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Neighbours Episode 2956 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2956
Australian airdate: 06/10/97
UK airdate: 19/03/98
UK Gold: 16/02/04
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr and Helen Gaynor
Guests: Martin Pike: Fletcher Humphrys
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
George Marshall: David Ravenswood
Tiffany Price: Lisa Callaghan
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alice/Sal
Martin and Darren talking about going into business together, renovating old houses.
Anne and Billy entering the Teen Girl competition.
Anne and Lance telling Ruth they want Amy and Billy to stay over. Ruth talks to Phil about it. Ruth says they can both stay over.
No. 32
Lance, Amy, Billy and Anne walking into the kitchen where Phil, Ruth and Hannah are unpacking alot of icecream and other junk food. Ruth tells them it woun't be a slumber party without all the junk food and Anne and Lance look disappointed. Ruth tells them it wasn't fair for Hannah to miss out and Lance says he should have known Ruth was up to something. Anne and Lance tell her it wasn't what they had in mind, and she knows that, but Ruth tells them this is what they get. Phil wonders if it's safe to leave them to it, and she agrees, leaving Hannah "in charge of chips." They talk about what videos they've got, and Ruth asks if they still expect to be going at 5am. Anne agrees that Amy and Hannah will sleep in her room and Billy will sleep in Lance's.
Outside No. 22
Libby, Martin and Darren finish eating. Martin and Darren start talking "shop", and Libby tells them she's tired. Martin asks if she has study to do, and Libby tells him she thought he would be studying. She wanted a quiet night in, and Martin says that's exactly what they are hainvg. They start talking about suppliers and Darren apologises for talking about it, but carries on.
No. 32
Amy and Lance are alone in the kitchen. Amy wonders what time Ruth will make them go to bed, and sets the alarm on Lance's watch for 3am. Lance asks why, and May says that's when she's getting up and they can spend some time together and they plan to meet in the kitchen. Lance tells her Ruth will go balistic if she finds out. Billy, Anne and Hannah come in and interupt them. Ruth comes home and Anne says she thought Ruth was staying at Phil's all night. Amy thanks Ruth for letting them have a slumber party, and then turns and smiles at Lance.
Outside No. 22
Marlene thanks George for something and invites him in. George tells her she should get her beauty sleep and that he looks forward to seeing her at bowling. Marlene tells him to stop by any time. She goes inside. Lou is in the kitchen and asks her where she's been. Marlene tells him she met George at the bowling club and he turned up tonight after her Italian class and they went for coffee and he walked her home. Lou teases her and MArlene tells Lou George is very nice.
Kitchen of No.32
Lance walks into the dark and calls out for Amy. He hears footsteps and hides in the utility room. It's just Amy though, and she tells him she was worried he had slept through his alarm. They start to kiss but then the light goes on and they turn to see Ruth in the doorway. Amy lies and tells Ruth she was getting a glass of water, and Ruth asks Lance if he just happened to be thirsty at exactly the same time. Lance tells her that he was actually hungry.
They didn't turn the light on because they didn't want to wake anyone. Ruth finishes their story by asking if they stumbled into each other, lips first. Lance says that's exactly what happens. Ruth tells Amy to go back to bed, and that she will sit with Lance while he "satisfies his hunger.
The next morning everyone is sitting have breakfast. Lance tells Ruth he isn't hungry, and Ruth says she isn't suprised as he stuffed himself at 3am. She proceeds to tell the story to the rest of the group; that she heard noises and thought it was a burglar, but it turned out it was just Lance and Amy. "Lance was stumbling around in the dark, looking for something to eat, and all he could find was Amy." Everyone else laughs. Anne asks if they were dressed, and Lance protests that of course they they were. Ruth tells them that she believes their story, and that it's nice to know she has children who don't abuse her trust.
The Surgery
Marlene is working and George comes in. Marlene says she didn't expect to see him so soon, and George says he has an appointment. He tells her he came in yesterday but she wasn't there, and Marlene explains that she shares her job. She tells him he's an hour early so she'll try and slip him in. George says he's happy to wait his turn and get to know her a bit better.
Kitchen of No.32
Ruth is washing up. Lance asks her how long she'll be angry and Amy and him. Ruth tells him she isn't angry. Lance tells her that "I know you know I know you know why Amy and I were in the kitchen last night." "Can you run that by me again?" Ruth laughs. Lance apologies, saying that they weren't going to do anything and if Amy is allowed to stay over again they'll behave. Ruth points out that it's easy to say that now, but he and Amy have strong feelings for each other, which is natural. Lance wants to talk about something else, but Ruth tells him that she was his age once and she knows what it feels like, "where do you think Ben came from?" She says she nervous that he and Anne are growing up so fast, and she doesn't want them to get into situations they can't get out of. She points out that there is a difference between people Lance's age and people her age. (LANCE: More wrinkles? RUTH: Well, there is that.) He and Anne live in the present and don't worry about the past or the future, but that she lives in the future is worries about the consequences of Anne and Lance's actions. Lance tells her he understands. Anne runs in with the post and tells them that Billy and her have made it to the finals. She dashes off to tell Billy, ad Lance points out that Billy certainly didn't think about the consequences.
