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Neighbours Episode 2526 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2526
Australian airdate: 27/11/95
UK airdate: 19/07/96
UK Gold: 08/07/02
Writer: Judith Colquhoun / Bill Searle (African Scenes)
Director: Geoff Hunt / Peter Dodds (African Scenes)
Guests: Red Beard: John Cousins
Kenya Cast: Mumbi Kaigwa, Kapaito ole Seleka, Scott Kelleher
- "Dont Throw Roses" by The Badloves
- "Never Give Up" by Ian Moss
- "The Monkey And The Turtle" by Christine Anu
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Mark appearing on television with Iain Hewitson.
- Philip knows that Jen has been lying to him and tells Helen that if Jen doesn't come home shortly, she might discover that she's not welcome.
- The tribe in Africa discover that a lion is nearby.
- Luke has an angry emotional response in Karl's surgery.
Africa - Game Park
It's night and the Maasai are singing lullabies to their cows. Brett does a voice over explaining that they do so to stop the cows from stressing out and they're camping out over night to stop the lion from attacking their herd. Apparently, their whole culture revolves around their cows.
Africa - Village
Susan is watching Rachel tending to a sick woman who's contracted malaria. She says that many of them catch malaria often. Susan realises that a woman's lot is not always an easy one.
RACHEL: You know, Susan, women in your country might think they are second class citizens. In Maasailand, we *know* we are. We build the houses for our men. We feed and milk the cows for our men. We can own nothing.
Susan says that things are changing but she is told that the Maasai respond to suggestions that they change by listening politely, agreeing that it might be a good idea and then do almost nothing about it. Susan wonders if Rachel could return and live amongst the Maasai again but Rachel thinks she's changed too much and wouldn't make a good Maasai wife and mother now, even though she's proud of her people. She thinks her mother is proud of her, but it's also been hard for her to accept and she lets her know that in her own way.
SUSAN: Oh yes, the old emotional blackmail. They're very good at that, aren't they? My mother was *very* good at that too.
RACHEL: Did she die a long time ago?
SUSAN: When I was about 18. Brett's age.
RACHEL: It must have been very difficult.
There's a long pause. Susan nods.
SUSAN: (upset) Yes, it was. (pause) I don't know that I've ever gotten over it.
Africa - Game Park
The Maasai offer Brett some food and have picked up on his phrase of saying, "Cool bananas." Brett asks them why they carry a stick around with them all of the time and is told that if they walk without a stick, they walk like a woman. Brett seems to take this to heart.
Brett's Dream
Brett looks into the fire and then he appears to be lying, in his school uniform on the ground. He awakens, looking confused and there is mist billowing over some water. A figure - Red Beard - appears on some steps. Brett looks troubled and then stands and confronts Red Beard.
BRETT: I shouldn't be here. I have to get home.
Red Beard laughs at him, especially when Brett explains that his mother will be worried. Brett insists that she will be worried and Red Beard doesn't know her. The figure points across the water. Brett turns, and Cheryl's head(!) appears in the mist.
Brett turns back to Red Beard, confused, and says that he has to go in the opposite direction. Red Beard asks if it is his mother behind him.
BRETT: Will you just let me go?
RED BEARD: I'm not stopping you.
BERTT: You are.
RED BEARD: It's up to you, son. If you want to find out what's outside here, you know the way.
Brett hesitates and then rips off his Saint Christopher from around his neck. He runs up the steps (Red Beard has disappeared), and as he does, he's dressed in Maasai clothing instead of his school uniform. Red Beard's laugh echoes around him.
A lion appears(!) and Brett proudly punches his fist.
Africa - Game Park
We return to see Brett still sitting in the same position. God knows what was in that food that the Maasai gave to him. LSD, I reckon.
Number 26
Luke reckons that Philip must think him totally crazy. Philip tells him that after Julie's death, he was a near alcoholic. Philip's just confused as to why he hid out at the bus. Luke tells him that it was injured animal syndrome - he just needed somewhere to lick his wounds. Philip asks what the cause was, and apparently it was loss of face - Luke went to Japan with high hopes and was in a relationship with Ren and had a proper job, yet it all just fell apart.
LUKE: The job didn't pay enough to live on and I hardly saw Ren. Couldn't hack Japan. I was like a fish out of water from day one. Ren thought I was mad. I thought I was going mad. My self-esteem was...is...down below zero.
Philip says that Luke didn't trust them enough to ask him for help. Luke tells him that when you lose faith in yourself, you lose it in others too. Luke says that it's happened to him twice now. Philip guesses that the other time was when Morgan died.
