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Neighbours Episode 2777 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2777
Australian airdate: 28/01/1997
UK airdate: 09/07/1997
UK Gold: 30/06/2003
Writer: Marieke Hardy
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Harold tells Lou he has a few ideas of his own for the bus
Harold, Karl and Susan chase down Murray - Toadie and Bill end up arguing
Sarah and Cath argue before Cath storms out
Coffee Shop
Cath says that she pays rent, why should she have to leave? More than that, why should she have to come to a café and pay for ice cream that she already has at home? Mal's really not responsive as she asks if it's too much that she can have five minutes to herself? When they were growing up Cath used to spend every second night in the lounge room so Sarah could spend time with her "disgusting" boyfriends. It takes Cath flinging ice cream onto Mal (accidentally) to break the mood and she apologises.
Lou's Place
Lou is telling Marlene about his plans for the bus. Tune up, lick of paint, jazz music... She knows what state it's in and doesn't share Lou's enthusiasm. She calls him on his trying to keep busy in order to deflect his loneliness and he grudgingly admits to it. He tells Marlene that Harold's interested in the bus too and wants to turn it into a Community Service bus which she thinks is a lovely idea. So is Lou's: local jobs, promoting local sites... He'll put his tender in, Harold can put his tender in, and may the best man win.
Number 30
Sarah walks into the lounge and states the obvious.
SARAH: Oh. You're back.
I would have thought Mal and Cath on the couch would have been a big clue and thus negated the need to say that. Sarah pointedly says that they'll have to boil another egg in the morning but Mal replies he was leaving, just wanted to see Cath home.
When he's gone, Cath says goodnight and Sarah says that's one way to get out of clearing up the mess in the kitchen. Cath's not in the mood for an argument and the sisters agree to try and sort this out like mature adults.
Bill's getting frustrated at some TV movie he's watching. Apparently it's obvious that the girl killed the guy's brother, and yet she still seduces him. Don't yell at the screen, Bill. We do it all the time, they never listen. He turns it off as Mal comes home and asks how his night went.
MAL: I learnt a valuable lesson - don't mess with a house full of women.
He has a mother, a sister and two aunts. You think he'd have known that one by now!
Mal asks if they caught Murray and Bill says that he's been caught. By Karl? Nope, one more guess. One cue Toadie walks in and tells Mal that Murray is safely locked up. Toadie asks if there's any OJ left and Bill holds up the now-empty bottle he just finished draining. He snaps that he'll go and get some more himself and walks off.
Bill says that he tried, but Toadie just bit his head off.
MAL: Why? What did you do?
Bill admits that he mucked up and Murray got away earlier, and Toadie acted like it was all Bill's fault. Mal asks when Toadie has ever taken the blame for anything? If they wanted to they could sort it out, but right now Bill's not interested.
Number 30
Sarah lists all the grievances she and Jo have with Cath: mess left in kitchen, wet towels on bathroom floor... Cath asks when they want her to move out and Sarah says that's not what this is about. Cath asks what they want her to do about it and first on the agenda is to stop bossing Sarah and Jo about when Mal is over. They've got a right to be there and shouldn't be made to feel otherwise. Cath retaliates - she's got a right to privacy (which they give "sooooo graciously" /irony) and before walking away she says that if they can't handle her being 'romantic' with her boyfriend then it's their issue, not hers.
Kennedy backyard
Toadie's feeding Murray, snapping that he doesn't deserve food given all the trouble he caused last night.
Inside, Mal asks what Toadie's doing up so early and he replies that he had to feed Murray before taking him down to the station later. They look up as Bill shuffles into the room.
MAL: All these early risers. In my day, school holidays were for sleeping in.
Bill doesn't take much convincing and shuffles back off to bed. Toadie tells Mal that the damage has been done. Mal asks why Toadie said what he said what he did last night but Toadie defends him saying that "Chief numb-nut took it the wrong way".
MAL: So why'd you say it?
TOADIE: It's just what I do. Someone slips up and I make a gag.
Mal says he heard it was a full on go which Toadie denies. Mal wants them to sort something out before he goes away but Toadie is adamant. The friendship is over. They are no longer mates and never will be again.
In true soap fashion, I give it a week. Tops.
Number 30
Things between Sarah and Cath are still tense as they make forced polite remarks to each other. Cath finally asks if Sarah is still on her side - for sisters that are supposed to be on the same side, they're doing a very good job of being horrible. Sarah says she tried to sort it out last night but it got them nowhere. Cath shuts her up and says she's trying to apologise.
SARAH: Oh. Well why didn't you say so?
Cath apologises for how she made Sarah and Jo feel and is "sort of sorry" about going off at them. Sarah apologises and says maybe she's a bit jealous. Maybe. A bit. Mal's a great guy and she likes him, she's just surprised. She thought that only the good looking members of the family got boyfriends.
CATH: Oh they do, ugly step-sister.
Lou's Place
Madge is helping Lou out and hoping that the chairs are getting heavier otherwise she's just getting old.
LOU: Do you want an honest answer? Or should I lie and tell you it's the chairs.
