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Neighbours Episode 2539 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2539
Australian airdate: 01/02/96
UK airdate: 07/08/96
UK Gold: 25/07/02
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Leith Davidson: David Watson
Charnelle Edwards: Kestie Morassi
Dancer: Simon Vowles
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Michael wanting Jo to come out for the night.
Jen tipping Phil's dinner into his lap.
Billy reading Melissa's diary - and reading about Duncan.
Chez Chez
Jen is mortified that she covered Phil instead of serving him, and thankfully Phil can see the funny side. He says he'll go home and change. Jen thinks she's fired but Cheryl wants her to stick around, telling Jen about her own horror stories.
Billy's practicing his kissing skills on a lemon when he's sprung by Mal and Danni. He covers by saying he was trying to eat a lemon and takes a huge bite out of it to prove his point. Mal and Danni start kissing on the couch so he goes to watch - Mal throws a cushion at him and tells him to leave.
Number 32
Stonie and Luke stumble in after their night out on the town, and Angie can't believe they've been out all night. Stonie wants to go to bed but Angie reminds him he's checking out the Uni that morning. She goes off to cook up breakfast for the boys, asking where Michael is. This then prompts laughter from the boys!
Billy comes back from his run, peeling off his socks to check out a blister while Mal and Danni have breakfast. Melissa calls, wondering when they're heading to the beach but he's really short with her and hangs up on her.
Hannah wishes she'd witnessed the spilling, wondering if Jen will do it again. He jokes about wearing an apron next time he goes to the pub but all the jokes stop when Charnelle wanders through the kitchen, wearing Michael's t-shirt, grabbing some juice and then heading back to Michael's room.
Coffee Shop
Mal and Danni discuss his Uni timetable when Stonie comes in, wearing glasses. He tells them that he has to do a performance piece - a dance piece - in order to secure his place at Uni due to oversubscription. He needs to cover four elements; angst, a stick, water and carpet - by this afternoon.
Helen tells Phil he should go in there and sort it out when Michael stumbles out. Phil wants to have a word about him bringing girls home for the night. Michael admits that Charnelle isn't a one night stand - she's a girl from Maree. Charnelle arrives and apologises for the shock she must have given them.
Melissa has come over, wondering what she's done to make Billy so angry with her. He snaps that he doesn't have a problem with her but then hands her the diary. Melissa realises that he must have read it but he denies it. He asks about Duncan and the kissing comparison, making several comments about how it might be her technique that was flawed, not his. Melissa calls him pathetic before storming out.
Lassiters Lake
Stonie is trying out moves for his dance until he gets cramp in his leg. Jo, who has been watching him, asks him what he's doing. Jo tells him that what happened between him and Annalise is his business and tells him that Annalise has left. Stonie tells her about the dance audition and she offers to help.
Number 32
Stonie is going through the routine but thinks it's useless. He can dance in a nightclub but not like this. Jo tells him to close his eyes and relax while she moves him to the music. Angie comes back and sees the two of them dancing, asking him if he's working through the family.
Coffee Shop
The Martin family are enjoying lunch before Michael and Charnelle leave when Mal and Danni come in, joining them for the left over pizza. Danni realises that Mal knew about Charnelle and isn't happy that he didn't tell her.
Number 32
Angie has been brought up to speed and settles down to watch Stonie's dance rehearsal.
Ramsay Street
Billy spots Hannah reading a "woman's" magazine - one of the articles is about kissing. He gets Hannah to take Cassie for a walk while he flicks through to the article. She spots the article and teases him about it.
Chez Chez
Jen is putting yesterday behind her and if Phil walked in she'd be fine, only when Cheryl says he has she freaks out. Cheryl warns Jen she needs to get over it and Lou suggests she sit down with Phil and clear the air.
Billy makes stilted conversation with Mal about kissing and wants to know what he can do to get better. Mal says you need to have strong lips muscles and therefore needs to do exercises. He models kissing an orange and tells his younger brother to do that 100 times a night.
Stonie watches uncomfortably as one of the students does his dance routine. He is called next to the stage and begins to dance, somewhat ungracefully. The lecturer stops the dance and asks him what he's actually interpreting in his interpretive dance...
<<2538 - 2540>>
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