LUKE: I coped very badly. Jen did too. Screwed up. That was us. You take on quite a load when you get mixed up with the Handleys. Someone should've warned you.
Philip wishes that Jen shared Luke's sense of honesty. He looks saddened, and Luke asks what she's done. Philip passes him a letter from the medical faculty, wanting a meeting to discuss her poor academic performance. He adds that it's dated two months ago.
Luke asks if she attended the meeting but Philip doesn't know - he was led to believe that she was nearly topping the year(!) Philip asks if Luke knew anything, but he didn't. Philip seems relieved that he wasn't the only one kept in the dark!
Luke goes to get them some more coffee. Philip sighs as he puts the letter away. There's a knock at the door and when he answers it, he's surprised to find Jen stood there.
JEN: I did call, remember. There's no need to look like you've seen a ghost.
He invites her in and takes her rucksack off her. She hugs and kisses him, but he looks faintly stunned by it all.
JEN: It's great to see you!
PHILIP: And you. How are you?
JEN: I'm fine.
PHILIP: And how's Luke?
JEN: Oh, Luke's er, improving.
PHILIP: Jen...
JEN: But I think it's going to be a while before he's able to see people.
Luke appears and stands in the doorway behind her.
LUKE: I don't know about that, sis.
Jen is shocked.
Number 26 (next morning)
Philip is making some toast. Jen comes in, and Philip is fairly cold towards her. Jen says that they ought to talk, as they didn't get very far last night.
JEN: I'm afraid I was pretty emotional.
PHILIP: Feeling sorry for yourself.
JEN: And why not? You and Luke were carrying on like as if I were some sort of criminal.
Jen tries to convince him to talk, but Philip reckons that there isn't anything to talk about. This dismays Jen.
JEN: Well, what then? Do you want me to go?!
PHILIP: I want you to be honest. That's all I've ever wanted. I thought I made that clear when Brook was around! I just don't see how a relationship built on lies can survive.
JEN: You make it sound as though that's all there was. It's not true and it's UNFAIR.
PHILIP: Isn't it?
There's a pause.
JEN: (outraged) NO! Can't you understand that I've been stressed out? Utterly exhausted? I mean, just because you're so strong, you can handle anything. I mean, can't you try and understand that?
PHILIP: Strong has nothing to do with it.
JEN: Uh?
PHILIP: When I have a problem, I go to the people I love. I ask them for help. I confide in them. When did you ever confide in me?!
JEN: All right! I should have! I'm sorry! But I can't see why a harmless lie about my brother is such a heinous crime.
PHILIP: Can't you?
JEN: (exasperated) You are so puritanical. I mean, have I fallen so far from grace that you can't even forgive me? Or maybe you didn't even care in the first place.
PHILIP: You know I did.
JEN: Did?
PHILIP: There has to be trust. Without it, all of this talk about caring and love, it's just meaningless.
JEN: Come on, Philip. It's not as if I've been cheating on you or stealing from you. Well, you know I haven't! The rest of my life's an open book.
PHILIP: (astonished) An open book?!
JEN: Yes.
PHILIP: An open book...with a couple of pages missing! Like this one.
He pulls out the letter from the medical faculty.
JEN: Oh, I see. You go snooping through my things, trying to find evidence. WELL, THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!
PHILIP: You made it my business when you told me you were doing well BUT YOU LIED! Maybe you lied to yourself as well!
He storms off, angrily grabbing his car keys as he leaves. Jen bunches up the letter and half-heartedly throws it after him.
Mark walks in and Helen, Marlene and Jo are sitting together. They've been chatting about Mark's tv show. Mark tells Jo that it's all done to her and Annalise. Basically, Jo and Annalise got him in touch with Iain Hewitson, which led to him appearing on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. A rival programme - Fit, Fun and Food - is about to go into production, and the producers called up Mark after seeing him with Iain to offer him an interview for a weekly spot as their inhouse chef.
Everyone is stoked for Mark, and they reckon he'll fly the interview.
Number 24
Sam raves about how nice the weather is and decides not to go to work. Annalise says that she thinks herself and Jo have earnt a day off too. They decide to celebrate the resurrection of Flakey's career. Jo is sad that Marlene doesn't feel the same way. Sam says that Marlene is rapt that Flakey has found work but Jo says it's him moving that's upset Marlene because of Colonel Parker.
Sam pulls Annalise up on her saying that it was a joint effort, as he thinks that Jo was the one who saw potential in Flakey and ran with it.
ANNALISE: Ok. Well done, Jo. Happy now?!
SAM: Hey, Lise, it's no big deal.
ANNALISE: Just drop it, ok?
Sam rolls his eyes.
