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Neighbours Episode 2667 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: Episode 2667
Australian airdate: 30/7/96
UK airdate: 3/2/97
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Chris Adshead
Casper Mack: Adam Fiorentino
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan
Jo wants Marlene to talk to Cheryl about her buying the pub. Darren tells Mal he has convinced the barrister to give them the job, despite his criminal record.
Hannah finds out she needs braces and goes mad, saying she'd rather be dead. Helen and Phil try to convince her otherwise but she thinks the boys will be teasing her. Helen tells her that braces can be a status symbol these days, but she won't accept it and says she won't open her mouth until the braces come out - and by then she would have forgotten how to smile. Phil says they've all got to make sacrifices, it's going to cost a lot to get them.
Debbie has a persistent caller named Greg. She makes light of it but Phil and Hannah think he sounds like a weirdo. Debbie says he's not dangerous, just lonely.
Angie asks Lou if he thinks there'll be many changes at the pub with a new partner, but he doesn't know anything about it. She tells him Jo's buying into the pub, but Cheryl hasn't told him about it. She apologises for putting her foot in it but he's glad she told him. He tells her that he knew it was coming, but didn't know who or that it was in motion.
Hannah's birthday comes around and Helen suggests she forgets the braces for the day and just enjoys herself. She opens her presents and gets money from Phil – Debbie says they should go shopping. Then Casper turns up and gives her a card, brightening up her day!
Angie talks to Darren and he tells her he hasn't told Cheryl about the big job he and Mal have got - he's been trying to stay out of her way. She says he must be pleased he's getting on so well with his Mum, what with her organising the money for him to buy Handy Sam's. He just nods.
Casper tells Hannah he's got a plan – he offers to walk her to school but really wants her to wag for the day. Hannah is a bit dubious but Casper convinces her and they head for the railway station. He says he knows a guy who owns a skateboard shop in the city and he could get her a good discount.
Mal and Darren discuss their plans – Darren wants them to use the best material available to gain a good reputation. He wants to do the job professionally but Mal's worried they'll go broke.
Phil looks through Hannah's presents – the lingerie that Lucy's sent for her shocks him. Debbie gets another call from Greg, she tells him that it's not good for him to rely on her so much. He wants an hour-by-hour reading for the day but she tells him she can't do it, he's got to start taking responsibility for his own life and actions. Phil wants Debbie to get the calls diverted to somewhere else and he and Helen are worried the guy could find out where they live.
Susan and Angie talk about Darren and Mal's partnership. Susan asks how Shane's doing and Angie hopes he'll make a go of it when he gets out of prison. Susan tells her she's got a big heart, giving someone the benefit of the doubt is a good thing – Debbie overhears them talking about Darren and says that he is rotten to the core, he'll never be good to anyone and they're kidding themselves if they think any different.
Debbie tells Helen she just stuck her nose in something when she shouldn't have. Helen says she might be cheered up by a parcel that arrived for her – she opens it and it's a picture of a guy (Greg) with a space next to it saying ‘someone's missing in my life.' She wonders what to do – Helen suggests she contact Carol, take a few weeks off or change the phone number. Debbie says she's not sure what she can do, it's not stalking, she hasn't been threatened – he's just spooky. Helen says the man clearly needs help, but Debbie says she's tried to get him to see a counsellor.
Mal suggests to Darren that they need to find a workshop, he says they could take over the garage but Darren isn't happy to be around Karl and doesn't think he'd want him there anyway.
Hannah asks Casper if he still gets nervous around her, they hold hands. He asks her about her other boyfriends and the sort of stuff the did – she says Lance was a bit full-on, he used to want her to spend all her time with him, but she's got her own friends. She says she doesn't talk to him anymore and he can't skateboard as good as Casper!
Susan talks to Darren – she wants to have a chat with him and he gets defensive. She says she was watching him with Mal and she thinks he's very good for him and the business – he says he wants it to succeed, Mal's a good mate, they get on well and they can work together. He's put more into the business than just money and if it's going to fail, it's not because he's ripped off Mal. She says it's not the business she's worried about, it's Libby. He says he wouldn't stuff her around, but she reminds him to tread carefully with her. He tells her she's a nervous Mum and she says yes, because she'll have to pick up the pieces.
Casper tells Hannah she eats a lot for a girl and they talk about fad diets. He says he likes the way she sees through all that rubbish. She says that girls get it from magazines like Teen Girl. She produces a copy and they look through it - Casper looks at a blonde model and says ‘yuk.' Hannah's surprised he didn't think she was beautiful and they start looking at other pictures. He grabs the magazine and starts modifying the photos –Hannah's uncomfortable when he gives the girl on the front cover braces and thinks it looks gross...
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