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Neighbours Episode 2491 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2491
Australian airdate: 09/10/95
UK airdate: 30/05/96
UK Gold: 20/05/02
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Adrian Ewart: Jeremy Kewley
Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Lance Hails: Andrew Bibby
Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Caroline Sinclair: Alicia Rose
Troy Blocker: Jarrod Glasunow
Kev Duve: Brad Wade
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Angie asking Stonie who the new girl is in his life. Stonie replying that he can't say as there are complications.
- Lance and Hannah kissing.
No. 28
In the kitchen area, Karl is encouraging Mal to get a move on with the dinner. Mal asks in annoyance why Libby and Billy can't help. Karl replies tersely that Libby is still out with her internet pal. Billy emerges from his room and Mal tells him that he can help with dinner. Susan - sitting at the table - sighs at everyone that she's got work to do. Libby arrives home and announces that she's just had the best time ever! Mal grins:
MAL: What - with a ten- year- old?!
Libby retorts that she means with Digby's *brother*. Karl asks who calls their kids 'Sonny' and 'Digby' in the first place! Libby says Sonny has asked her to go surfing after school tomorrow, up the coast.
No. 30
Adrian pours Cody a glass of wine and tells her that it's not too late to back out. Cody, however, points out that if Caroline accepted the truth about them, she wouldn't have to go through with it. Adrian says that he really thinks that if he treads carefully, he can persuade her to get some help. Cody remarks that he really still cares for her. Adrian tells Cody that she's a very special person: not many people would contemplate what she's about to do; let's just hope that the ends justify the means...
Holy Roll
Mark sees the final customers of the night out of the shop and then comments to Angie and Stonie that that was a pretty easy introduction to Doobie's Pizzas. Angie, however, suggests that there's lots of room to improve. Mark shows Angie a roster that Luke was working on before he left, and he passes some recipes to her as well. Angie, however, says she wants to put her own stamp on the place so that it's really hers.
No. 26
The next morning, there's a knock on the front door and Hannah runs to open it - but looks disappointed to find that it's Cody. Jen explains to Cody that Hannah's got herself a boyfriend! Hannah asks what she should do at school if Lance is like Billy and doesn't want to talk to her. Jen, however, points out that she and Billy are mates; Lance really likes her, and that's different. There's another knock on the door and Jen goes and opens it to Zoe, who bursts in and asks Hannah eagerly how she managed to sleep! She then asks her if Lance has called her this morning. Hannah says he hasn't. Zoe's face drops. She then tells Hannah to come on, and she dashes out!
Ramsay Street
Danni walks down the driveway of No. 22 as Mal and Libby head across from No. 28. She asks with a sigh why the holidays have to go so fast. Brett joins them as well and they all start walking down the street. Stonie heads across from No. 32 and comments that this term is going to be a killer. Libby says she wants to day to be over because she's going surfing this afternoon. Danni exclaims that it's freezing! Stonie suddenly notices Billy catching up to them quickly and he laughs that anyone would reckon he was looking forward to going back. Libby grins that he just wants to see Melissa again! Zoe and Hannah are also walking down the road, behind everyone else, Zoe telling Hannah that Lance will be waiting for her outside the school gates and he'll want to hold hands with her all the way to class!
Grounds of Erinsborough High
As the kids arrive at school, Billy looks for Melissa, but can't see her. Zoe spots Lance and grins at him:
ZOE: Hi Lance! Fancy meeting *you* here!
Lance tells Hannah - who's wearing her school uniform - that she looks really nice! He adds that he's got English first up and he thought they could walk together. As they head to class, Lance takes Hannah's hand - but after a few seconds, Hannah, looking awkward, takes hers away.
Across the grounds, Billy is standing on his own as the bell goes. Susan walks over to him and warns him that he'll be late for class. Billy explains that he's waiting for Melissa. Susan, however, tells him that Mrs. Drenth rang the office: they didn't get back from the beach until late last night and Melissa's got a really rotten cold, so she won't be at school today. Billy's face drops.
Holy Roll
Cody and Jen walk into the coffee shop and order two cappuccinos from Angie. As they go to sit down, Angie tells Cody that Stonie's been real down lately, and she knows Cody probably isn't the best person to ask, but she's never seen him so uptight about his new ladyfriend. She asks Cody if she knows who she is. Before Cody can answer, Mark emerges from the kitchen to talk to Angie about business. Jen and Cody sit down at a table and Jen asks Cody if she knows anything about Stonie's new lady. Cody replies that she's too busy with *Adrian's* ex to worry about *hers*. Jen asks her what she's going to do. Cody explains that Adrian's bringing Caroline to Chez Chez today and she's going to tell her that she and Adrian aren't together. Jen doesn't look impressed.
Erinsborough High
The final- year class comes to an end, but Susan stops everyone leaving the room and tells them that the Mr. Rust, the Careers Advisor, has asked her to remind everyone about their end- of- year tertiary preferences. Danni asks what to do if you already know what you want to do, like her Design Course. Susan, however, points out that there's no guarantee she'll get in. Mal comments to Stonie that he doesn't even know what his preferences *were*. Susan joins them and tells them that these choices can affect the rest of their lives.