The Surgery
Karl finishes examining George and tells him that if all his patients were as fit as George is, he'd be out of business. George tells Karl that he has some problems he hasn't talked aobut yet and tells Karl that he wants to find a "companion" before he dies. George tells him she wants to ask his receptionist to be his companion, and Karl asks if he means Sarah or Marlene. George seems insulted that Karl would think he meant Sarah. George wants to ask MArlene out for lunch and asks Karl if he objects. Karl replies that he needs more infomation and George starts to tell him, I presume, about himself.
The Kennedys
Anne is telling Billy that all the finalists have to go into the Teen Girl offices for a photoshoot. She lets it slip that the winning prize of a BMW is pink and Billy tells her he wouldn't be seen dead in it. Anne tells him they can get is spray painted, but right now they have to think about what they are going to wear. She tells him it's important they match. Billy tells her he won't do it, but Anne keeps talking about what colours would look best on him for a few minutes before she realises what he's said. "Hey, what do you mean you won't do it?" She points out the trip to Bali and the money, as well as the cover of Teen Girl. Billy tells her he'll have no 'cred' left. Anne thought they had sorted this out and asks why he let her enter them if this was how he felt. Billy tells her he wanted to make her happy because they's just gotten back together and that he never thought they would reach the finals. Anne begs him to let her enter but he tells her no.
Anne, Amy and Lance are in the kitchen and Lance tells Anne that he knew Billy wouldn't go for it. Anne tells them she wouldn't have minded if he'd said so from the begining. Amy tells LAnce she would have entered them if she'd known about it. Lance has the same reaction as Billy to the pink BMW, but Amy points out the holiday and the money and Lance says he would have entered. Amy wonders if Lance would pretend he's Billy. Lance thinks she kidding and Anne points out they her and Billy have sent photos in already. Amy says Lance and Billy don't look that different and Anne agrees that they might get away with it. Lance tells them that they are not boyfriend and girlfriend, and that people would tease them for being on the front cover. Amy reminds him of the prize and Anne says she really wants the car. Lance points out that Ben is doing up a car for their 18th, but Anne thinks that a car each would be better. Amy says that is Anne gets the car, they get the holiday as she's lending Anne boyfriend and she'll get hassled as well. Amy says that Anne's really good looking and Lance is so sexy that she can't see how they'd lose. She tells Anne that if she gives then the holiday, he'll do it, but Lance says he want the holiday and the money. Anne agrees.
The Surgery
George comes in behind Marlene and suprises her. He asks her out for lunch, but Marlene tells him she can't leave till Sarah arrives. Karl comes in and tells her he'll watch the phone and ushers them out. They leave and Karl looks very smug.
Teen Girl offices
Anne, Lance and Amy arrive. Lance is thinking of dropping out and says they haven't thought this through enough. Another couple is shown through and the woman in charge asks for their name. They proceed to have a very confusing conversation. (Or at least confusing for me at 7.30am)
ANNE: Hi, um, I'm Anne Wilkinson and this ... is my boyfriend.
(she finds them on the list)
TG WOMAN: Anne, Anne, oh yes, so you must be Bill.
LANCE: Yeah, Bill. Er, Billy Kennedy, you can call me what you like though.
TG WOMAN: Good. Look, we're running a bit behind schedule, so, what's new huh? Look, grab and seat and just relax, ok, I'm not going to bite. (to Amy) Oh, your name?
AMY: Oh, I'm just hanging with these guys, I'm friends with Anne and Lance, oh, I mean Billy. I'm friends with Billy and Lance who's Billy's brother.
ANNE: Yes, um, Billy has a brother named Lance, don't you?
LANCE: Yeah and he goes out with me. Amy. Er, yeah, 'cause I'm Billy.
TG WOMAN: Just take a seat, I'll be with you soon.
ANNE: (to Amy) You nearly blew it!
Lance tries to leave, but Amy and Anne make him seat down and wait.
Ramsay Street
Darren and Libby walk out to the car while Darren tells her all about this perfect place he's found for a picnic, the botanical gardens. Libby apologies for acting weird about Darren and Martin going to business together, but she was worried that it would take him away from her. They kiss as Martin drives up. Martin runs up and tells him he's found the perfect house and he want Darren to come and look at it now, because someone else will snap it up if they wait. Martin says they'll make a lot of money and tries to get Libby to agree. Libby says it's really Darren's decision. Martin drags Darren away. Darren goes back, looks at Libby then goes to get in Martin's car.
(Throughout this scene there are those still shots that indicate, 'hey, we're taking pictures and this is what they'll look like!') Lance and Anne are dressed up, while Amy and the Teen Girl Woman stand with the camera man. The TG woman tells them to relax, that they're doing fine, and asks them to hold hands and imagine they're walking through the park together, totally in love. "Big smiles!" She says, and Amy echoes, "yeah, go on Billy, big smiles." The TG woman tells them not to think about the camera, look at each other and laugh. She says they're starting to relax and tells them to kiss. Lance and Anne look harrified, but Amy tells them they can do it. "After three," the TG woman says, and Anne and Lance lean into each other, "1....2...."
<<2955 - 2957>>
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