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Neighbours Episode 2925 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2925
Australian airdate: 22/08/97
UK airdate: 04/02/98
UK Gold: 31/12/03
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Angela Quinton: Fiona MacGregor
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Jacinta: Caroline Morgan
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: algy
Lou asking Madge about their new cable TV
Lou watching the Bishops new cable - with Toadie looking on
Ben on his night out meeting a girl.
Lou and Toadie are still "baby sitting" ie watching the sports channels as Harold arrives home - it's female mud wrestling. Harold seems slightly stunned and disgusted... but he gets sucked in - despite claiming he was hoping to watch a doco about the Galapagos tortoise.
The Club
Ben's still dancing with Angela - but the girls want to go home. He introduces them to Angela - and tells them he's sticking around at the club. Angela says they can go back to his - but Ben says he was hoping to go somewhere more private. Angela says hers is to busy. Ben says there is one place they could go - but won't tell Angela where - it's a surprise. They head out of the club to...
The Garage
Angela asks Ben (somewhat doubtfully) if this is where he works. He explains that he's a partner and asks if she still wants to stay. Angela says yes - she loves the smell of garages. Ben's surprised - most people hate it - but he likes it. She compliments the paintwork on the car that's in the - Ben says it's enamel and they have to send out to have it done because they can't do it there. Angela says it gives the best finish - she explains her knowledge of cars is because her dad used to do up old cars - it drove her mum nuts. Her first car was a Triumph - So was Ben's! It was the same model with some of the same quirks. He offers her a ride in one of his projects - now if she likes. Angela says she has a better idea and they kiss. Ben agrees that hers was a better plan - though she offers to tell him more about her family's cars. As the camera cuts away they're kissing again...
The Wilkinsons
Lance is asking Toadie about his work experience - Toadie's still upset they were pleased to see him. Lance suggests wearing a suit - because if you look scummy you'll fit in at the tip.. Toadie asks were his bright ideas were yesterday when he needed them and then tries to change the subject by criticising Ruth's CD collection. Lance says Toadie's already got half of his collection, along with three quarters of Anne's (who's going to blame Lance) so he's not raiding Ruth's as well. Toadie complains he's already raided the entire Kennedy collection and asks Lance if he knows anyone who's into music. Lance doesn't get a chance to answer - as he's answering the door to Amy. Toadie think's he's spotted the answer to his problem - as her dad owns a music shop at the Mall. Lance says Amy's not lending him anything and promptly changes the subject to Toadie's work experience venue. Amy hasn't heard - and Lance is delighted to tell her it's the tip and Amy looks more than a little grossed out at the idea of Toadie sorting garbage. Lance is highly amused again - as Toadie's not thrilled he's telling everyone. Amy's doing hers at Eliot Park Radio - both boys are jealous and ask her how she got the placement - apparently it's through a family friend. Toadie says Amy's dad sounds cool - could he get them some CDs for their juke box. Amy offers the possibility of a 10 percent discount - the boys say they can't afford the other 90 they're so skint. Lance suggests scavaging for CDS at the tip. Toadie's mood isn't getting any better - and they head out for school.
Chez Martin
Phil's on the phone in the lounge - asking what kind of tests and whether they'll explain them to him as he's been caught on the hop. Debbie rushes past to get to the kitchen diner. Hannah's at the table eating breakfast - and asks Deb who's on the phone. Debbie doesn't know and she says she's running late. Hannah asks how madge and Harold are - Debbie says they're not bad, but ever since the lease business she's been trying to keep it cool. Phil's off the phone and they ask who it was. He explains it was the hospital giving an update and Hannah immediately asks if gran's coming home. Phil says they're not sure yet. Hannah complains that she went in ages ago - and all she did was eat a bit of pizza. Phil tells her not to simplify things and promptly changes the subject to whether Hannah's packed her lunch and then hustles her out of the house to school. Phil stops Debbie ask she's leaving and asks if he can have a word. He says the cardiologist at the hospital wants to talk to him - but he doesn't want to tell Hannah yet. Debbie looks shocked and asks when hes going. Phil says as soon as. Debbie asks if he's expecting bad news but before Phil can answer Hannah reappears and ask's what's going on. Debbie says they're talking about work and Hannah wouldn't be interested. Hannah replies she's not - unless it's about giving her a job. Debbie says she's too young and she's not the boss anymore anyway. Phill shoos her out the door. Once she's gone Debbie asks if Phil'd like company. He says he would if she doesn't mind. Debbie says she'll phone madge but tells phil they can't keep it from Hannah forever. Phil agrees but says he wants to find out the details first and then tell her. The camera cuts away from a very thoughtful and sad looking Debbie.
