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Neighbours Episode 2786 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2786
Australian airdate: 10/02/97
UK airdate: 22/07/97
UK Gold: 11/07/03
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Claudia Harvey: Anne Phelan
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Jeremai
- Darren inviting Cath to join him in the spa.
- Madge telling Harold she doesn't feel comfortable having Claudia in the house.
- Lisa agreeing to keep Anne and Hannah's truanting a secret.
Number 32
The girls are doing a fashion parade of their new spoils, going through all the clothes that they've bought. Anne holds up an orange shirt which she picked up but now thinks it's a bit tacky. She decides that it'd make a good birthday present for Ruth instead.
They decide the shopping trip was worth it and say that they were lucky to get to Lisa before Susan did and hope that she'll keep her promise.
Number 30
Lisa's telling Sarah and Cath the whole story, adding in that she felt bad about keeping her mouth shut while they openly lied to Susan. Sarah says that it's not as if they did anything really bad, she and Cath used to skip school all the time and Lisa shouldn't worry about it. Cath is thankfully a bit more level headed and can understand the situation Lisa is in: is her loyalty to Susan or the students? Sarah says that she can't do anything about it now so she may as well just forget about it.
Attention quickly turns to a quiz in the magazine Sarah was reading - "20 questions to reveal the real you".
Question one: Can you be in love with more than one person at the same time?
Cath immediately wants to quantify the question - what do they mean by love? Lust? Desire? Attraction? Friendship? Sarah says that desire is just another part of love, Cath's reply is that you can be attracted to someone without love, you can be attracted to someone you don't even like.
SARAH: And on what do you base this theory, sister dear?
Cath dismisses Sarah intrigue and says that it's a staple in many a romance novel.
Harold is tucking into dinner... and Claudia is brushing off the fluff from his shirt. Madge points out he would have survived but Claudia says that sometimes people are too busy to notice the little things like that.
MADGE: I'd noticed, I just didn't want to treat him like a child.
Claudia changes subject and wonders how Madge can work in a pub, dealing with all the rough people. She offers to make the tea so Madge and Harold can talk but Madge decides she'd rather go for a walk.
Claudia tells Harold that she's trying really hard but she's getting the impression that Madge doesn't like her. Harold laughs it off - why wouldn't Madge like her?
Lou's Place
Madge comes in and Marlene asks what she's doing back. Madge replies that she needed to get out of the house and takes up Marlene's offer of a friendly ear.
Libby and Darren are having dinner together and Lib mentions Cath's driving lesson. Darren says that he made a promise to Cath and he can't back out on that now.
Madge is telling Marlene that she doesn't want to stop Harold helping Claudia and she knows the woman has problems but she still feels this way. Marlene suggests asking Claudia to leave but when Madge mentioned it to Harold he wouldn't have it. She thanks Marlene for listening and understanding before saying that she'll have to head back and start treading on those eggshells again.
Ramsay Street
Lib asks the guys if she's got time to grab a bite to eat before they head off, Mal says that they're off to pick up some materials so she can just meet them at the site later if she wants. Cath comes up and asks if they can take a rain check on her driving lesson due to work and they reschedule for that afternoon.
Madge has just finished setting the table for breakfast and Claudia says that she would have helped. Madge replies that they can't expect guests to do everything before moving on to ask how she's enjoying her stay, how she's finding the area, what her plans are for work, staying here...
Claudia immediately jumps to her feet and declares that she'll leave now if that's what Madge wants, she can take a hint as well as the next person, and Madge is left sat at the table, trying to say that wasn't what she meant. Harold comes in after his power walk and wants to know what happened, hoping that she didn't repeat what she told him the night before.
Susan is saying how much work is involved with her promotion but Libby really isn't paying attention. Susan asks if she's working today, Libby replies she'll be joining the guys later. Susan is about to leave her to the paper when she notices a photo on the page Lib was turning over. Seems it was such a slow news day that the warehouse sale not only warranted an above-the-fold article, it has a photo. And yes, Hannah and Anne have gotten their thirty seconds of fame.
Claudia has locked herself in her room and won't come out despite Harold's requests. Madge defends herself; she asked a reasonable question in a reasonable manner and she took it in an unreasonable manner. Harold asks if she had an ulterior motive but Madge says she's been nice to her. If Harold wants to take Claudia's word over hers then fine but she won't stand around and be made to feel bad for something Claudia's made up.
Anne and Hannah are heading in when they meet Lisa who asks if they're looking forward to a full day at school. Susan is next to catch up with them and she wants to see them in her office.
Quick cut to inside and Susan wants them to tell her again what happened yesterday.
SUSAN: And think very carefully before you answer.
Hannah and Anne trot out their story about the storage room being locked and not being able to get the keys and I'm sorry. Teenagers get into enough arguments and are caught out in enough lies to know that when someone sternly tells them to repeat a story then it means you've been caught out and this is your moment to redeem yourself.
When Susan reveals that she knows they went to the clothes sale, Hannah drops Lisa in it by saying that she'd said she'd let them off this time. They think Lisa told her but when Susan shows them the paper she says she'll be talking to Lisa as to why she didn't tell her.
Lou's Place
Madge is having a bad morning because she can't stop brooding over Harold and Claudia. Marlene comments that it's not over yet as Harold walks in. They need to talk and he doesn't want to do it at the bar. She makes him say it there and he apologises. He says he talked to Claudia and he realised that the woman he loved was not capable of that. He will talk to Claudia about the state of play though.
