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Neighbours Episode 2509 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2509
Australian airdate: 02/11/95
UK airdate: 25/06/96
UK Gold: 13/06/02
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Patrick Kratz: Shane Porteous
Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Luke Handley: Bernard Curry
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Marlene telling Colin that she's waited a long time to find him, so a little bit longer doesn't matter.
- Cheryl telling Brett that he'd better make up for his muck- up day prank by studying hard for his exams.
- Sam commenting to Patrick that Annalise is avoiding him.
- Karl telling Stonie that he might have glandular fever - and that he should tell his new girlfriend.
No. 24
It's evening- time. Patrick emerges from his room to find Sam and Annalise kissing in the kitchen! The 'phone rings suddenly and Annalise answers it. Stonie comes on and tells her that he's sick - and it could be infectious. He goes on that Doctor Kennedy thinks it might be glandular fever. Annalise realises with a shock that that means *she* could have it. Stonie tells her that it means no intimate contact with Sam. Annalise sighs that that's going to be real easy... She hangs up and Sam asks who the caller was. Annalise replies that it was Stella - she went to night classes with her. Sam goes to kiss her - but Annalise moves away and heads to her room. Sam looks at his father.
No. 22
Brett is studying at the kitchen table. Cheryl puts some dinner down in front of him, but warns him not to even think about lifting his head from his books. Lou tells her to leave Brett alone: the school has punished him enough. Cheryl just mutters that he deserves every word of it. Lou changes the subject and tells Cheryl that he and Kev have put together their final list of ideas for Cup Day, but some of them may cross over with the council do in the afternoon. Cheryl hugs him and says she knows he'll work something out. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Cheryl opens it to Angie, who says she popped in to see if Cheryl might like to go on a shopping trip some day: Big Kev's sent her the money to buy some new golf clubs - for her birthday. Lou asks when the big day is and Angie admits that it was today. Lou and Cheryl wish her Happy Birthday and Cheryl tells Lou that there's champagne in the 'fridge. Brett calls over to remind everyone that he's studying. Cheryl just tells him to go to his room if he wants some quiet!
No. 30
Marlene is at No. 30, promising Colin that she'll look after all his bits and pieces for him. Colin sighs:
COLIN: You know, this is the first time I've begun to regret an adventure before it really started. Leaving behind my dear friends in Ramsay Street...
MARLENE: Well, they'll miss you, too. In fact, you know, I don't think they'll let you go without a proper send off.
Colin smiles that he's never had a farewell party before!
No. 22
Lou proposes a toast to Angie and the two of them and Cheryl clink glasses. Lou then heads off to the bar - finding Billy on the step as he opens the front door. Billy explains that he's come to see Brett. He heads thorough to the kitchen and sits down at the table with Brett, telling him that now that McKenna is Vice Principal, a new guy, Watson, has taken over from him and he's just given them a huge Geography assignment; it's really complicated and he wants them to hand- write it. Brett asks what it's about - and why Billy wants his help. Billy tells him:
BILLY: I need to find an urban land development, photograph it and detail its 'civic amenities'.
Brett tells him that that's a cinch: what about the community garden? Billy beams that that's a good choice. He asks Brett to come with him tomorrow and Brett agrees. Billy then tells him that the word got around at school that muck- up day was his idea and he's a hero to everyone! Brett looks suddenly delighted!
No. 24
Patrick tells Sam that he's off to Chez Chez to have a word with Lou about Cup Day. He invites Sam, but he says he'll stay and spend some time with Annalise. He heads out, just as Annalise emerges from the bedroom area in her dressing gown. Sam makes room for her on the couch and she sits down. Sam kisses her neck - but Annalise pushes him away. She lets out a yawn and tells him that she's really tired. Sam suggests they make it an early night. Annalise nods:
ANNALISE: Yes, sure - as long as we go straight to sleep.
Sam frowns in annoyance and asks Annalise if she's angry with him. Annalise, however, tells him that she thinks she's coming down with something. Sam tries to give her a back rub, but she snaps at him to stop pressuring her. Sam stands up and mutters that he's going down the pub with his dad. He tells Annalise tersely not to wait up for him.
Community Garden
The next morning, Billy has a camera round his neck and is removing the flash unit. As he does so, he asks Brett if he reckons he'll do OK in his exams now that he has to do them at the uni. Brett, however, shrugs that he's not really fazed; he's more worried about not getting the reference from the school. Billy suddenly senses movement and he asks Brett if he saw something big across the garden. They walk forward as Brett starts teasing Billy about a ghost! Billy takes some photos. He murmurs to Brett that something about the place gives him the creeps.
No. 24
Cheryl shows Lou a bright pink top and asks him if he thinks Angie will like it. Lou grins that it's her style - she'll love it! There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Cheryl opens it to Marlene, who steps inside and says she's organising a farewell for Colin: he's off in a few days and she thought she'd let him know how much he'll be missed. Lou hands her a few coins for a present. Marlene asks coolly if that's the best he can do, and Lou replies that he hasn't been to the bank yet. Marlene asks if he and Cheryl will come to the do tomorrow night. Lou says quickly that he'll be at the pub. Cheryl adds that she has to look after Louise. Marlene glares at them and snaps that if they don't want to show their friendship for Colin, there are plenty of people who *do*.
No. 32
At No. 32, Stonie hands Marlene a couple of notes and she comments that it's very generous. Stonie tells her:
STONIE: Oh, you know, not being able to go, an' all.
Marlene turns away in disgust.
Offices of AnnaJo
Jo hands Marlene some cash but tells her that she's really sorry about the party, but she's got a late meeting with the Paralympians.