Erinsborough High - the corridor
Amy pounces on a friend at the lockers and they start giggling together. Lance and Toadie ask what's up - they reply nothing. Toadie remarks that no matter where you go - even to a funeral - you'll find girls giggling somewhere. They start sorting out their lockers as Lance starts to say that just because toadie's in a bad mood... but he tails off as he finds a note in his locker. Toadie suggests blackmail - but actually it's a note from a secret admirer. As Toadie reads the note out, Lance check's Amy's out of the way. Toadie wants to know who it's from, but Lance has no idea. Hannah arrives and asks about the note. Toadie says it's not fit for her young eyes. Hannah asks why, but before the Toad can answer, lance says that actually the boys were having a private blokeychat. Hannah snorts with amusements and leaves with a parting "whatever". Lance starts to crumple the note Toadie suggests Lance should frame it but Lance is worries Amy'll find it. Toadie asks if the note could be from Amy. Lance doesn't think so - she's pretty full on, but not like that and it's not even in her handwriting. Toadie says that whoever it was is hot to trot - and is he sure he doesn't know.
Ben and Sarah's house - living room
Ben's emerging from his room, looking somewhat hung over. Sarah emerges from the kitchen area saying she can't believe what time he got home - this morning. Ben asks what time it was. Sarah says it was after five - infact she thought they were being burgled. Ben says he didn't want to turn the lights on and wake people, but he did fall over something - anyway why was Sarah awake. Well Ben, that'd be because you woke her. Probably when you tripped over that something. Ben apologises and Sarah asks what's "she" like. Ben now collapsed on the sofa feigns ignorance until Sarah reminds him that he introduced them to Angela. Apparently she's "alright"... on further prompting he amends that to "really nice". Sarah asks what they were talking about til 5 in the morning - ben replies that it was Cars. Sarah makes dubious noises - but Ben says it's true - sarah looks like she'd like to argue the point but she has to go to work. As a parting shot as she leaves the room she says no one can talk about cars for that long. Ben smiles as she leaves him on the sofa.
The Coffee Shop
Harold's behind the counter - as Lou sits at the counter and enthuses about the wonders of cable - apparently it's all about the choice. Harold says the games finish awfully late - why doesn't Lou get Cable himself. Lou says he can't - he'd never get marlene out of the chair if she had horse racing to watch! Karl arrives as Harold presents Lou with a ham and mustard sandwiches. Lou says he wanted Ham and pickle and karl lays claim to the sandwich if Lou doesn't want it. Karl asks for a cappuccino too and heads off to a table. Harold heads off to make the coffee - asking Lou to bear with him. Lou says he always does - and remarsk that harold's short staffed. Harold says Debbie had to go out to something or other and Madge's gone for supplies leaving him swamped. At that moment Phil and Debbie arrive. Debbie heads straight behind the counter apologising to Harold - as phil makes for Dr Karl and asks for a word. Harold rattles off a list of jobs for Debbie to do - including Karls coffee and then heads back to making Lou's sandwich - but has to be reminded again that Lou wants Ham and PICKLE not tomato.
Meanwhile Phils sat with Karl - and asks if Karls heard from the cardiologist who's looking after Helen. Karl says he rang this morning - and said Phil'd be dropping in. Then he asks after Helen - who Phil says is bearing up better than all of them to be honest. Phil asks why it is that when you leave the hospital you suddenly think of loads of questions you should've asked. Karl laughs and says it happens to everyone and offers to tell phil what he knows if it helps. Phil asks how much danger Helen's in. karl replies that plenty of people live normal lives with this sitution - you just have to tread carefully and take your medication that's all. Phil says that's what the cardiologist says. Karl says the cardiologist's an excellent man - gets interrupted by the arrival of Toadie (who heads for the counter) - then continues that Helen does face increased risk as she's frail and debilitated by the food poisoning. Phil asks for advice - should Helen have the operation or should they leave well alone. Karl says he can't give advice on that without another look at the file - but says not to worry because Helen's in good hands.
Cut to Toadie at the bar, arguing with Harold - who says he doesn't know anything about any jukebox. Toadie says it was agreed ages ago. Harold says he doesn't want one - but Toadie says Debbie agreed. Lou, an interested onlooker til now, backs Toadie up. But Harold's not having any of it - he doesn't want to alienate his older customers with a lot of loud "boogie-woogie". Lou scoffs at Harold and says it's fun. Harold says that Lou can chose what goes on in his establishment, but here at the Coffee shop it's him, or rather him and Madge that say what's what. Toadie hits the counter protests that they had a deal and Harold says, slapping the counter for emphasis, that in that case they'll have to wait for Madge to come back and talk about it then. The two of them stare it out, until Lou joins in the counter banging to demand pickle in his sandwich. As Harold heads off to grab the pickle, Lou shoots an amused look at the clearly exasperated Toadie.
