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Neighbours Episode 2551 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2551
Australian airdate: 19/02/96
UK airdate: 23/08/96
UK Gold: 12/08/02
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Martin Pike: Fletcher Humphrys
Emma McKillop: Sophie Collins
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie tells Billy that being a genius is hard work!
Mal asks Cody if Karl saw Kate socially. She says she can't tell him anything.
Susan and Karl have a big fight and the question of whether they are splitting up arises.
Susan is very upset, and is crying in the classroom before class. Andrew comes in and she keeps her face to the blackboard so he doesn't notice that she's crying. But he notices anyway and Susan apologises - she can't stop crying. Andrew guesses there's a problem with Karl.
Hannah is lying down outside the shack when Toadie comes along. He inspects the shack and says he's wagging too.
Karl confronts Mal about his accusations about Kate. Mal says Karl is just worried about his reputation!
KARL: Malcolm, I've done nothing to be ashamed of!
MAL: Then why is Mum so unhappy? You act as if you don't love her anymore!
KARL: That's just not true, Mal.
MAL: You've changed. Ever since Kate, there's a big piece of you that's not even with us anymore.
KARL: Look, she was a friend. I am grieving.
MAL: More than normal for just a friend. Maybe the only reason you're still here at all is because she's dead.
KARL: Malcolm, you don't know what you're talking about, this family is my life!
MAL: Then aren't you stupid for risking having an affair you knew couldn't last! See, you can't even deny it!
KARL: What's the point? You've made up your mind already I'm guilty.
Just then, Stonie comes in and Mal leaves with him.
Jen shows Helen an advert for a 6 month art scholarship with Aboriginal women. Jen is going to apply and asks Helen to help her with the application form. Helen agrees, but she's off to orientation week now. Jen says it's not Helen's sort of thing - it's all about drinking and pranks.
Coffee Shop
Susan comes in looking for Toadie, but Billy and Libby haven't seen him. Libby asks Susan if she's OK - Andrew covered her English class today. Susan says she just had a few things to attend to.
When Susan has gone, Billy thinks he's right about something going. Libby still thinks Billy and Malcolm are over- reacting and should have more faith in Karl.
Toadie is generally annoying Hannah. He offers her some lunch and she finally accepts some quiche. Over lunch, Toadie tells her about the accelerated learning programme, but says he'd rather be thick so noone would expect anything for him. Hannah thinks he's mad. They talk about valentine's Day cards and Hannah realises it was Toadie that sent the card from Mr Powers to her. Toadie casually admits this. Hannah is not impressed and says she's off to dob Toadie in for wagging school!
Stonie, Mal and Sonny have arrived at Uni. In conversation, Sonny tells Stonie that he's been out partying with Catherine and they watched the sun rise together. Stonie contains his anger and says Catherine was probably just hanging out.
Hannah has returned to the shack and is ranting to Toadie about the Valentine's card. Toadie says she didn't think she'd take the card seriously. He awkwardly apologises and says he didn't mean for things to go as far as they did.
Mal, Stonie and a few of their mates run into Jen and Helen. Helen asks if she can tag along with them on the tour of the psychology building - they're going to be in the same class. Mal and Stonie don't look too impressed.
Karl comes in and he and Susan start rowing again. Karl says he doesn't know the Susan who came back from Africa.
SUSAN: I came back a better person! At least, I think I did, why can't you just share that with me?
KARL: Because you would not let me, that's why!
SUSAN: You resented it!
KARL: What?!
SUSAN: You wanted to punish me, and you used Kate as a weapon!
KARL: Yeah, right, so now you're using her to turn the kids against me! That's your retribution.
SUSAN: I haven't done that!
KARL: Malcolm can't stand the sight of me! And who can blame him? He's been brainwashed into thinking I had an affair with Kate and no doubt Libby and Billy believe that too.
SUSAN: And you think that's my doing?!
KARL: Well, if not you, then who, Susan? Who?!
SUSAN: If you honestly think that I would use our children to get at you, to hurt you...then maybe you don't know me at all anymore. Maybe you don't want to.
(She starts to leave)
KARL: Just a minute, where are you going?
SUSAN: I'm going for a walk, I need some fresh air.
KARL: Oh, right, so none of this matters? A bit of fresh air is more important than our relationship?
SUSAN: Karl, that is probably the most childish thing you've said in decades. If this relationship didn't matter, then I'd be taking a suitcase.
