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Neighbours Episode 2803 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2803
Australian airdate: 05/03/97
UK airdate: 15/08/97
UK Gold: 05/08/03
Writer: Susan Bower
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Daryl: Luke Anderson
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tim invites Susan to check out a play with him.
Toadie shows Lance a picture of Lisa they can copy.
Susan tells Lisa that she'll get the hang of discipling kids eventually.
Debbie is teasing Tim about going to see the play with Susan. Helen mentions that Phil is having dinner with Ruth and Debbie does not look pleased, saying people will think they're going out before long. Helen says she hopes they are before long!
Susan calls in to pick Tim up and shows Helen the picture of her from the school. Helen says the drawing is familiar - she did the original one and someone else has added the other bits. Helen thinks that Hannah may be able to help with her enquiries. Susan puts two and two together and gets Toadie!
Phil and Ruth are having dinner at the pub. Lou teases Phil when he goes over to the bar to order some wine. He brings the wine over to the table and talks Phil up.
LOU: Must be nice to be away from the kids!
RUTH: Yes.
PHIL:(pointedly) Nice to be away from everyone really!
LOU: Ah! Was that a thinly- veiled request to make myself scarce by any chance?
PHIL: Nothing thinly- veiled about it!
Ruth tells Phil that she doesn't think Debbie likes her. Phil admits he feels a bit worried about Lance too.
Helen tells Hannah that she's cross that her drawing of Susan was used for a silly prank. Hannah (who is wearing trousers with orange slices on) is contrite. Helen sends Hannah off to her room saying she's not watching TV tonight.
Coffee Shop
Susan and Tim are having a coffee after the play. They discuss the lighting and Tim talks at length about the play. Susan is quite impressed by his enthusiasm.
No.26, the following morning
Debbie asks Hannah what she thinks of Ruth. Hannah says she thinks Ruth is nice and Debbie looks rather surprised. Hannah says Phil deserves a girlfriend.
Ramsay Street
Lance skates down Ramsay Street telling Hannah that he's off to photocopy pictures of Lisa. She tries to tell him, but he's already a long way away on his skates.
Tim asks Susan if she'll help him with his history essay. She says she'll have a look once he's completed a draft.
Lance has copied the pictures of Lisa. Hannah looks at one and says it's "gross" and she wants nothing to do with it. Toadie tells them they'd better split up and grab as many back as they can.
TOADIE: This has to disappear, I'm too young to die!
Debbie asks Phil how his date with Ruth went. Phil tells Debbie that he's a bit worried about Lance's reaction to their relationship - he wasn't happy when he saw Phil and Ruth kissing at Christmas.
Toadie, Lance and Hannah have collected up 18 of the 20 pictures. They say they'll just have to pray that Lisa doesn't see either of the remaining two.
But in class, one of the kids has made a paper aeroplane from one of the pictures and throws it at Lisa. She demands to know who it was and looks very upset. The kids just laugh. Toadie looks very guilty as Lisa walks out.
In the office, Lisa shows Susan the picture and says the kids don't like her. She says she's been trying her best to be a good teacher, but the kids don't want her. Susan tells her to calm down - this is the awful part of teaching. She's been taught strategies for dealing with bad behaviour, she needs to go back and continue the class.
When Lisa gets back to the class, it's chaos. She takes one look and turns around.
Back in the office, Lisa tells Susan she can't do it. Susan says she has to, but Lisa says she can't - she's hopeless at discipline.
SUSAN: You're the teacher.
LISA: When kids play up I just go to pieces. Could you please come back to the classroom with me?
SUSAN: Lisa, that is not the best way to handle this situation...
LISA: Just this once. Please.
Susan returns with Lisa and shouts for quiet. Everyone sits down, and Susan sends one student to her office.
When Susan has gone, the class start laughing again. Lisa looks very stressed.
Lou is checking out car prices for Karl - he's looking for a runaround for Susan. He asks Phil how it went with Ruth last night. Phil tells him it went well, but he's not sure about the kids' reaction. Lou agrees that step- families can be tricky.
Toadie tells Lance that Lisa look the picture really badly. Hannah has found 1 of the 2 missing picture, but Lance tells her that Lisa has already seen the last one. Toadie tells Hannah that she's still involved. Susan comes over and tells all three of them that she wants to see them in her office.
Susan's office
SUSAN: How dare you!
TOADIE: We honestly tried to get them all back.
HANNAH: We weren't ignoring you.
TOADIE: Yeah, Hannah tried to warn Lance this morning, she did.
SUSAN:(to Lance) So, it's your fault.
HANNAH: Yeah, it is!
TOADIE: No, it isn't.
Susan tells them that they've hurt a very caring teacher and gives them detention for two weeks, yard duty, and an apology to Lisa.
Coffee Shop
Lance, Toadie and Hannah think that they actually got off quite lightly with Susan.
HANNAH: I just hope Dad doesn't find out.
TOADIE: Yeah, bye- bye Hannie- babes!
Lance goes to buy milkshakes from Debbie.
DEBBIE: Lance! I've had a very scary thought about you. If our parents get married, I could end up being your big sister!
LANCE: What?
DEBBIE: Our parents. They seem to be getting along very well these days.
LANCE: Ah, yeah, tell me about it.
DEBBIE: You don't sound too happy?
LANCE: Ah, I don't know. What do you reckon?
DEBBIE: Honestly?
LANCE: Yeah.
DEBBIE: I think they might be making a bit of a mistake. I mean, it's not long after your mum's divorce and can you see all of us living together?
LANCE: Come on, you don't think it's got that far, do you?
DEBBIE: Well, not yet. It might...
Ramsay Street
Susan comes over to see how Lisa is. She says she feels like chucking teaching in completely. Susan tells her it's never good to walk out, it just gives the students the upper hand. She urges her not to make any rash decisions about her career.
Phil comes up and Susan tells him she's had enough of the school kids today!
Hannah, Lance and Toadie come to confess to Lisa about the picture. She's tells them she's surprised at their involvement. They apologise profusely and then go on their way.
HANNAH: See you tomorrow.
LISA: Yeah, see you tomorrow.
She closes the door.
LISA: Maybe.
Ruth is playing the Moonlight Sonata on the piano when Lance comes in. He asks Ruth if she's rushing things a bit with Phil, as they're a bit old(!)
LANCE: Well, I was just talking to Debbie. And she said seems to think it'll never work. I just don't want you to get hurt, that's all.
Tim calls around to see Susan and she introduces him to Karl. He asks her if she'd like to go and see another play. Susan is takenaback and says she'll think about it. When he's gone, Susan tells Karl that Tim is becoming a bit dependent on her.
Ruth calls around to see Phil. He invites her to go to the movies, but Ruth tells him that Debbie doesn't want them going out. Phil is shocked. Phil says that maybe Lance is using Debbie as an excuse. Ruth takes offence.
RUTH: It seems like your daughter is trying to undermine our relationship. Now, if you can't deal with that, then I think we have a problem.
PHIL: Well, if you're going to continue to be manipulated by a jealous son, perhaps we do!
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