Erinsborough High - Classroom
Lance is sat on a desk reading his love letter, as Amy and her curly haired friend appear at the doorway. The friend hangs around in the doorway - as Amy headsd over to Lance. He hides the note (none to subtly) as Amy says she thought he was coming outside for lunch. Lance says he was -but he had stuff to look up, for a physics test tomorrow. Amy asks if he's finished and somewhat flusteredly Lance says he's not and he's actually got to go to the library to look stuff up - he heads out in somewhat of a rush. Amy sits down at her seat and as her friend comes to join her asks whether its just her who thinks Lance is acting strange. The friend agrees. Amy says Lance didn't even mention the letter he's got a secret- maybe it was too full on. Her friend suggests that Lance might not've realised who it was from. Amy looks stunned and says that Lance has some ego to think someone else likes him that much. She flounces out of the classroom - leaving her friend trailing. The friend though suggests she has a better idea and the two girls leave together deep in (inaudible) conversation.
The Garage
Ben is working on the car he was discussing with Angela last night when a white car pulls up out front. And guess who it is... yup Angela. After a brief joke about whether Ben can remember her name (he feigns ignorance until she kisses him) Angela asks if he's busy. Ben says he is, but there's always time for a break. Angela says it's business and pleasure- Ben asks if her points need replacing - he heard the engine missing as she rolled in. Angela congratulates him on the quick diagnosis. Ben says she also needs her bands replacing - either that or she has a problem with her torque converter. Ben offers to do a full rundown and Angela looks very impressed and they end up kissing again.
Erinsborough High corridor by the lockers
Lance is at his locker checking a notebook as Amy arrives (with her friend loitering in the background) Amy asks if he's done studying and lance says he did and apologises for being weird earlier. Amy says it's ok, and asks if he'd like to do something after school. Lance says he would and Amy suggests that Jacincta (a name at last) and her were going to check out the new Cineplex in the city. At that moment lance opens his locker, spots another love letter, slams it shut, agrees that that's a plan and gets rid of Amy pdq. Amy and Jacincta head off to art class, with Amy looking somewhat perplex. Toadie rocks up in time for Lance to show him the latest love letter. Toadie's first question is who is it from. Lance says he doesn't know - he hasn't opened it yet. As lance rips open the letter, Toadie says he's spoken to Harold and the jukebox project is in big trouble. Lance doesn't care - the letter says his admirer wants to meet him at the coffee shop after school. Toadie asks if he'll go - Lance says he's already arrange to go out with Amy. Toadie says they'll never find out who it is if he doesn't know. Lance agrees - but he's not interested, he's got Amy. Infact the best thing for him to do is to ignore it. But Toadie says he needs Lance down the coffee shop anyway - to put pressure on madge about the jukebox. Lance says he said he'd go out with Amy. Toadie tells him to get out of it - he needs him.
Coffee Shop
Karl's paying up to Harold - and remarks there was always a jukebox there before. Harold says he's sure it's a blessing now its gone and anyway he has some relaxing tapes at home - he could play those. Karl says he knows Toadie's gone to a lot of effort to get the jukebox up and running and it'd be a shame to disappoint. Harold says (rather crushingly) that it's not the atmosphere he's trying to promote. Karls says Harold's the boss. At the moment Sarah arrives - to tell them she got onto the nursing course -she's so excited katherine's meant to be the brainy one, but she's going to call her tonight and have a great big boast. Karl asks if Marlene knows and Sarah says she's on her way to tell her now. Sarah says here timetables on it's way next week - she's worried their might be clashes with work although marlene'll cover most of it. Karl promises to try to be accommodating in the name of further education.
Erinsborough High Corridor
Lance is waiting for Amy - who arrives with Jacincta - full of plans for their afternoon... only to be told by Lance that he can't make it as he's needed at the coffee shop - problems with the jukebox. Jacincta asks what. Lance says he doesn't know - he hasn't heard the full story, but it's something about the manager. He's sorry, but he'll have to give it a miss. Amy says it's ok... she guesses. Lance promises to phone her later as he's whisked away by newly arrived Toadie. Lance says as they walk through the corridor that there's no harm in finding out who it is is there, but why does he feel so guilty. As they head out through the doors Toadie tells Lance it's because he's dumb.