Hannah and Anne are wondering what Susan's going to do to them when they run into Lisa in the hallway. They tell her that Susan knows about yesterday and that they "sort of dobbed her in by accident". Lisa's horrified and asks how Susan took it. They warn her that Susan's pretty angry at her and Lisa snipes "Thanks a lot" before leaving.
Um, hello? If you'd done your job properly in the first place...
Harold comes home to find Claudia's emerged from her room and he makes her sit down to have a chat. Harold tells her that Madge didn't mean anything by it. Claudia says she's not making it up and if he'd heard what she'd said... Harold points out that he doesn't think that, he just thinks Claudia took it the wrong way.
Claudia gets upset at the idea of Harold taking Madge's side over hers and wants things to go back to the way they used to be. Harold gently points out that Madge is his wife and he loves her.
Harold tells her that Madge is going to try but Claudia needs to start helping herself.
Coffee Shop
Cath is rushed off her feet as Darren comes in to get some lunch for himself, Mal and Lib. He offers to make them himself which Cath is thrilled about. She tells him to put some gloves on before he starts handling food and yet there's no mention of him tying back his long hair. Cath's on her own as someone's pulled a sickie but she's a talented girl in case he hadn't noticed.
DARREN: Except when it comes to driving.
Darren says that guys are better drivers... Since when? Girls are more likely to pass their test first time, our insurance rates are lower because guys are more likely to make a claim...
The phone rings and Cath gets Darren to answer it as she's busy waging war on the coffee machine. He takes a message from someone wanting their roster and then offers to help Cath as she cleans up the coffee grains she's just spilt everywhere.
CATH: And why would you want to do that?
DARREN: Maybe the smell of coffee is turning me on.
Marlene comes in and asks why they're hiding below the counter. She seems a little disappointed when they explain they were just cleaning up the coffee.
The Classroom™
The bell goes and as the kids pack up Lisa reminds them that their astronomy assignments are due in Monday morning. The kids file out and Susan comes in. Susan wants to hear Lisa's side of the story and she says that Anne and Hannah have been good to her so she felt like she owed them one. She says that as it was the beginning of the year they'd not missed out on much but Susan says that's not the point. Susan adds that this will have to go on Lisa's report.
Ah, the bus. Mal's starting work with the ever-fussy Harold watching over him. Mal says that if Harold wants to help there's a carpet inside that'll need to come up. Darren arrives with lunch and Mal quips that he must have made it himself he was gone that long. Darren says that he did because Cath was flat out. Libby asks if they fought but Darren replies that it's all been sorted out now and that they understand each other.
Madge is rifling through her purse to find her keys and warns Marlene that Claudia can be a bit wary of strangers. But she's hoping that if Claudia can meet more people and make more friends she won't be so clingy to Harold.
As they go in Madge calls out to her but Marlene finds a note on the bench. It's a letter from Claudia - she's going back to Launceston because she doesn't want to cause trouble for them. Madge feels guilty but Marlene points out that Claudia has a right to feel guilty for causing trouble because that's exactly what she did.
Madge wonders if she should show the letter to Harold or not, maybe it will be better to let Claudia disappear? Marlene says that she has to show Harold and Madge reluctantly agrees.
Anne and Hannah discuss the lack of further action on Susan's part and wonder if she thinks the lecture was enough. Sadly it's not to be as Susan's waiting for them at the gates. She hands them a letter which she needs their parents to sign; it details what they got up to and punishment will be decided on when they return the letters.
Number 30
Lisa comes home and tells Sarah and Cath that Susan found out. She'd rather be in the girls' bad books than have Susan put it on her permanent record. She leaves to have a shower and Sarah comments that it must be something in the stars, she's had a weird day as well. Cath chimes in that if it hadn't been for Darren she'd have lost the plot at work today.
Sarah immediately picks up on this and wants details. Cath says that they had a bit of a laugh and Sarah declares that Cath fancies Darren. Cath says she loves Mal, Darren loves Libby but Sarah remembers what Cath said about the magazine quiz. Eventually Cath admits that she does fancy Darren and that she can't get him out of her head.
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Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2786
Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin

Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien, Lisa Elliot, Sarah Beaumont

Claudia Harvey, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2786
Claudia Harvey, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Madge Bishop, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2786
Madge Bishop, Marlene Kratz

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2786
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2786
Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Claudia Harvey, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2786
Claudia Harvey, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2786
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Hannah Martin, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2786
Hannah Martin, Anne Wilkinson

Hannah Martin, Anne Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2786
Hannah Martin, Anne Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2786
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Hannah Martin, Lisa Elliot in Neighbours Episode 2786
Hannah Martin, Lisa Elliot

Harold Bishop, Claudia Harvey in Neighbours Episode 2786
Harold Bishop, Claudia Harvey

Darren Stark, Catherine O
Darren Stark, Catherine O'Brien

Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2786
Marlene Kratz

Lisa Elliot, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2786
Lisa Elliot, Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2786
Harold Bishop, Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Marlene Kratz, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2786
Marlene Kratz, Madge Bishop

Susan Kennedy, Hannah Martin, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2786
Susan Kennedy, Hannah Martin, Anne Wilkinson

Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 2786
Sarah Beaumont

Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien

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