks him what to do, he tells her that he can't help as she is the only one who knows how she feels for Matt, and nobody else can help her as it has to come from the heart.
Swimming pool
Caitlin is watching Billy swim, Anne comes over and asks her if she has seen Billy, she says he is still doing laps. Anne spots him and goes and asks why he is timing himself because he never normally does, he says it's good to see where he is at.
Coffee Shop
Toadie is talking to Caitlin and her friend, he asks them to come round and listen to some CD's later, she says she will have to clear it with Ben, and they leave. Madge tells Debbie that she can leave now if she wants, there is not much left to do and she will finish up, Debbie agrees and thanks her, she leaves. Harold comes over and says that the day went pretty well with Debbie, Madge says she is not too sure, they have too many people working there, she tells Harold that she thinks she should leave. Harold tells her no, that he will get a job. He says I'm sure somebody out there is looking for his experience.
The Kennedy's
Anne asks Billy what he's looking at, he says he is checking times in a sports book. Anne says Caitlin has got to him, he disagrees. Toadie comes in and puts some CD's on for Caitlin and her friend, Anne gets up and says that she will leave, Billy tells her to stay, but she goes anyway. Caitlin thinks it because of her, Billy tells her its not, but she doesn't look convinced. She goes over to Annes to sort this out.
The Wilkinson's
She knocks on the door and asks if she can talk to Anne. She comes in and asks can they be friends and have a clean slate. Anne tells her that she thinks she likes Bill, Caitlin says that she does like Billy, but knows that nothing can happen. They shake hands. As she is walking out, she says'Its lucky I'm going because if I was staying, you may have had a fight on your hands' (winks at the end.) Anne looks shocked
The Kennedy's
Anne has come back, and asks anybody if they want some food. They begin to order a takeaway. Anne asks Toadie if he likes Caitlin, he tells her that he does, but she is leaving soon, so there is no chance, Anne looks pleased to hear again that she is leaving.
Matt is giving Sarah the ring over dinner, she thinks that he is proposing, she tells him that she is not ready. Matt tells her that its not a engagement ring, he tells her that it's a friendship ring to remember him while he is away. They both laugh.
The Kennedy's
Anne is telling Billy what Caitlin said, she tells him she can't tell him anymore, he insists so she tells him that she said'He is a hottie!', he laugh and then hugs Anne.
Coffee Shop
Harold and Madge come in to the coffee shop, Debbie tells them that she was meant to be opening. She asks why they are in early, Harold says he is not working as he is looking for a new job. Debbie says that she is sorry she got under their feet yesterday, but he insists that it's not because of her and he leaves, Debbie looks shocked.
Harold is waiting for an interview; the man comes out and calls him in.. The man asks him his age and Harold says that he didn't think it was needed. The man seems to act snotty, and says that it is a position is normally given to younger people. The man says he hasn't had much experience, Harold looks gutted and leaves.
Matt and Sarah are having breakfast. Ben walks in and sees the ring on Sarah's finger and congratulates s them, she then points out that it's on a different hand, Ben looks confused.Sarah and Matt talk about eventually getting married, they both agree that it is an option.
Toadie is watching Caitlin swim, with a huge grin on his face. Billy has brought Anne to do some laps with him, she says that she is not the sporty type. Caitlin asks Billy to come and join them, he is reluctant.
Phone Box
Harold is on the phone replying to an add in the newspaper over a job, they ask him when a interview would suit him, they asks him what age he is, they seem to of told him he is too old, as he puts the phone down looked very upset.
Anne is talking to Billy about the training. He tells her that he hasn't got enough time. Toadie jumps into the pool and does a bomber, Billy tells him off but he does it again. Caitlin asks Billy again to train, and he finally agrees.
Coffee Shop
Harold comes in very cheerfully and tells Madge that the day went fine, he tells her that he has a job lined up. Madge looks pleased, while the camera moves onto Harold, he is looking worried.
Ben is telling Caitlin that his parents have just rang him and say that they want you to stay with me, Caitlin looks shocked, but it's nothing compared to the look on Anne's face.
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