The Martin House
Hannah's making sandwiches in the kitchen as Phil arrives saying he didn't hear her come in. Hannah wants to know if they're seeing Gran this afternoon. Phil says they can if they want and how was school. Hannah says school was fine - but how was Gran. Phil tries to change the subject back to the sandwich - but Hannah's having none of it - she wants to know why he won't talk about gran. Phil looks shifty and Hannah asks if there's something wrong. Phil says there isn't, it's just that Helen isn't getting better as quickly as they'd hoped. Then looking extremely uncomfortable, he says there is one complication. Hannah wants to know what. Phil (who's now rubbing his hands together nervously) says that while Helen's been in hospital with the food poisoning they think she had a minor heart attack. Hannah recoils in shock and horror and wants the details. Phil reassures her it's just minor - they noticed her heart was beating unusually and did a few tests - something called an Echo cardiogram (phil looks uncertain as to the term) - which turned up that she had an aneurism. Hannah says that's terrible and demands to know if she'll be ok. Phil says the specialist thinks she's in no immediate danger - he and Debbie spent an hour with him this morning. Hannah is not pleased to have been left out. Phil says he didn't want to worry her, it was all abit sudden and he didn't want her to get upset, Hannah is getting upset, but Phil is saved somewhat from the explanations and excuses by a knock at the door. And it's Karl - who's dug out some papers about LV aneurisms - he starts to talk about it - and Hannah arrives in the room just as Karl says to Phil he thought the papers might help when it comes to making up his mind about the operation. Hannah is not pleased not to have been told - especially as everyone else seems to know. Hannah screams at phil for telling her that Helen's fine when she's not and then storms off - leaving Karl to mutter embarrassedly at Phil.
Ben and Sarah's
Angela's reading a magazine on the sofa as Ben arrives with his diagnosis for the fault on her car. They already know about the points, but it also needs idler arm bushes and transmission. The both agree that that's not good and there's something else going as well - but before he can tell Angela Sarah arrives - very smily to tell Ben that she got onto her nurses aid course. Sarah goes to get a drink and ben and Angela's conversation returns to the car - Ben says he can't do it all at once - he's got a lot of work lined up and all this work'll take several days. Angela says whenever he can is fine by her. Ben says he'll need moral support and someone to wipe his sweaty brow. Angela heads off to get her diary to schedule it in - and Ben settles down on the sofa. Sarah reappears and asks if Angela's going to pay for the work on her car. Ben says they'll sort something out. Sarah asks if he's sure - after all Ben hardly knows her. He says she can hardly do a runner while he's got her car can she? Sarah wants to know if Ben's mixing business with pleasure - he says he is, if it means he can see more of her...
The Martins
Phil's sorting through the medical journals - as Hannah arrives back home. Phil asks her where she's been, he's been worried. Hannah says she's been walking the dog and makes to leave, but Phil says he wants to talk to her. He knows she's angry. Hannah says she's angry with everyone - because they all seem to know whats going on, and she doesn't and she feels like she doesn't count. Phil says he's sorry, things have been happening so fast and he had to think on the run. He knows now he made the wrong decision and should've told her straight away, but he knew she'd be upset. He says he wishes Helen could come home, but she can't. Hannah asks what the operation's for. Phil explains it's to remove the aneurism, but that Helen doesn't have to have it, lots of people have aneurisms and just live with them. He says Helen has to decide what she wants to do. Hannah says Helen should have it if it'll get rid of it, shouldn't she? Phil says yes, but she's not very well, and the operation could make her worse. Hannah asks if he's trying to say the operation could kill her. Phil replies that he's not a doctor, all he knows is that it's a big decision, and in the meantime she has to stay in hospital until she's stronger. Hannah says she just wants Helen to be alright again and home and well. Phil says that what he wishes it could be that simple.
Coffee Shop
Lance is say at a table with a milkshake looking pensive. Toadie arrives from the back room saying Harold says he's too busy to talk. Shaking his head, Toadie says he doesn't know what he'll do if the jukebox stuff doesn't work out. Lance is looking at his watch and looking anxiously around. He's still thinking about his mystery admirer - and he doesn't think she's going to show. And at that moment Amy and Jacincta arrive. Toadie tells lance, who looks very uncomfortable. Amy asks if they sorted the jukebox out. Toadie says no, and Lance asks why they're not at the cinema. Amy says she had to do something else first. Infact, she says she had an appointment to meet someone at the Coffee Shop Lance really doesn't get it - until Amy says it was him she was meeting - and didn't he get her note. Lance looks perplexed and says he didn't think it was from her. Amy says that that is obvious - and she never thought he'd think the note was from someone else, but what's worse is that he was so quick to get her out of the way to check out the competition. What sort of boyfriend is he? Cue credits.
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