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Neighbours Episode 2644 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2644
Australian airdate: 27/06/96
UK airdate: 01/01/97
UK Gold: 20/12/02
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Bobby Etheridge: Robin Collins
Skateboard Thug: Luke Anderson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou is trying to get Cheryl to open up about what happened in Ecuador.
Lou assures Cheryl that he just wants to support her, and give her a hug without her flinching.
LOU: Something happened over there, and whatever it was has changed you.
CHERYL: Yes, a good kidnapping, will tend to do that(!)
LOU: *Don't* Cheryl! You and I have known each other too long to hide things from each other. But you have changed *so* much. You talk differently, you dress differently, and there is something different behind your eyes. Now, wouldn't it be easier just to open up to me?
CHERYL: It has nothing to do with you, Lou.
LOU: Everything that affects you has something to do with me.
Cheryl starts talking about culture shock. Lou doesn't buy this, but Cheryl says it's the only expalnation he's going to get. Lou despairs.
Coffee Shop
Toadie is still regretting tearing up his contract with Hannah. He tells Libby he's had an idea - maybe he could get the lady (Miss Etheridge) to give the doll back to Hannah and cut him in on the profits(!) Libby says she can't tell Toadie where Mrs Etheridge lives as it would be unethical. Toadie changes tack and suggests that Libby does a follow- up interview at the Coffee Shop and Toadie can meet her there(!) Libby reluctantly agrees.
Cheryl and Lou are still being polite but distant to each other. Lou heads off for a walk. When he's gone, Cheryl looks very stressed.
Coffee Shop
Billy comes in and Toadie tells him he's got good news about Miss Etheridge - she's coming to the Coffee Shop. Toadie is going to try to get the doll back off her. Billy says there's no point because Hannah doesn't want to sell the doll. Toadie tries to get Billy involved, but he doesn't want to, saying Toadie has lost it(!)
Lou is telling Karl that Cheryl is like a completely different person. Karl tells him that it's a coping mechanism, but Lou says that she never behaves like this. He thinks Cheryl should see a counsellor. Karl tells Lou that he's already talked to Cheryl about counselling. He tries to drag other details out of Karl, but he says he can't tell him anything because of doctor- patient confidentiality.
KARL: I know you're worried, Lou, but my hands are tied.
Coffee Shop
Billy is still refusing to get involved with Toadie's scheme to get the doll back. Toadie starts laying guilt trips on Billy, but he is unmoved. Finally, he offers to get Billy tickets for this year's Grand Final for free, so Billy agrees!
Bric- a- brac Shop
Cheryl comes in. She tells Marlene that she isn't very easy to live with at the moment, and Lou is stressed. She wants to get away on her own for a while, but Marlene doesn't think that's a good idea. Marlene encourages her to open up to Lou and tells her not to exclude him.
CHERYL: I just don't think I can give him what he wants from me anymore.
Coffee Shop
Billy and Toadie are rehearsing their spiel for Miss Etheridge. Billy is not comfortable with it at all. Toadie tells Billy to get his football shirt off. They change tops. Just then, Libby and Miss Etheridge come in. They sit down at a table.
Bric- a- brac Shop
Marlene is trying to drag the "real problem" out of Cheryl.
MARLENE: Nothing can be *that* terrible!
CHERYL: Can't it?
She changes the subject and says she's agreed to do the interview with Real Woman magazine. Then she heads off, much to Marlene's despair.
Coffee Shop
Libby is just finishing her interview when Billy and Toadie come over. Billy awkwardly sits down with them and tells Miss Etheridge that he's a friend of Hannah's. Billy asks about the doll and Miss Etheridge says that it's the diary she treasures the most. Billy gives quite a good spiel about the doll and how much it means to Hannah. Miss Etheridge says she didn't realise how Hannah felt and says she'll think about giving the doll back to her.
Miss Etheridge has now agreed to give the doll back to Hannah. She suggests that Billy comes to her house to pick it up.
When Miss Etheridge has gone, Toadie celebrates.
TOADIE: I have mastered capitalism, and such a young age!
Billy doesn't feel too good about it, but Toadie says everyone is happy.
TOADIE: What is your problem? You get your footie tickets, (to Libby) you get your interview, she gets to feel all warm and gooey inside, Hannah get her doll back and I get CASH and lots of it! YES!
Billy points out that he still has to convince Hannah to sell, but Toadie doesn't think this will be a problem!
Karl is talking about his stress management course again. Susan tells him she's been to see Cheryl. She thinks there's something serious on her mind. Karl says he can't talk about it.
He tells her that he's been learning massage techniques and is making his own massage oil. Billy pops in and says he's going out with Toadie.
When he's gone, Karl suggests a massage, but Susan refuses as he's not very good at massaging!
Ramsay Street
Billy and Toadie are heading off on their bikes. Toadie is riding his mother's old bike as his is broken(!) Billy laughs and calls him "Toadarina". The bike is much too small for him as they ride off(!)
Cheryl comes in. She tells Lou she feels bad about the way she's treated him. She's arranged the magazine interview for tomorrow. Lou asks if she wants to go over the story with him first, but Cheryl says she'd prefer to tell the story once only.
A road
Billy and Toadie have got the doll. Some yobs set upon them and grab the doll. Billy snatches it back and he and Toadie ride off, the yobs in close pursuit!
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