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Neighbours Episode 2662 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: Episode 2662
Australian airdate: 23/7/96
UK airdate: 27/1/97
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Sharon Phillips: Catherine Sutherland
Customer: Vicky Angus
Summary/Images by: Alan
Debbie tells Stonie she got the job as Destiny Debra. Lou tells Cheryl he wants custody of Louise.
Phil tries to convince Hannah and Debbie that relationships are worthwhile despite all the problems you may face. They reassure him that they have a great family even though he's a single parent.
Luke goes to work with Danni for the day, there aren't any customers so he decides to go out and drum up some business. He drags in an old lady to show off what they have but she's not interested and leaves disgruntled, saying he's crazy. It doesn't deter him however and he keeps it up for the rest of the day – later, a lady customer is amazed at the quality of the clothes Danni has made. She tells them that her sister has a very well-known shop in town and she'll have a word to her about it.
Cheryl wonders what she and Lou are going to do – she can't work out how it suddenly got to so bad. She tells Marlene that he wants custody of Louise but she's the child's mother and that's that. Marlene says she's got to face facts, he's going to fight for her because she's his child . Later, Cheryl goes to see Lou at the pub but Phil says he's not around – she has a chat to him and asks if he's interested in hearing her side of the story.
Jo goes to see Debbie wanting some psychic advice, but Debbie says she isn't really psychic, it's just a gimmick. Jo says she doesn't believe it and will pay her for another reading. Debbie tells her that some day soon she'll be able to use her huge bundles of money to make someone else very happy.
Cheryl finds Lou and tells him that she's not going to allow him to have custody of Louise. He asks her how much more she wants as she already has the house, the car, the furniture –he gave up everything for her because he loved her and wanted to support her and this is how he is paid back. He tells her that wanting custody of his daughter isn't an idle threat and he's going to do everything in his power to fight for her.
Cheryl comes home seething after the confrontation with Lou, Marlene suggests they look at it from his point of view - it's not wholly unreasonable of him to want his daughter. Cheryl wants her to support her and Marlene thinks they're in for a long, hard fight.
Danni talks to the sister of the lady who came into the shop earlier and she wants to see her entire range, She begins to panic about how she's going to do it as she doesn't have an entire range at the moment. Luke calms her down and thinks she needs to sort out her business – he wants to help her out, but she's not sure she wants to mix business with pleasure.
Jo gets a call from Rob to say he's going to be a bit late coming back. She tells him she's got an idea to invest her money in. Later, she goes to see Debbie and tells her she's incredible – her reading has come true. Phil comes in and Hannah and Jo try to convince him that Debbie really does have supernatural powers.
Cheryl tells Marlene that it's starting to sink in that they're going to end up in court. She begins to think about getting a lawyer but realises it's going to cost the earth. When she realises the enormity of the situation she tells Marlene it's really frightening her...
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