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Neighbours Episode 2903 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2903
Australian airdate: 23/07/97
UK airdate: 05/01/98
UK Gold: 11/12/03
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Note: Storyline rewrite - Helen falls asleep on a bus journey (off screen) and Philip has to go and bring her home.
Marlene tells Ruth that Harold is returning to Erinsborough and will be staying at number 24
Amy and Jacinta set a rat trap against the teacher.
Susan finds Anne trying to remove the rat, and gives her a detention.
Anne is annoyed at Lance for not owning up to the prank.
Amy is very impressed that Lance has his own car, but as she tries to talk to him about it, his mind is elsewhere, thinking about Anne and the detention she doesn't deserve.
AMY: In a few days it'll all be over and she'll forget about it.
LANCE: It's going to be five days, and she's not going to forget about it.
Amy thinks it's nice how he thinks of his sister, but still doesn't see the point in changing anything, and instead they kiss.
Harold arrives giving them all a surprise. He explains that he's come to visit from Queensland as he's got an audition to play tuba for the Salvation Army band.
HAROLD: I'll practice 24hours a day if I have to.
Hannah and Phil try to make polite conversation as Harold explains that he will be doing a lot of practising over the next week or so. Harold is quite pleased that number 24 is vacant as it means he won't have to stay in a guest house and upset all the other guests with his practise. Hannah and Phil aren't so sure.
Lance gaily skips back into the house. Ruth comments that it took him a long time to say goodbye to Amy, she asks him about the detention business, as being in the same class as Anne he should know. Anne comes through and comments that the cool people just think they're cool people and alienate the rest of the class. Lance refuses to dob who did it.
Harold is showing Hannah the photographs from Queensland. Hannah uses the ringing phone as a method of escape from Harold. It's Helen, who fell asleep on the bus. Phil has to run off to fetch her. Hannah uses it as an excuse to head to bed. Harold decides it's a good reason to head off too.
Number 24
As the sound of Harold's tuba playing echoes around the street, Lou pops over to visit him with a box of goodies. Harold though is far too keen to keep going with his practice, and when Lou hints that it might be quite late at night, Harold recons it's the best time of day to practice, as there are no distractions. As Harold starts up another scale, Lou makes a swift exit.
As Phil returns to the living room, Hannah enquires about Helen. Phil admits that she was very disorientated when he found her, and he had to go quite a way searching before he found her.
Before heading off to work, Ruth encourages Anne to talk to Susan again once she's at school, as she may have reconsidered. Anne doesn't see much point. Lance admits that what the others did was wrong, but Anne always gets the guys she wants and Amy is the first girl to notice him and he doesn't want to loose his chance.
Phil is attempting to bake something, as Harold's tuba playing continues. He and Hannah talk about Helen and how she seems to be getting forgetful as she gets older, but Phil doesn't like to bring the subject up with her as she refuses to talk about it.
Darren has his music up so loud to try to drown out the noises of Harold. Lou persuades him instead to go around and talk to Harold and ask him to lower the noise. Darren asks why he doesn't go himself, but Lou explains it would just result in Harold opening the windows and playing twice as loud. Darren agrees and heads off.
DARREN: I'll tell him if he doesn't shut up, I'll pour a bucket of concrete down the business end of his tuba!
Number 24
HAROLD: Ah Darren, for a moment there I thought it was one of the neighbours coming to complain.
Darren doesn't get a word in edge-ways as Harold continues to witter on about how people don't appreciate good music, and that professional players can practice for up to eight hours a day. In the end he has to butt in to be heard.
DARREN: Harold, it's too loud!
Things don't go to plan as Harold is delighted at the comment and asks if Darren would stay and listen, to help him by giving some feedback. Darren looks less than delighted!
Erinsborough High
Amy is smug that Anne has gone all quiet, but Lance isn't so sure. He admits he'd feel more comfortable if Anne was having a go at him, and has decided he's going to admit who did it to Susan. Amy threatens that if he tells, she will dump him.
Harold arrives looking for Helen, for advice on his tuba playing. When asked, Phil admits that it's not disturbing them, and on realising that Helen won't be able to help, Harold asks if Phil would be willing to listen and comment on his performance. Phil admits he has some work to do, so Harold suggests he comes over at four o'clock and invites a few of the other neighbours too. Phil looks shocked unable to get a word in as Harold leaves.
Erinsborough High
Lance tells Amy that he admitted to setting up the prank. Amy is proud that he got his sister off the hook without getting anyone else into trouble. Lance doesn't see it that way though as he wimped out when it really mattered; the day before.
AMY: Lance Wilkinson, sometimes I really don't understand you.
LANCE: Yeah, I noticed.
Lou is concerned by the hour silence that has passed from Harold. Darren doesn't seem to bothered, but Harold soon arrives and invites them both to the Tuba Recital at 4pm. Lou tries to make out that he is busy, and by doing so informs Harold that Darren will be able to make it. Harold thanks him and wonders how he'll make the sandwiches in time, but Darren volunteers Lou to provide them. Harold leaves in a cheerful manner.
Lance arrives home and Anne is glad to hear that those that were involved in the scam will finally be getting punished the next day. Lance admits that he told Susan it was him and not the others. Ruth arrives and the two of them go quiet. Anne tells her mum she got out of the detention, but when Ruth enquires as to who owned up, Lance informs her he has something to say.
Phil and Darren watch on as Harold gives his recital. Phil admits that it was a good effort, but Harold tells him that he can be honest with him, and that it was awful. Phil encourages him not to give up, but to keep practising. Harold doesn't seem the point, and heads off, leaving the others to dig into the sandwiches. Phil wonders what they could do to help, and Darren has an idea.
Number 24
Harold is sitting on the couch hugging his tuba as Darren arrives. He offers him the chance to have lessons with a real brass coach. Harold isn't so keen on the idea, but Darren persuades him not to chuck it in just yet, and to give it a go, as the brass teacher may be able to help him find his talent.
DARREN: The guy's a magician
HAROLD: He'll need to be.
Darren admits that it's one of the guys from prison, but Harold agrees to go with it.
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