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Neighbours Episode 2779 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2779
Australian airdate: 30/01/97
UK airdate: 11/07/97
UK Gold: 02/07/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Hannah and Phil helping out Libby
Lance telling Anne that he's not repeating Year Ten - he only apologised for Ruth's sake
Phil and Libby are shifting the bricks when Karl turns up. He asks what he can do to help and Libby says he can help with the brick moving. Karl says that she's being paid, as a volunteer he should get the cushy jobs. Phil says it's a worthwhile cause, that's why he's helping.
KARL: It would have to be a very worthwhile cause to get me shifting bricks.
When Libby points out that she's doing this to prove Darren wrong (in that she can't do the job) Karl decides that's a very worthwhile cause and gets involved.
Number 32
Anne comes in calling for Lance. He's not backing down and thinks that having to repeat is basically calling him an idiot. Anne says that if he works hard at the catch up classes he'll be back in normal ones by the end of term. He says that he shouldn't have to do the classes but Anne replies that he has to.
Lance's retort is what if he just quit school all together?
He says he's had enough and he'll just get a job - he's already got one at the nursery, he'll just make it full time. Anne says that he needs qualifications for a job, he can't just move pots around for the rest of his life, but he says that on-the-job experience is the best there is. He heads off to the nursery to talk to them about it.
Lib, Karl and Phil have a bit of a fireman's chain going on for the last of the bricks when Phil notices the Ute pull up. Phil and Karl make like they're gardening as Libby walks over to Darren and announces that she's just finished. She asks what's next and he tells her that she can mix up the slurry to lay the bricks.
DARREN: The rate you work shouldn't take us long at all.
Lib's not as thrilled as she thought she might be at getting one over on him.
Debbie gets off the phone having scored herself another catering job. She tells Helen that she got this one because they'd heard about the previous one she'd done for the law firm.
HELEN: Nothing like word of mouth.
HANNAH: Yeah, they ate your food and lived.
After some mock sibling fighting, Hannah quips about Debbie taking over the kitchen. Debbie says she needs somewhere permanent and Helen wonders if she's biting off more than she can chew in keeping the catering work in addition to running the Coffee Shop. Debbie says it's all down to time management then asks Helen for her help in convincing Phil that she's worth the investment risk. Helen says that if she's serious the best person to convince Phil is herself.
Libby's mixing up the slurry when Darren comes over and says that it's quitting time. What? She's just mixed up a batch of cement, which she is now pouring into the wheelbarrow. It is *far* from quitting time! That cement needs to be laid out, the bricks placed, the area roped off...
Darren asks Karl if he's up for a drink and Karl asks how Libby went. Darren says she puts a lot of the guys he's worked with to shame and says if she finishes up they'll meet her at the pub.
Helen's gently stretching her arm when Phil comes in, looking just as stiff and sore as she does. Helen asks how the working bee went and he says he's going to soak in a hot bath for about a week. Debbie comes in and tells Phil about her new catering job and says you don't get work like this if people don't have faith in your business ability.
PHIL: No, I guess not.
DEBBIE: So... Do you?
She tells Phil that the Coffee Shop lease has her name on it, she's stuck to her guns like he said she had to, he's seen her business plan, but more than that - she wouldn't ask him if she didn't think she could do this. She needs him to believe in her. Phil says she's doing really well but he reckons the Coffee Shop isn't that good an investment. He shows her the books and she looks through them in astonishment, unwilling to believe that the business is in any kind of trouble.
Later, having read through them, Debbie has to concede that Phil was right. Phil "returns from the dead" (a trick Harold recently perfected) after his bath. Debbie tells Phil that Angie wasn't much of a business woman but she thinks it could turn it around. It was turning over a decent profit before Angie took it over, it could do again. She just wants the chance to try.
Phil says if she can come up with concrete proposals, with figures, then maybe...
Lou's Place
Darren is saying that it was Mal who thought that Libby couldn't hack it. Karl laughs and calls him on it. Darren's just grateful that Mal's not there to collect on his share of the drinks bet before asking Lib to show him again. He's actually talking about her arm muscles which she eventually does. He says it'll all help tomorrow; they'll be finished the school job by midday so he's got them some work with a plasterer. And if she thought bricks were heavy... But hey, she didn't so it's all good.
