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Neighbours Episode 2931 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2931
Australian airdate: 01/09/97
UK airdate: 12/02/98
UK Gold: 12/01/04
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Mrs. Brown: Margaret O'Shea
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
Darren gets confirmation that his parole has ended and is told not to leave Erinsborough because of a broken heart.
Phil laments about his relationship with Ruth.
Debbie opens the lunch cart outside the Coffee Shop, starting a competition with Madge.
Darren calls around to Libby's with Lolly. He tells her they're going to Puffing Billy because Lolly has a thing about trains and he wants to spend as much time as possible with her before he leaves. He asks Libby to come along but she says she's got too much work to do. He convinces her that he wants some photos of him and Lolly seeing as he's not going to be able to see her grow up. Libby agrees and Darren says they should pick some food up and make it a picnic.
Madge and Harold are annoyed that the management at Lassiters can't help them out as there's nothing to stop Debbie from trading - the Coffee Shop doesn't own exclusive food trading rights in the Lassiters complex. Madge says they'll have to take things into their own hands but Harold points out that Helen and Phil are good friends of theirs and they don't want to fall out. Madge tells Harold that there's no friends in business and it's Debbie's fault for having started it all.
Phil's over at 32 mending a leaky tap whilst Lance watches him and Ruth sorts out the washing. Ruth apologises for calling Phil out but he says that as he's the landlord, it's his responsibility. Lance chips in, saying that Phil won't need to be called out in future because he's been watching and now knows what to do. Phil tells him to make sure he turns to the water pressure off first. He notes the washing that Ruth's doing and jokes that he should've brought his over. She declines the offer but tells him that if his back needs any extra treatment, she'll do it for him and offers him a coffee but he tells her he has work to be doing, to which she apologises for interrupting. Phil tells her it's fine and leaves. Lance points out that Ruth and Phil are getting on fine for a broken relationship which nearly caused the family to leave Erinsborough. Ruth says that Phil's a nice guy and a good friend. Lance asks if Ruth wishes there'd be more to it than that and she says that she's very fond of him but if something's not to be, it's not to be and that Lance will have to be her dinner date from now on.
LANCE: But Mum, I haven't got a porsche!
RUTH: No but you've got the cutest little...
Lance clamps his hand over her mouth
LANCE: Oh yeah, thank you very much, Mum(!)
Lance catches Hannah as she enters school. She wonders why he's there but he says his work experience doesn't start until tomorrow. He asks Hannah if Phil still likes Ruth and Hannah says that she doesn't really know - she knows he wasn't happen when Ruth started seeing that other guy. Lance asks if Phil would like to get back with Ruth and Hannah says that all parents on the same - they want to know everything about you but don't tell you anything about themselves. Lance tells her that she reckons Ruth wants to get back with Phil but has too much pride to ask him out. Hannah says it's stupid considering they're unhappy apart. They decide to fix the two of them up and agree to meet at lunch to do so, although Lance worries that if they don't come up with something better than Billy and Anne did, they'll be in trouble.
Libby and Darren are choosing food and drinks off Debbie's stall and Debbie talks Darren into buying her some milk from the Coffee Shop. As Darren leaves, Debbie quizzes Libby over the day out. Debbie reckons that it sounds like all of the ingredients for a romantic afternoon. Libby protests that she's just taking some photos but Debbie won't have it. Libby says that after all of the anomosity over the past months, it's about time they sorted things out before Darren left. Debbie says that Darren could never hate Libby and similarly, Libby could never hate him.
Harold watches Darren leave the Coffee Shop and says that he bets Darren will go straight over to Debbie and tell her she's being unfair on Madge and Harold. Madge doesn't think it'll do much good but Harold watches on in delight as Darren goes over, proclaiming that he knew Darren would come through for them. He watches in horror as Darren hands Debbie the milk and Madge joins him at the window. Harold says it's a cheek but Madge says that it's downright sly. Both of them threaten that something must be done.