Holy Roll
Angie hands Marlene some money and tells her to make sure Colin gets something lovely.
No. 24
Back at No. 24, Marlene counts the cash she's collected. She then holds up the notes and mutters to herself darkly:
MARLENE: Blood money...
Holy Roll
Angie takes an order from Patrick and Sam, who are sitting at a table. When she's gone, Sam tells his father that he called his mum this morning - and she'd like to speak to Patrick. Patrick murmurs that it mightn't be easy. Sam insists that she isn't furious - she'd like to speak to him; she's expecting him to call. Patrick nods that in that case he'll do it - if he can fit it in...
No. 30
Colin zips up a suitcase and declares to Marlene that that's almost the lot. He adds that it's good to get it out the way - no last- minute rush: they can just enjoy the farewells. Marlene tells him quickly that she doesn't think a party is a good idea; she was thinking just a nice, quiet night alone, just the two of them. Colin muses:
COLIN: No takers, huh?
He then admits that it's not the first time it's happened - everyone thinks he's a terrible bore. He adds that he's tried to change - lecture less and listen more - but every time he speaks he finds himself running off at the mouth and everyone else running away. Marlene tells him that she loves him for it. Colin says:
COLIN: As long as I have *your* admiration, I don't need it from anyone else!
No. 32
Stonie sips from a mug as Angie runs into the lounge room and shows off the pink shell suit that Cheryl bought for her! Stonie comments that it's very her! Angie beams that she saw the very outfit the other day, but when she got back with the cash, it was gone. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Angie goes and opens it to Annalise. Angie tells her that Stonie will be all the better for seeing her: he's got exams coming up and that Kerry girl dumped him... Annalise heads into the lounge room, where she asks Stonie how he's feeling. He croaks that he's as good as he looks. Annalise asks if he knows what's wrong, but Stonie coughs that he hasn't got the results yet. Annalise asks him tersely if he knows how contagious glandular fever is; how could this be *happening* to her? Stonie mutters:
STONIE: Well excuse me, but you were pretty co- operative at the *time*.
ANNALISE: Yes, I know I wasó
STONIE: I mean, I'm the one who's sick when I should be studying for my exams. I mean, I could blow them again and all you can think about is *yourself*. Well, thanks a lot.
Annalise stands there, looking sheepish.
No. 24
Sam heads into No. 24 with a box of chocolates and Patrick asks him what he's done. Sam replies that he and 'Lise haven't had a fight, but she's still a bit distant. He then asks Patrick if he's called Sarah yet. Patrick, however, says time got away from him. Sam points to the 'phone and tells him to make the call while *he* gets cleaned up. Patrick, however, suddenly notices that the chips he's cooking are nearly done!
No. 22
Billy heads into No. 22 and asks Cheryl if Brett is around. Cheryl calls upstairs and Brett comes down. He and Billy head into the kitchen and Billy says he thinks he left the flash off Libby's camera down at the Community Garden. He asks Brett if he picked it up, but Brett replies that if he had he'd have given it to him. Billy says he'd better go and check if it's still there and he asks Brett if he'll come with him. Cheryl, however, calls out to Brett that he's got five more minutes and then it's back to the books. Billy says to Brett hesitantly:
BILLY: You sure you can't come? It's just that... well... I'm pretty sure that... well, not really, but... there could be something down there... or someone...
Brett laughs and assures him that there's nothing down there
Community Garden
A dog howls in the distance as Billy uses a torch to look around the darkened garden. He hears a sudden banging sound and calls out:
BILLY: Who's there?
There's no answer, though. He carries on looking for the flash. He heads another noise and calls:
BILLY: Who is it?
All of a sudden, he spots someone apparently hiding behind an old car across the other side of the garden. The person begins to creep away. Billy calls:
BILLY: Come out - I can see you.
There are more noises and the dog continues barking, leaving Billy looking around fearfully...
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Patrick Kratz, Annalise Hartman, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2509
Patrick Kratz, Annalise Hartman, Sam Kratz

Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2509
Stonie Rebecchi

Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2509
Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark

Lou Carpenter, Angie Rebecchi, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2509
Lou Carpenter, Angie Rebecchi, Cheryl Stark

Colin Taylor, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2509
Colin Taylor, Marlene Kratz

Brett Stark, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2509
Brett Stark, Billy Kennedy

Sam Kratz, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2509
Sam Kratz, Annalise Hartman

Billy Kennedy, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2509
Billy Kennedy, Brett Stark

Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2509
Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

Stonie Rebecchi, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2509
Stonie Rebecchi, Marlene Kratz

Joanna Hartman, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2509
Joanna Hartman, Marlene Kratz

Angie Rebecchi, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2509
Angie Rebecchi, Marlene Kratz

Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2509
Marlene Kratz

Sam Kratz, Patrick Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2509
Sam Kratz, Patrick Kratz

Colin Taylor, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2509
Colin Taylor, Marlene Kratz

Angie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2509
Angie Rebecchi

Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2509
Annalise Hartman

Patrick Kratz, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2509
Patrick Kratz, Sam Kratz

Brett Stark, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2509
Brett Stark, Billy Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 2509

Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2509
Billy Kennedy

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