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Neighbours Episode 2933 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2933
Australian airdate: 03/09/97
UK airdate: 16/02/98
UK GOLD 14/01/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Elise/Sal
Billy, Susan and Ruth are looking at a portriat of Billy.
Billy telling Anne that she can do a portrait of him.
Toadie giving out flyers for thje Coffee Shop and Toadie telling Madge that he is sick of her competivness and he quits the Coffee Shop.
Libby and Darren Kiss whilst they are sat on the livingroom floor. Darren suddenly pulls away apologising, saying that he is sorry and ''It will never happen again''. Lou walks in on an awkward moment and says ''Would you like me to go back out and come in again''. They both say no. Lou then remonds Libby that she has an early shift in the morning, so she says that she better go home. They all say bye and Libby leaves very arkwardly. Lo then asks Darren whats going on but he denies anything happened.
Toadie is telling Susan about what happened at the coffee shop with Harold and Madge, he teels her how bad it was.Toadie begins to make jokes but Susan quickly reminds him that he will miss the money, but he says as a joke that he will have hers. He tells her that Debs has offered him a job working on the lunch cart. They begin to talk about Toadies work experience and then Libby walks in, Toadie says he's going to bed and leaves. Libby sits down with Susan and begins to talk about her night. She tells her aboit Darren, Susan tries to look sad for her but Libby sees straight through it, Susan looks shocked but says nothing except to ltell her to follow her heart.
Coffee Shop
Billy and Anne walk in to a deserted coffee shop, they look round in suprise to find nobody there except them, they sit down and decide to order a milkshake, Harold come over and cheerfully starts talking to them. Harolds starts to tell them the menu, he walks away and Billy and Anne begin to laugh. They begin to talk about their work experience and how it is their last day tommorrow, Anne tells him that she doesn't like the art shop and can't wait to leave. They start to laugh at Toadies work experience and say how lucky they are.
Ramsay Street
Bin men drive into Ramsay Street with Toadie on the edge of the van. He gets off and starts to collect peoples rubbis left outside. Toadie spots Harold bringing his rubbish bin out, Toadie tells the driver to go, he looks on at Harold shouting at him as he's leaving the street ''I'll have you know, I pay my taxes for you to do my job''. Harold is left looking angry.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Madge comes out of the coffee shop and puts a '10% off everything', she glances over at Debbie and says a sarcastic ''Good morning'', Debbie replies with the same and they begin to shout. Billy and Anne walk past, Madge tells them to come to the coffee shop, they looked convinced until Debbie offers them a better deal. Mage looks livid.
Lou's place
Libby is cleaning when Darren walks in, they both look at eachother arkwardly and he carries on. He begins to talk to Lou, he is offered lunch, Lou then calls Libby over and tells her to take her lunch. Darren and Libby begin to talk about the kiss, he tells her that they should just forget about it, Libby agrees but looks upset. Libby walks off and Lou asks if Darren is ok.
Coffee shop
Madge is putting a 'Buy one get one free' sighn up. Harold tells her that she is being stupid. She disagrees with him and they begin to bicker. Billy and Anne walk in and see the meal deal, they order a huge meal much to Harolds dislike like. They go and sit down and begin to talk about how Anne has to go and see her art teacher later on. Harold then brings the food over, each plate has 4 chips on, Billy and Anne look confused.
Lou's place
Debbie walks into the pub, Darren bumps into her on his way out. Lou greets Debbie and she offers him a buisiness deal, to buy her left over sandwiches. Lou agrees. Debbie leaves and says bye to Libby, she ignores her so she says it again, Debbie goes up to her and knows she is like this because of Darren, she tells Libby to get toghter with him.
Toadie is showing Billy the rubbish that he has collected from his job. Billy is laughing at the ABBA record he found, Toadie thinks that it has been sighned by them, but Billy continues to laugh. Anne comes in and begins to hold her nose, Toadie goes off to get a shower. Anne begins to tell Billy about her meeting with a teacher, she tells him she is going to be representing her year in a stateside art competition, but she will need to use the picture of Billy naked, he isn't very happy.
Lou's house garage
Darren is doing boxing with Ben, he is getting really annoyed. Lou comes in and asks him about him leaving. Darren get really annoyed and begins to shout at them both and tells them to drop it. He says he wants to leave as he can't stand seeing Libby everyday knowing how much he loves her and can do nothing about it.
Billy and Anne are still talking about her doing the exebition. Billy is not happy about people seeing him naked. They begin to argue over it. She then says that she won't do it if he really doesn't want her to do it, she play the guilt trip and he agrees to let her do it.
Libby knocks on the door and Ben answers, she asks if Sarah is in to go to the pub. She starts to talk about how they should organise a going away party for Darren although he doesn't look to keen. He tells her that Darren does not want to go, but he is going to get away from her, because he loves her still, Libby looks shocked. He begins to have a go at Libby and tells her not to go round there. She leaves looking really upset.
Debbie is cooking. Her and Phil begin to talk about the price wars and her buisiness. He tells her that Madge came around to see him today, to make him tell Debbie to drop the fued, she tells him she hopes he said no. Phil looks tired of the arguments and tells her that she is losing too much money. Debbie tells him to leave it and that she will be fine. He doesn't look convinced.
Susan is ironing talking to Toadie sat on the couch. Billy is with Anne at the front door kissing her, they leave so Billy can walk Anne home. Toadie then turns to Susan and says that he thinks that disgusting. Susan says he just wishes that it was him and he had somebody like that, he tells her she is totally wrong. Libby walks in and Susan begins to say how she remembers Karl was like that when they first met, she tells them that will always go after the ones they love. Libby looks uncomfortable.
Erinsborough High
The students are playing rugby in the corridors with Toadie, the ball comes towards Billy and he catches it. Anne comes over looking worried and tells Billy that his picture will be getting view in the art room. Billy looks shocked and worried.
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