Darren asks Debbie to tell him what's going on. Debbie reveals that the cart is taking business away from the Coffee Shop and Darren says he's noticed - he had to buy some doughnuts from them because he felt that bad about it. Debbie tells him that she sells doughnuts and he should've bought hers! Madge appears from the Coffee Shop and puts a sign outside saying that there's going to be bottomless coffee all day, every day. Darren says it looks like a good deal and Lib asks if she's going to match it. Debbie says she can't because her orders are takeaway but she'll offer a free cake with every drink. Darren tells her that in a price war, the only winner is the customer. Debbie agrees but says that it's only temporarily, she'll win out in the end.
Montage scene of Darren, Libby and Lolly travelling on Puffing Billy. (For any music watchers, this is the same piece of music that was played when Annalise left...and very nice it is too.)
Hannah and Lance are at 26 making lunch. Hannah says that there's no point forcing Ruth and Phil together when they don't know if Phil's got any intention of having a serious relationship with Ruth again. Lance tells Hannah to try and find out. Lance asks Hannah to put some olives on his sandwich but all they have are olives with pips in. He says it's ok, he'll spit the pips out but Phil walks in the house. Lance makes a sharp exit out of the backdoor, telling Hannah to find out what she can. Phil's surprised that Hannah's home and asks if she's hungry, spying the two meals. She says she was but isn't anymore and offers him one. They sit down to eat and Hannah tells him that she bumped into Lance and heard that Ruth was appreciative that he fixed the tap. Phil basically says that's what friends are for. Hannah probes further, asking if they were close friends - a new question each time Phil tries to eat his lunch. He tells her that they were close friends and although he appears slightly exasperated at being interrogated, he tells Hannah that although he's sad that he and Ruth broke up, it's not the end of the world. Hannah asks if he'd like to date Ruth again but Phil's finally bitten into the sandwich and thinks he's broken a tooth on the olive!
Libby continues to take shots of Darren and Lolly, saying that she's got some good photos. Libby asks if he'll visit and Darren says he will but he's not sure how often he'll be back. He worries that Lolly will forget him and that he hasn't spent enough time with her. Libby tells him that Lolly won't forget her big brother. Darren asks if she'll miss him too. Libby says she will and Darren smiles.
Lance tells Hannah they need something simple that'll happen naturally. He realises that Phil and Ruth were friendly when he had to fix the tap so decides that the best plan of action is to break the tap so Phil has to do it again.
LANCE: When your dad was here fixing the tap, they were all really happy and funny together.
HANNAH: In what way?
LANCE: Oh well I don't know, he was joking about making her do the washing and she wanted him to stay for a coffee.
HANNAH: So what's your point?
LANCE: The point is, if he had to come back, maybe they'd get even more friendly.
HANNAH: Why would he have to come back?
LANCE: Well, *maybe* he didn't fix the tap properly.
HANNAH: But he did, didn't he? It works fine.
LANCE: Yes but *maybe* it'll spring a leak.
HANNAH: Oh you mean.... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!
LANCE: Ohhhhhhhh(!!)
HANNAH: I get it!
LANCE: Yes. It's about time!
He decides to do the reverse of what Phil did that morning to make the tap leak again. Lance says that after they've finished, Phil's handyman jobs might never finish.
Debbie's sitting in the pub adding up her takings when Phil walks over.
PHIL: Ah, the queen was in her counting house, counting all her money!
Debbie says that she did really well for her first day and Phil's impressed by what she's done. He tells her she's got a business head on her shoulders and she says she hopes so. Phil laughingly tells her not to be so modest - she's a chip off the old block! Madge walks in and asks if Debbie's got sick of stealing their customers. Debbie tells her that she merely ran out of stock and that she'll be there tomorrow. Madge says that Debbie wants their business to fail but Debbie says that she's just trying to make a living - it's what she's good at, so why shouldn't she do it? Madge says that she wishes she'd do it somewhere else and stalks off to find Lou. Phil looks uneasy and points out that Madge and Harold are his and Helen's friends. Debbie tells him that they shouldn't get caught up in it. Phil warns her that these things spill over but Debbie tells him that it won't be down to anything she's done - as far as she's concerned, it's strictly between her and Madge.
