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Neighbours Episode 2949 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2949
Australian airdate: 25/09/97
UK airdate: 10/03/98
UK Gold: 05/02/04
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Matt Compton: Jonathan Kovac
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ben thinks there's something going on between Sarah and Matt.
Sarah tells Matt that they'll wear Ben down.
Darren tells Libby to go home and study while he runs the pub for Lou.
Toadie tells Lance that he should have a party while his parents are away. It gets out of hand.
Billy and Anne arrives home to find the house full of partying people and Lance snogging Amy on the couch. Billy joins in with the dancing(!) but Anne isn't impressed. Amy promises to help her clean up tomorrow.
Karl is peeking out of the window at the party. Libby and Darren tell him to loosen up and watch the TV. But Karl decides to go and get the partygoers to turn the music down. Libby says she and Darren will go instead.
KARL: What's the difference between me going over there and you going over there?
DARREN: Well...
LIBBY: Don't even go there!
Ben tells Sarah and Matt about a racing car he's thinking of getting - it'll only need a tune- up. Matt offers to give Ben a hand with the car. Sarah rolls her eyes, finding the talk about cars boring. Ben goes off to watch the football instead(!)
Libby and Darren arrive and tells Billy and Anne to turn the music down - Harold will call the cops soon! Darren and Libby start quite enjoying the party, and Darren starts a role- play, pretending they've just met at the age of fifteen. Then they start kissing(!)
Sarah and Matt are washing up (Sarah thinks they need a new saucepan - oh, the excitement). Matt tells Ben that he'll pop down the garage late morning, or in the afternoon. Ben goes off to bed, but then comes back, nearly catching Sarah and Matt kissing. Sarah tells Matt she's fed up - they must tell Ben that they're together tomorrow.
Karl has now arrived at the party, telling everyone to wrap things up, and Libby and Billy to get home(!) But when Karl has gone, everyone starts dancing again!
Anne comes around looking for Ben, to help her clear people out of the party. Matt says he can sort it out much more quickly.
Matt turns up wearing a police uniform saying he's had a complaint about the noise(!) Toadie dobs Lance in as being "in charge". Lance looks very worried, and all the party- goers start sneaking out(!)
LANCE:(scared) Am I being arrested?
MATT: I don't know...are you guilty of something?
LANCE:(panicked) No! No! Look here was just a tiny party, a teeny bit of noise...I'm *really* sorry, I don't know who called the police, but it will never, never happen again, I am so sorry!
Behind them, Anne starts giggling and Matt says he's not on official business and starts eating some party food. Only Toadie, Anne, Lance and Billy are left now. Mission accomplished.
Outside No.32, the following morning
Anne is clearing up debris from the front lawn. Amy comes round to see how things are going - apparently Lance is still in bed. Anne tells Amy that Lance has been charged with disturbing the peace and has to go to court(!)
Just then, Karl drives up and observes the devastation outside No.32. Anne apologises and says it won't happen again.
KARL: I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when your mother finds out. And she will find out.
ANNE: You're not going to tell her, are you?
KARL: Won't have to. The way this street operates, there'll be ten people get to her first. Have a nice day.
Ben is fighting with the toaster and wakes Sarah up. She decides this is a good moment to confess about her and Matt. She explains that they're seeing each other, and don't want to keep it a secret anymore. Ben is not pleased to hear it's been going on since the ball. He rolls his eyes and reminds her about the stuff he went through with Angela.
BEN: You know our rule about living with couples!
SARAH: Well, can't we bend it, a little?!
BEN: Oh, this is so unfair! No! No, we can't, It'd be hypocritical.
SARAH: So you want Matt to leave? Before you answer that, bear this in mind. If Matt goes, I go too.
Lance is looking very rough, but does tell Amy that Anne was lying about him going to court. Amy and Anne heave Lance to his feet and tell him to help them move the couch. This, of course, reveals the big hole in the wall.
LANCE: Mum is going to kill us!
Lou is looking through his tax records and doesn't think things look good.
Libby comes around, still roleplaying the two 15 year olds who met at a party(!)
Libby tells Darren that they are getting boring. Darren suggests a blue- light disco next week(!) They realise that they can't go out - they both have to work.
Lance, Amy, Billy and Anne are trying to work out who caused the hole in the wall. Toadie looks a bit guilty and says that he was pushed into the wall by Mitch. Everyone groans. Toadie says the hole isn't that big - he'll fix it "as good as new".
Matt and Ben check out the car. Ben is hostile towards Matt, but Matt says it's not like he planned to fall for Sarah. Ben is more concerned that Sarah has double standards...and also that if things don't work out, it'll be a nightmare to live with them both. Also, couples are always having petty fights. Matt can see Ben's point, but he really wants to be with Sarah. He says he and Ben can be mates, too.
Toadie has started to fix the wall.
BILLY: That looks shocking!
TOADIE: It's not finished yet!
Anne goes off to answer the phone.
LANCE: This has to look exactly the same, or Mum's going to notice, Toadie!
TOADIE: Shut up and help me!
LANCE: How can I help you, I don't know what to do!
BILLY: Neither does he, so it doesn't matter.
Anne answers the phone to Ruth. Apparently she's coming home early tomorrow morning!
Karl is ordering food from Lou. Lou says he wasn't bothered by the party noise - he's more worried about his tax audit. Lou lets slip that Libby is behind on her studying. Darren tells Karl that Libby will catch up.
KARL: Why was the word "failing" mentioned? Come one, be honest with me. If Libby's in trouble at Uni, I want to know about it.
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