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Neighbours Episode 2805 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2805
Australian airdate: 7/3/97
UK airdate: 19/8/97
UK Gold: 7/8/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lou miffed at Karl for being out of pocket for buying the car and Karl not being sympathetic.
Toadie giving advice to Billy on how to woo Anne.
Libby seeing Cath with Darren and walking out.
No. 28
Susan and Billy finalise their plans for the walk when an irate and upset Libby comes home closely followed by Darren. Susan reacts to tell Darren to go home and Libby explains to her mum what she saw before breaking down crying.
No. 22
Darren returns home telling Cath that Libby didn't give him a chance to explain. Cath wants to know why she really was invited over and he assures her he wasn't trying anything on. She spells it out to him that the first thing he's done after his girlfriend has dumped him is to invite the nearest bimbo round to inflate his ego and that she feels sorry for him before walking out.
Ramsay Street (next day)
Susan is thrilled with the car Karl has bought and gets in the car to drive it rather than let him talk about it.
Lou is not impressed to see them drive by given he's lost out. Marlene tells him to get out and sell the car.
Cath tries to talk to Libby but she turns he back on her, so she carries on regardless and tells Libby that nothing happened between her and Darren and that Mal is the only person she cares for and is hoping that he'll give her a second chance when he calms down. Lib now turns and faces her and reminds Cath that Mal is going overseas, so Cath says that she'd like it resolved before he leaves.
LIBBY: I wouldn't hold your breath. Once Malcolm makes up his mind that is it. You don't have a chance.
No. 32
Billy and Anne discuss the walk and he tries to compliment her but she reacts negatively, so he asks that she ignore what he said yesterday since they aren't meant to be together and instead be friends. Anne agrees to that and they decide to go and work out a plan on foot.
No. 28
Mal assures Libby that he isn't going overseas to avoid Cath; it is something he wants to do. He departs to go to work but Susan gets possessive and wants him to stay home but agrees to compromise on meeting his parents for lunch. Susan then forbids Libby from going overseas for 10 years! Billy comes home for his wallet and his parents jump to the wrong conclusion when he knocks back the lunch invite, so he puts them straight.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is trying to flog the car to Cath but she reminds him that she doesn't have a license but suggests he sees her sister who is on the lookout for a car.
Mal comes in and the atmosphere between him and Cath is still frosty. Cath asks if there is anything she can do to prevent him leaving and he says no…but she tries and hands over a folded paper bag with ‘I love you' written on it. Mal says that perhaps if he believed her it would make him feel differently but he doesn't and also adds that he doesn't trust her either before leaving.
No. 30
Cath has left work early and tells her sister about her chat with Mal including that he said he couldn't trust her so that is the end of it. She decides to go have a bath as someone knocks on the door and Cath says that will be Lou for her. Right enough, when Sarah answers the door it is Lou and he wastes no time in trying to sell Sarah the car he originally bought for Susan and invites her down to the pub to have a test-drive later on.
No. 22
Marlene lets rip at Darren for inviting Cath round last night and wants him to walk with her to the bookies but he forgoes that and picks Lolly up and announces that they are off to the shops instead.
Anne knocks back Billy's plan for the walk to go over a fence! As they jump down, Anne lands awkwardly and is having trouble walking so Billy does the gentlemanly thing and helps her home.
It's a miserable lunch as the Kennedy's (minus Billy) meet with Mal's imminent departure and Libby upset over Darren, so Susan does the mum thing and embarrasses the kids doing the ‘I remember when…' routine.
Karl escapes to get more drinks and enquires when Lou will be back. Jo mentions that Lou is out giving Sarah a test-drive of the car he bought for Karl and lets slip how much Lou paid for it. Karl does the sums and realises he was about to be ripped off by $2500, which does not amuse the doc and decides to leave the pub in search of Lou!
Lassiter's Complex
Sarah and Lou arrive back from the test-drive and Sarah is really happy with the car that she wants to buy it…that is until the annoyedatpotentiallybeingrippedoffKarl greets them and she overhears him ranting to Lou about how much profit he was going to make on the car. Lou ties to protest as to how much he spent on doing the car up but it isn't washing with Karl not Sarah even when he offers to renegotiate the price.
No. 32
Billy helps Anne get safely home and suggests she massage the foot to prevent it seizing up. Anne thinks it is a good idea and Billy proceeds to give her foot the massage, which she is really enjoying.
Karl is still annoyed when he re-joins the family and Lou isn't amused at losing the sale when he re-enters the pub too.
At the counter, he has a go at Jo for letting slip how much profit he was going to be making but doesn't get any sympathy from Marlene when he tries to get her to back him up.
No. 30
Sarah is ranting off at Cath about Lou trying to rip her off. She also tells her sister she had a chat with Mal and tells her not to give up on him until his flight has departed. Cath asks how many times and she can apologies but Sarah replies that she has to do it fast.
Cath heads into the lobby to look at the Yellow Pages and finds a number for a firm selling low air fares.
No. 32
Billy's massage is so good Anne has fallen asleep. Being the nice gentleman, he goes and gets a blanket to put over her and takes the opportunity to give her a peck on the cheek too before leaving. When he leaves, Anne opens her eyes and has a smile on her face.
No. 28
Libby answers the door to Darren and reluctantly lets him in. He firmly tells her that he doesn't love Cath and wants things to go back to the way they were. Libby sarcastically asks how long for, until the next person flashes their eyelashes? Darren assures her that won't happen.
DARREN: I know I have a bad track record but all that is going to change.
Darren gets a ring box out of his shirt pocket and asks Libby to open it. She takes the box from him and does and instructed and finds an engagement ring.
DARREN: You are the only woman that I'll ever love and I want you to be with me for the rest of my life.
He then stumbles over what he was going to say before finally finding the right words.
DARREN: Marry me Libby.
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