This is a silent scene, with music about a relationship breaking down playing over the top.
Sam walks over to Annalise with two ice-creams - one for himsef, one for Annalise - but drops one when he tries to hand it to her. He gives her his, and then looks a bit put out when she doesn't share it.
He walks away and sits on a bridge.
Annalise stays where she is.
He stays on the bridge.
Then Sam sets up a swingball game. He looks annoyed when Annalise doesn't approach him and he throws the racquet on the ground. Annalise looks over but then returns to her reading.
Sam paddles in the sea. He walks along the beach, alone.
Coffee Shop
Luke is telling Jen that he isn't even going to pretend to understand, as her little games are beyond him - but he wishes that she'd left him out of it. Jen apologises, but says that she needed an excuse to get away so that she had time to think, and Luke provided it. Luke tries to ask about her course, but Jen is very annoyed and tells him that's her business.
Luke rants on about how Philip loved her and how she lied to him. Jen says that she felt humiliated and couldn't forgive herself for failing, because she was doing medicine for Morgan. Jen says that she felt like she was letting her down all over again.
Jen wonders why Luke is setting himself up as judge and jury, considering that his behaviour has been less than perfect at times. Luke tells her that what he's done hasn't hurt anyone else.
JEN: Why do I always screw up so badly?
LUKE: Family failing, kid. I guess it's in the genes.
Sam raves about the potato cakes but Annalise thinks they had too much butter on. He offers her something else but she says she's not hungry. He isn't surprised considering that all she's done is lie on the beach. She asks for some of his drink, but he's finished it. She knocked hers over.
Sam goes to get her another one, but she tells him not to bother. The mood is horribly strained. Sam asks her what's wrong and she tells him that she doesn't know. He says that he doesn't know either.
Africa - Game Park
It's dawn, and the lion didn't appear. Brett says that the Maasai reckon that they only want to chase him away from the village, but Brett thinks that they'll kill the lion if he does appear. He hopes that they don't, but he doesn't want to miss the hunt for the world.
Brett is then told that he can't go on the hunt because he hasn't got his own stick or spear. The Maasai run off to hunt, whilst Brett is taken back to the village.
Africa - Village
Susan is woken up to greet Brett back.
Africa - Outside the Village
Susan spots Brett walking back with one of the Maasai. She smiles.
Number 26
Philip is sitting at the table doing some sums. Jen walks in and offers to help, but he tells her that he's almost finished. After a pause, Jen tells him that she's been for a walk and she's been thinking about their relationship.
JEN: I know I've behaved appallingly. And I've been really selfish. And not, and not very honest. And I know that I've hurt you badly. And you have no idea how much I regret that. But, if we could try again..?
Philip says nothing.
JEN: Oh, this relationship means more to me than anything else. I really want it to work. I can, I know I can.
PHILIP: I'm sorry. I can't.
JEN: You don't mean that.
PHILIP: I can't.
Jen is dumbstruck.
JEN: I didn't think you'd be the sort to bear grudges. I thought you'd forgive me.
PHILIP: Oh, Jen. I forgive you. I do. The problem is, I don't trust you.
Jen is still dumbstruck.
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2526
Susan Kennedy

Brett Stark, Red Beard in Neighbours Episode 2526
Brett Stark, Red Beard

Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2526
Cheryl Stark

Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2526
Brett Stark

Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2526
Luke Handley

Jen Handley, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2526
Jen Handley, Luke Handley

Jen Handley, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2526
Jen Handley, Philip Martin

Philip Martin, Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2526
Philip Martin, Jen Handley

Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2526
Mark Gottlieb

Sam Kratz, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2526
Sam Kratz, Annalise Hartman

Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2526
Sam Kratz

Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2526
Annalise Hartman

Luke Handley, Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2526
Luke Handley, Jen Handley

Luke Handley, Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2526
Luke Handley, Jen Handley

Sam Kratz, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2526
Sam Kratz, Annalise Hartman

 in Neighbours Episode 2526

 in Neighbours Episode 2526

Rachel, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2526
Rachel, Susan Kennedy

Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2526
Jen Handley

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