Madge says it's a lot busier than she remembers - hardly time for other commitments really. Lou catches on and Madge says that Harold really wants the bus; he needs something to channel his energies into. Lou knows Harold's ideas are honourable, but he's done the costs and factoring the repairs...
Repairs? Madge obviously wasn't aware that the bus wasn't exactly roadworthy and she leaves with a concerned look on her face.
Number 30
Lisa tells Sarah that she won't be taking the room and having overheard Cath asks if it had anything to do with the fight? Sarah and Cath quickly put their arms around each other and enthuse that they normally get on great. Lisa insists that it's not but in an effort to prove that they're not monsters they insist she stays for a cup of tea.
CATH: There will be no arguments. Bit of mud wrestling maybe...
They walk into the kitchen and meet Jo coming through with her laundry.
CATH: Morning Jo.
JO: Get lost.
CATH: (to Lisa) Some people just aren't morning people.
Outside the pub
Harold tells Madge that he's just brimming with idea for the bus and Madge asks about financing the bus. Harold mutters that he's spoken to Karl about providing medical assistance. Madge brings him back to the matter at hand - and reality - but he says he's working on it. He reckons that with enough enthusiasm he'll have it up and running in no time, a point at which Lou rolls his eyes.
Lou tells Madge he needs her in the bar which gives him the chance to speak to Harold. Harold says that when you're working from the heart you don't need a lot of cash. Lou defends his idea and goes back inside. Harold thinks he's on a winner but Madge points out she really doesn't care. If Harold's not got the money then there's no competition.
Swanson Street Station
Toadie waits with his bags - and Murray - for his train.
Mal finds that the dead (commonly known as Billy) has finally risen and asks if Toadie's gone. Mal notes that Billy doesn't seem very upset, but Bill says he gave it his best shot. Mal points out that there's more to it than he realises; he's mad now but what happens when that wears off? He'll be here, Toadie will be home. Mal points out all the things that Bill is going to miss out on sharing with Toadie if he lets him leave.
Number 30
Cath and Lisa find common ground in their environment activities, Lisa being shocked to find that Cath was the one who was on the roof throwing out pamphlets.
CATH: You need to move in here, it'll be so much fun. We can separate our rubbish together, build a compost pile in the back garden...
As Sarah is reiterating the fact that she and Cath do (normally) get on great, Cath notices Jo in the hallway. She excuses herself to have a word with Jo and apologises for last night. She promises it won't happen again, then whispers they need to make up right now otherwise Lisa won't move in. She stresses that's not why she's apologising and Jo accepts.
Swanson Street Station
Bill walks up to Toadie and hands over his sunglasses that he'd forgotten. Bill offers to wait with him - for Murray's sake obviously as he's getting a bit restless. After some polite(ish) conversations and an uncomfortable silence, Toadie offers Bill a doughnut.
Lou's Place
Madge wants to take a break but Lou won't let her until the next shift arrives. On cue Jo walks in and Madge goes to leave. Lou stops her, saying he's been thinking about the bus idea. She doesn't want to get involved but he gets her to hear him out. He likes Harold's idea but his idea has merit too. He wants to combine the two; he runs the restaurant and any food left over, plus a percentage of the profits, goes to charity. Madge loves the idea and Lou pats himself on the back. Literally. They leave to go tell Harold the good news.
Swanson Street Station
Murray is taken off to be put in the luggage carriage - Toadie says he's not going to be happy with that. Bill says that Toadie doesn't have to go and asks if Toadie will stay. Toad says he won't, Angie is expecting him, and he gets on the train. They apologise for the previous night and Toadie walks into the carriage just before the doors close.
As the train pulls out Billy watches... until Toadie walks up and taps him on the shoulder. Bill's happy, but not so much when Toadie winds him up about asking him to stay. Bill admits he really thought he was going to leave and asks what Toadie did with Murray.
Toadie takes off down the platform after the train (which hadn't got very far despite pulling out of the station a good 30 seconds before) calling out for Murray. Billy just laughs as Toadie draws level with the train, still calling out, Murray beginning to gobble.
Madge and Lou come in and Lou tells Harold of his idea. Harold's thrilled about this, saying that he had Lou down as a selfish, greedy man who put his gains above people's needs. But he says that only to admit when he was wrong. Lou wants to get back to the pub but Harold says there are plans to be made and he will volunteer as Lou's right hand man, on task, day and night, until the job is done.
HAROLD: Now what do you think about that?
Like he wants to go back five minutes and stop this from happening, perhaps?
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Malcolm Kennedy, Catherine O
Malcolm Kennedy, Catherine O'Brien

Sarah Beaumont, Catherine O
Sarah Beaumont, Catherine O'Brien

Sarah Beaumont, Catherine O
Sarah Beaumont, Catherine O'Brien

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2777
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien, Joanna Hartman

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2777
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2777
Toadie Rebecchi

Lou Carpenter, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2777
Lou Carpenter, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

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