When Darren goes to the bar to get some chips Lib asks her father what she's going to do - she aches all over and if she lifts something tomorrow it'll kill her.
Coffee Shop
Lance is looking through the job section of the paper when Hannah comes over. He tells her he's quitting school and looking for a full time job. Hannah asks what he's going to do and he says he doesn't know but there's plenty to choose from. She asks about the nursery but he says they didn't offer him a good enough deal.
DEBBIE: Hey, can you guys do me a favour?
HANNAH: No! You tried to kill me before.
Debbie says she's doing a survey on what people want from the Coffee Shop and they start to rattle off ideas: no more meatloaf, give the Shepherd's Pie back to the shepherd, get in some TVs and maybe some computers hooked up to the internet...
Helen's plugging Debbie's case and Phil's avoiding the subject. Helen says he's doing a wonderful thing but he points out he's made no promises. He'll consider any good business idea she comes up with but that's it. It'll have to be a sound investment and he has to be convinced she can do it: she did have bulimia. Helen points out that they can't knock her self-esteem though.
Karl, Darren and Libby come home, Karl inviting Darren to stay for dinner. Darren declines, saying Lib had better get an early night. He'll pick her up at half six.
LIBBY: In the morning?
Right there with ya girl.
Before Darren can go, Karl gets her to confess all. She admits to getting help from Phil and Karl to move the bricks so she could see the look on his face. He doesn't take it too well, saying that they were sending him up, getting him to pay out for the drinks. He starts to get angry, saying that she doesn't respect his work. He respects her studies and her comment of "it was just a pile of bricks" goes down like a ton of them. He storms out leaving Karl and Libby astounded.
Ramsay Street
Hannah meets Anne taking Bonnie out for a walk and they get talking about Lance. Hannah's shocked to hear that the reason Lance is quitting is because Susan suggested he might have to repeat. Anne's equally shocked to find out that Lance is not getting full time work at the nursery and asks Hannah if she knows where he is. Hannah thinks that the freedom and money sounds like a good idea but Anne's not convinced. All he's ever talked about is being an architect and they need to talk some sense into him.
Lou's Place
Darren's taking his anger out on the pool table as Libby tries to talk to him. She didn't mean anything by it, she just wanted to show that she could handle it. She apologises profusely and he laughs - does he really think he'd get that worked up over a few bricks and beers? Realising she's been played too Libby tells him she was really worried that she'd upset him. Darren points out he's the one who's been left in the lurch but Libby's not budging - she aches all over. He starts to massage her shoulders and arms, and kisses away the 'pain' on her cheek and lips.
Number 32
Anne asks Lance where he was last night and tells him what Hannah said. Lance said he didn't say anything because he feels like the family loser. Her suggestion that he come with her to the school to pick up her books goes nowhere and Anne tries to point out that the only one who'll lose out here is himself. He says that when he's bringing home the big bucks she'll change her mind, but she just replies that he is dumb.
Libby tells Anne it's weird being back at school and not being a student. She's still stiff from the previous day and tells Anne it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Anne asks if Susan will be there today and Lib says she's running late as Karl's back was playing up after helping with the bricks.
As they walk around the corner they notice someone's graffittied the wall - Susan Kennedy is a stupid...
Lib goes around the corner to find out what the final word is and is disgusted to see what it is. As she wonders who would have done something like this Anne remembers she's left something at home and takes off.
Helen looks at the amount of work Debbie's done since yesterday - she's been up all night. She's got lots of information, details from suppliers, even surveys from her customers:
- less hair in the food
- change the name
- coffee: bottomless cups and waiters
She got some good menu suggestions, it's the looks she's stuck on. Helen suggests looking through some magazines for ideas and Debbie's off again.
Number 32
Lance is on the phone to someone about a job but gets nowhere because he doesn't have any qualifications and is only 16. Anne bursts in demanding to know how he could have done it but he has no idea what she's talking about. Anne says that he told Hannah he had something to do last night, and now the graffiti? She declares he's a loser and from now on he's on his own.
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