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Neighbours Episode 2871 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2871
Australian airdate: 09/06/97
UK airdate: 19/11/97
UK Gold: 10/11/03
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Rohan Kendrick - Paul Zebrowski
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Libby telling Lou that her and Rohan are seeing one another.
Ben and Lance agreeing to be brothers.
Phil advising Karl to tell Susan to take a step back.
Number 28 - dining table
Karl and Susan are discussing having a baby. Karl doesn't think Susan gets it, and is obviously taking Phil's advice from earlier. This is a brilliant conversation between the two of them as Karl does a re-enactment of 3am in the morning (they talk over one another for most of it)
KARL: It's 3am in the morning. Karl and Susan are fast asleep in their bed when a scream emanates from Billy's (Susan sighs) bedroom. Karl gets a dig in the ribs from his already exhausted wife (Susan sighs) who's been up three times (SUSAN: 3 times through the night, yes) that night to...
SUSAN: Stop, stop, stop...
KARL: You can't tell them to stop that's the problem...
SUSAN: Oh come on...
KARL: That's what babies are like, baby's just cry and you don't know what's wrong with them...
SUSAN: Stop! Stop (she puts her hands over her ears) lalalalalalalalala!
KARL: You can't tell them to stop, dear...
SUSAN: Stop, stop stop...
KARL: They don't know anything about stopping because they just...
Susan gets up from the table and walks round behind Karl, putting her hands over his mouth. Libby walks in and looks a little confused, but looks straight at them and says 'kinky...'. Susan makes up excuses about the salad dressing and Libby explains that she's finally found a good article to do - 'what ever happened to...Helen Daniels!'. Susan still has her hands over Karl's mouth at this point. They both look at him. Libby wonders if anyone cares and, Susan lets Karl speak, he says they do care, but sometimes you might think otherwise because of the way people treat other people in serious talks. They start arguing again.
Number 30 - kitchen
Lance has come to visit Ben. He goes to sit on the working top to watch the footy but can't because of his ribs. Lance tells Ben not to fuss as Ruth is doing enough of that. Ben and lance get into the game and lance thinks they should go and see a footy match tomorrow. Ben has to turn him down though because he has to work. Lance looks all disappointed.
Number 28 - dining table.
This banter is, as always, brilliant. Libby comments on the salad dressing - not that that's what they were arguing about earlier. Susan and Karl argue about whether they were arguing. Libby makes an exit, as she does Karl stops - does Susan hear that? What? The sound of silence. Susan wants a reasonable discussion about it - Karl can't only remember the screaming, surely. Susan thinks that the good times outweigh the bad. They share happy memories about the kids together - Billy couldn't say 'l's and Libby called Susan 'Dad' for 6 months. They laugh together and Susan leans on his shoulder as they talk about when Billy used to follow Karl with his toy doctor bag. They laugh some more and then hug.
Number 26 - living area
Helen and Libby are talking about the news article story. Libby explains it won't be like a 'remember when' story, but more of a life interest story. Phil assures Helen that Libby will do a good job Libby explains it will be a very positive piece and inspiring as well. Helen cautiously agrees. Libby thanks Helen and Phil tells her that if she ever wants to do a story on a romance writer turned accountant... They all laugh and Libby leaves. Helen asks Phil why he is 'grinning like that'. It's true, he is grinning like a Cheshire cat. He thinks she's excited.
HELEN: Well, it's nice to be remembered.
Number 30 - kitchen area
Lance has come to visit Ben who's doing something technical on the kitchen table. Lance offers to help with whatever he's doing but Ben says that he's about to go and work on the bus. Lance offers there too. Ben can't understand why Lance would give up his day to work with him on the bus, but if he really wants to then yes. Lance admits he knows nothing about engines and Ben offers to teach him
Coffee Shop
Phil orders a sticky bun. Karl wants to know when he's them giving up.
PHIL: Anytime!...they stop making them
KARL: Good answer.
Karl goes on to tell Phil about the conversation he had with Susan last night. She took him down memory lane and back via reminiscence highway. He tried to point out practicalities, but he's been persuaded. Phil laughs - it won't be long until they hear the patter of tiny feet at Number 28!
Number 22
Libby has come round to see Lou, not Rohan, about Helen and Libby's article - she wants some background info. Lou doesn't think he can help but they remember the portrait she did of him as mayor and Lou offers Libby to photograph it. Rohan asks if he can join Libby on her interview, as he wants to see what she does. She says he can if he behaves and Helen doesn't mind. Rohan says that he believe him and Helen actually have a lot in common.
Number 28
Susan is stealthily approaching a fly with the fly sway. She tells it to prepare to die but she misses it as Karl comes through the door. "Hello dear, a spot of badminton?"
