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Neighbours Episode 2715 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2715
Australian airdate: 04/10/96
UK airdate: 10/04/97
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Graeme Williams Mark Neal
Ben Aarons Brad Lindsay
Peter Hollows Shane Luther
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Emily
Sarah telling Danni about Graeme Williams - he wants to see some of her designs
Toadie, Billy and Hannah being interviewed about their radio station
Danni realising that Debbie was the one who sabotaged the dresses
Number 30
Cath asks Sarah if she's sure about her partnership with Danni - she's not the most together person at the moment and grief makes people do strange things. Cath thinks it's weird that the clothes were sabotaged, maybe Danni did it out of grief. Luke comes home and Cath asks him if he thinks she's holding up. He's been out on the town and would still be out there but he has a medical tomorrow - and given his cancer history he's not hopeful.
Danni's shop
Debbie is protesting that she's been in Perth, but Danni's convinced and lists a bunch of reasons to support her suspicion. Debbie points out that if she was responsible, would she be helping her to fix it?
Number 30
The following morning Luke seems distracted about his medical. He doesn't know if he should even bother but Cath says they can't hold his medical history against him. Luke decides to call and tell them about his history and see what they say.
Coffee Shop
The interview has made the paper but Hannah points out that the paper talks about the radio station being illegal and that the authorities are trying to track them down.
Number 30
Luke gets off the phone - as soon as he mentioned cancer they told him they were promoting within and there's no job. Cath says he should sue them for discrimination and is getting very passionate about the whole thing. Luke replies that it's his problem and he'll deal with it, but after he's had a walk to clear his head.
Coffee Shop
Toadie, Billy and Hannah are talking about the article. Billy and Hannah want to stop but Toadie thinks it's a stupid law. The only other person who knows about this is Melissa and Toadie wants Billy to make sure she says nothing. He's not ready to pull the plug yet and wants to go out in style with "something wonderful".
Danni catches up with Luke and he brings her up to speed about the interviews and the medical stuff. He asks about the funeral - it'll be as soon as everyone can get down. Talk turns to the sabotage and her suspicion of it being Debbie. Luke points out she was in Perth but Danni is convinced. Luke thinks the pressure is getting to her and if she needs a friend he's there for her. She wonders if he's free right now.
Coffee Shop
Toadie wants to do one last broadcast and Hannah reluctantly agrees. Billy has spoken to Mel who will stay quiet and Toadie broaches the idea of one last show. Billy's not happy but Toadie wants to give the listeners closure, as well as wondering if they really are tracking them or they're just trying to scare them off. He leaves telling them he's out, and Toadie and Hannah begin their plans.
Later, Cath comes in and tells Stonie that she'll run the Coffee Shop for them when they leave. Danni and Luke come in and she tells Luke to order while she goes to see Toadie and Hannah. She asks Hannah about Debbie's trip to Perth - Deb didn't bring back presents for them (too busy) and she made the odd phonecall but no details.
Danni's shop
Graeme turns up slightly early so he thought he'd drop in. He picks up a dress that's not been repaired and isn't impressed with the style. Danni comes back and introduces herself and begins to showcase her designs.
Toadie and Hannah are setting up, but Hannah's still worried about them getting caught. All Toadie wants is ten minutes to finish everything off. He flicks the switch and they are on the air - mourning the end of the radio show.
The tracking van picks up the signal... the hunt is on!
Danni's shop
Graeme is impressed with Danni's bridal wear, and thinks she's doing well for someone her age. There's nothing that leaps out of him... until he spots a dress with a tape measure still attached. He loves the idea which Sarah quickly names "Fashion By Measure". He's seriously impressed and loves humour in design.
Billy's out for a run when he goes past the tracking van. Realising what they're up to he takes off.
Danni's shop
Danni has sold Graeme one of her "Fashion By Measure" dresses and after he's left she gushes over her luck - if the dresses hadn't been sabotaged it never would have happened. Danni catches herself laughing and is suddenly sad until Luke tells her it's OK to laugh, and Cheryl would probably be laughing too - no way she'd miss this.
The show is ongoing when Billy comes in and warns them they're in trouble. He announces that the van is two streets away and they hastily shut off the signal.
The van has lost the signal but they know they're close so they continue to check out the area.
Number 26
Luke has come over to see Debbie and makes small talk about Helen before moving onto Danni and the sabotage. He asks her to consider how Danni is feeling and not to take it personally. He reckons she'd never do it under normal circumstances and says the person who unpicked the dresses must be out of their mind.
Billy is taking the transmitter to pieces and wants to take it away from there. Toadie doesn't want to carry it down the street so they decide to just walk out of there. But when they open the garage door the two men from the tracking van are there waiting for them...
<<2714 - 2716>>
Danni Stark, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2715
Danni Stark, Debbie Martin

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2715
Toadie Rebecchi

Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2715
Luke Handley

Hannah Martin, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2715
Hannah Martin, Billy Kennedy

Luke Handley, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2715
Luke Handley, Danni Stark

Stonie Rebecchi, Catherine O
Stonie Rebecchi, Catherine O'Brien

Stonie Rebecchi, Catherine O
Stonie Rebecchi, Catherine O'Brien

Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 2715
Sarah Beaumont

Toadie Rebecchi, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2715
Toadie Rebecchi, Hannah Martin

Toadie Rebecchi, Hannah Martin, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2715
Toadie Rebecchi, Hannah Martin, Billy Kennedy

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