Darren, Lolly and Libby get off the train and Darren asks if he can get a photo of Lolly and Libby. Libby agrees but an old lady asks if they'd like her to take one of all of them. The lady presumes that Lib and Darren are a couple and Lolly's their daughter. Darren corrects her but was obviously pleased that he and Libby were mistaken for a pair.
Madge returns to the Coffee Shop and tells Harold she couldn't find Lou. Harold says it's a shame because if anyone would know the rules and regulations of Lassiters, it'd be Lou. Madge says she saw Debbie and Harold says he hopes that Madge kept a civil tongue in her head. Madge tells him that Debbie looked really smug and says that she did really well for herself - and every dollar she has is a dollar less for them. Harold says he doesn't know why they invested in the Coffee Shop anyway. Madge tells him they needed the money and there's no point in whinging about it now. Madge says they need to give them a reason to come to them and stay.
HAROLD: We've already given them a bottomless cup of coffee.
MADGE: Yeah and they didn't exactly come pouring in, did they?
Madge tells him they'll have to do better and the pair of them go to the front of the shop as they hear Ruth enter. Ruth asks if they've seen Phil, declining Harold's offer of lunch twice. She tells him that she's already eaten and Harold curiously asks where. Ruth puzzledly tells him it was at a patient's house. Madge asks Ruth what she'd look for in a regular lunch time place. Ruth says that reasonable prices, variety and good food are all priorities. Madge asks what sort of price is reasonable and Ruth asks if this is market research! Ruth makes her excuses, saying she needs to rush and catch Phil because there's a PTA crisis - one of the host families for the exchange students has pulled out, leaving her stranded, so Ruth has to find somewhere else for her to live. Harold says it's hardly a good start for the girl and as Ruth leaves, Madge tells her that there's 10% off prices tomorrow. Ruth says they might see her tomorrow. Harold can't believe they've slashed prices that much but Madge says although profits will be down, they need the custom.
Hannah gives Lance the tool Phil was using out of his workbox to mend the tap. Lance reckons they'll soon have a drip again. Hannah asks him if he'll really think it'll work and he tells her that unless she's got a better idea than her stupid dinner date plan, they're going with it. Hannah has second thoughts and Lance asks if she's chickening out. She says not but...
HANNAH: Whenever I've interfered with things like this before, something's always gone wrong.
LANCE: Ah but before you didn't have me helping you, did you? LANCE WILKINSON - MASTERMIND OF ALL PLANS!
HANNAH: I don't think you're going to make much of a difference.
Lance says that Hannah wants Phil to be happy and he wants Ruth to be happy. He reckons they're both too stupid to sort things out for themselves, so it's all up to them. Lance asks what can go wrong and Hannah goes to turn off the water.
Ruth tells Phil about the exchange student and Phil says he knows a few families who might consider it who he'll ring around. Phil tells Ruth about Debbie's profits and new business and Ruth reveals the third degree that Madge and Harold gave her. Debbie grins thoughtfully and says she might have to do some price slashing of her own and leaves. Ruth gets the impression she said more than she should've.
Hannah comes back in, saying the water's back on. Lance tells her that he knows and proudly shows her the leaky tap. Hannah says it's more than a drip and Lance reckons he should tighten it. He accidentally knocks the tap open and water spurts all over the kitchen, Hannah and him. He tries to hold it in and Hannah runs out to turn it off.
Darren's trying to take pictures of Libby in the park and she wrestles him for the camera when he won't stop. They smile at each other and Libby pulls away saying she needs to catch the train. Darren asks where Lolly is and Libby tells him she's playing with some kids. They look around and the park's deserted.
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