Karl goes very serious and saying he wants to talk. Susan picks up on the seriousness of his tone and wonders if she should sit down. Struggling to keep a straight face, Karl suggests they should actually retire to the boudoir! She hits him with the fly swat, but Karl thinks a man should be able to change his mind. They hug and she begins to drag him towards the bedroom. He stops her - Doctor K. thinks they should tread carefully afterall they have to think about her age and medical history. Susan would like to just have this moment.
SUSAN: I can't see they'll be a problem.
Oh Suse...why say that line? They hug, Susan's face beaming. Now, Karl thinks, they should go and practice.
The Bus
Lance and Ben are under the bus discussing enginey-type things. Lou walks past with his portrait asking Ben if he has a helper. They joke about the painting - who's "Daniels". Lou explains it's Helen Daniels! Ben reckons they'd be worth a penny or two...
Number 26
Ruth tells Helen that if she continues with her exercises, things will continue to go very well. She tells Ruth that she's feeling in better spirits too, she offers Ruth some tea, but Ruth says Susan is up to something so she's off to get the gossip! There's a knock at the door and Helen partly jokes that that'll be the media, she's being interviewed. Ruth gets the door and it is infact, Libby. Ruth hangs around and Helen thought she was going to get Susan's gossip! Libby explain to Ruth, just so she knows, that she's writing about Helen's painting history and any artistic plans for the future. Helen thinks she might start painting again. Ruth is standing behind her and her face goes a bit serious, which Libby notices. Content with her gossip, Ruth goes to visit Susan.
Ramsay Street
Ruth can't believe what she's seeing. Why is Lance changing the oil? He says Ben showed him how and it's fine. She's not impressed. He says it's fine, he knows what he's doing.
LANCE (holding a thing): I bet you don't even know what this is.
RUTH: My God, put it back where you found it!
He explains what it is. Ruth wants him to get Ben to check it before she goes out later. It's Lance's turn not to look impressed.
Lou's Place
Phil walks in and talks to Lou. Lou offers him a beer after the most boring meeting he's ever been to. He explains he couldn't even escape if he wanted to because he was on a boat on the river. Lou babbles about going home to a nice relaxing, arty atmosphere.
PHIL: You alright?
Lou thinks there's something missing on his walls - he wants some of Helen's paintings! Phil says he'll ask and see if there's some around. Karl walks in and requests Lou's second most expensive wine. Lou corrects him, he means cheapest. No, he definitely means expensive - they're celebrating. Lou can hardly believes his ears and goes to get some.
Phil and Karl talk. Phil thinks a major decision has been made in the baby department - Karl says he's correct. They're having another and Susan's enthusiasm is infectious. He's just praying that their hopes are not up for nothing because of any complications.
Number 28 - kitchen area
Ruth has just found out Susan's going to have another baby! Yay for gossip! She can't tell everyone though because Karl thinks there might be complications. Ruth doesn't think there will be loads of people their age are expecting! They go all girly and sort of squeal as Karl walks in. he comments that it's very jovial! Ruth pretends, badly, that she doesn't know. She hopes they have fun celebrating, except that they are not celebrating. Oh Ruth! She leaves, Karl shuts the door and turn to Susan: "
KARL: Amazing that Ruth can still walk with one foot in her mouth! You told her didn't you?
SUSAN: Noooo (Karl does some soppy eyes) Yeeesssss.
Ramsay Street
Ruth is off out - has ben checked the car? Lance says he's not around, but if she's not careful she'll be late for the vet (Bonny is going, not Ruth!). Lance jumps in the back to settle Bonny.
Number 26
Lou wants to buy some of Helen's paintings. He's picked out some. Helen wonders why he is suddenly so interested. Helen thinks she must be careful, with the interview this morning and now Lou she'll get a swollen head! Lou calls it a revival. He walks out with 5 paintings and says he will be back later to collect the others. He thanks Helen for them and leaves.
Phil walks out of the shower and thought he heard Lou. She says he just missed him and he bought lots of her paintings, it's a pat on the back for her! Phil says she deserves it.
A road somewhere
Lance tells Bonny it will be fine, they are nearly there. So, the car is working then? Guess again! We see the engine, Lance left a wrench on something and it's slipped off into the engine. Sparks fly inside the engine as it rests on something else.
Number 22
Libby and Rohan are listening to the tape back. It suddenly stops and Libby can't believe it - they missed the last part because the tape didn't click off when done. They'll have to do a bit more later. Lou comes in carrying his recently purchased paintings. Lou thinks they are quite an investment, some will go up but they'll be worth a fortune soon. Real collectors items!
The car on a road somewhere
Ruth thinks Bonny is acting like Lance when he's on the way to the dentist. As they chat they notice smoke coming from the engine.
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