Coffee Shop
Mal, Stonie and Sonny are hanging out in the Coffee Shop. Sonny suggests that Mal could buy his car - it's only a couple of hundred dollars. Stonie suggests that he and Mal could share the car, and he is very enthusiastic. They dash off to see it.
On their way out, Libby asks to talk to Mal, but he says he'll have to talk to her later.
Karl is cooking Jumbalaya when Libby gets home. She asks where Susan is and Karl snaps at her.
LIBBY: Dad, what's going on?
KARL: It's nothing we can't sort out.
LIBBY: Then why *don't* you sort it out?! Please, Dad. Before it's too late!
Stonie is enthusing to Toadie about the car and how it'll be great when he's fixed it up. Toadie is watching cartoons. Stonie says that Toadie can become his uni tutor!
Mal and Billy come in. Libby is now cooking the Jumbalaya because Karl has gone to find Susan. Mal rolls his eyes.
BILLY: He thinks Dad had an affair.
LIBBY: Yeah, I know what he thinks, and I refuse to believe it!
MAL: None so blind.
LIBBY: It's rubbish, Malcolm! Dad would never be unfaithful! Not in a million years!
MAL: Your loyalty is touching, if misplaced.
He asks where Susan has gone, but she doesn't know. Mal says she and Karl are probably talking about splitting their assets(!)
Karl comes in and finds Susan sitting at a table.
KARL: So, it's come to this, I've driven you to drink.
SUSAN: I got cold walking. So I came in here. I needed a glass to stare at.
KARL: Is it alright if I sit down?
He sits down.
KARL: What's happening to us, Susan?
SUSAN: I don't know. We just seem intent on hurting each other.
KARL: And now the kids are joining in.
SUSAN: Oh, Karl, whatever Malcolm said, he didn't get it from me.
KARL: I know, I'm sorry, I know he didn't get it from you, I was just lashing out. I couldn't understand where he got such an absurd idea.
SUSAN: Well, if you think about it, it's pretty obvious, isn't it?
KARL: Nothing happened between Kate and me.
SUSAN: Nothing?
KARL: Well, nothing physical.
SUSAN: Oh, no. It's much more threatening than that.
KARL: Susan...she's dead! She's really no threat to anyone.
SUSAN: Will you ever forget her?
SUSAN: Then she's a threat. You'll think about her whenever things go wrong, you'll think about what might have been!
KARL: Susan, I...I had feelings for Kate. They were strong feelings. I wish I had known her better, yes. Now, in another time and another place, something might have happened between us, but it couldn't and it didn't.
SUSAN: And what if she'd lived?
KARL: Well, I wish she had! But not for my sake. You're leaving something out here. You're forgetting the simple fact is that it's you I love. It's you that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Maybe that not what you want though. Since Africa.
SUSAN: So we're back to my trip. You think that's the cause of all our problems?
KARL: You said it yourself, it's not about blame. Kate and Kenya they're irrelevant, it's about us! The fact is, we shut each other out!
SUSAN: I feel like we're strangers. How did that happen?
KARL: Well, we didn't talk to each other. But I'm talking to you now and I've told you everything there is to tell.
SUSAN: Alright, then. My turn. Africa has made a difference. It was a catalyst that let me see the world through new eyes. It made me realise how fragile life is. How precious. And I kept thinking how we'd been wasting it, and the rut we were in, and the need for some personal growth, you know. I know it all sounds so pretentious...
KARL: No, it's not! Of course I noticed the change in you when you came back. I was just frightened that I wouldn't be enough for you anymore.
SUSAN: I'm sorry.
KARL: No, it's not your fault.
SUSAN: Yeah it was, I froze you out, I didn't give you credit for understanding what I'd been through.
KARL: We're both guilty. I keep thinking of earthquakes.
SUSAN: Earthquakes?
KARL: Yes, what we've had is like a tremor - it's done some damage, rocked us around a little bit, but if we shore up the foundations...then maybe...
SUSAN: Maybe we can avoid the big one?
They both smile.
KARL: What do you think?
SUSAN: Do some rebuilding...
KARL: Shall we give it a go?
SUSAN: Yes, please!
Mal, Libby and Billy are waiting for Susan to come back. Mal is still going on about Karl's "affair". He gets up to look through Karl's briefcase. Libby and Billy tell him off. Mal grabs Karl's diary and start to ready. He looks through and finds Kate's appointments. Some of them are lunch and dinner appointments! Libby says that they were just friends. Mal holds up a photo he's found of Karl and Kate, but just then Karl and Susan come in.
KARL: Do you mind telling me what you're doing?!
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