Out in the corridor, Hannah is looking in her bag for something. Zoe tells her to hurry up or they'll have to search the whole playground for Lance. Hannah, however, says she doesn't *want* to find Lance; she wants to play netball; it's boring spending every second together. She finds the book she was looking for and she and Zoe head into the classroom, where Zoe asks her what she'll do if Phoebe hangs around Lance at lunchtime and he starts to like her better than Hannah. Hannah retorts that if he does that, then they deserve each other. With that, the two of them head out of the classroom, leaving their bags, books and folders behind.
Holy Roll
Stonie, Danni and Mal head into the coffee shop, Mal saying he can't believe his mum wants them to make an appointment with the career's adviser on the first day. Angie walks over and grins that it's just like old times, the gang back together again! She asks how the first day back is going, but everyone just groans! Angie tells them to cheer up: it's almost half over! As they all decide what to order, Angie smiles that she's enjoying working there - she's *made* for the job! She then comments to Stonie that Cody was in earlier and she asked her about his new girlfriend. Stonie sits there in embarrassment as Angie goes on that Cody wouldn't tell her a whisper. She asks Mal and Danni if *they* know who she is. Danni replies with an intrigued grin that they don't, but give them time...!
Chez Chez
Cody is sitting at the bar and Kev serves her with a drink. Karl walks over and comments to her that the end of the year isn't a good time to be skipping classes and hanging out in bars. He sniffs Cody's drink and remarks that it's scotch. Cody tells him that it's just a half and it's purely medicinal. Karl asks if it's uni or love that's causing her hassles. Cody replies that it's both. At that moment, Adrian comes in with Caroline and they take a seat at a table nearby. Cody walks over to them and says a cheery hi! Adrian re- introduces Cody to Caroline, who tells Cody that she has to apologise for her outburst the other day: it was rude. Cody 'assures' her that she really has nothing to worry about with her and Adrian. Caroline smiles that she knows that now: Adrian has explained. Cody looks at Adrian in surprise. Caroline goes on:
CAROLINE: I didn't realise how young you were. It must be difficult.
CODY (blankly): Excuse me?
CAROLINE: You know - first year uni and that. I remember when I was at college I had so many crushes on teachers. And sometimes I'd even convince myself the feelings were reciprocated! Oh, I made such a fool of myself.
CODY (murmurs): Yeah, well, we all do that.
Caroline goes on that she's sure Adrian never meant to lead Cody on - and the last thing Cody needed was her coming in and making a scene like she did, but at least it's all sorted out now. She holds out her hand and asks if they can be friends. Cody, however, refuses to shake it, saying bluntly that they haven't got enough in common. She walks out.
Erinsborough High
Zoe is rearranging Hannah's folders on the desks in the classroom so that Hannah can sit next to Lance. At that moment, Lance comes in and comments to Hannah that he didn't see her at lunchtime. Hannah explains that she was at the netball courts; she thought he might come down to watch. Lance nods that maybe he will next time. He asks her if they can meet after school and Hannah smiles:
HANNAH: If you like!
With that, she moves her books and sits down next to Zoe.
Ramsay Street
Sonny is removing a surf board from the rear of his camper van, telling Libby that it's pretty bashed about, but he figured she could afford to cut loose with it and have a bit of fun. At that moment, Mal emerges from the house with another board, telling Libby she can use that. Libby, however, explains that she's using Sonny's board. Mal admires the 'Bono Board', asking where Sonny got it. Sonny explains that he made it - he's Sonny 'Bono' Hammond. Mal looks impressed and asks for a tour of his workshop sometime! With that, Sonny and Libby climb into Sonny's camper van and drive off. Karl is walking up the street and he growls at Mal about Libby driving off in a mobile motel room. Mal assures him that she'll be all right - she's with 'Bono' Hammond.
No. 26
Jen is watching her soap opera when there's a knock on the front door. She calls out that it's open. Cody comes in and Jen quickly changes the channel! She then asks how the meeting with Adrian and Caroline went. Cody sighs that it was awful: Caroline was perfectly calm and *she* felt like some little kid with a crush on her boyfriend. Jen asks what Adrian did. Cody retorts that he did nothing; he just sat there holding Caroline's hand as if he and Caroline had the best relationship in the world. Jen asks Cody if she still thinks Caroline is crazy. Cody says she doesn't know - she felt like *she* was the crazy one when she left. She goes on bitterly that she can't believe she went through all that stuff: lying... playing games... humiliating herself. She sighs that if that's what love does to you - makes you lose every shred of dignity - then she thinks she can do without it.
Sonny is teaching Libby how to surf, demonstrating on a board on the sand, showing her where to place her hands, then how to stand up. After a while, he runs into the sea and demonstrates as Libby watches.
Sometime later, Libby runs out of the sea and joins Sunny on the beach, where he wraps a blanket and his arm around her and asks her if she'd like to hang onto the board until next time. Libby queries:
LIBBY: Next time?
SONNY (smiles): Well, you'd like more lessons, wouldn't you?
They sit like that and stare out at the sea as the sun begins to go down.
No. 30
Adrian has turned up at No. 30, where he tells Cody that it worked: he really thinks Caroline's off their backs now. Cody, however, asks him angrily if he has any idea how difficult that was for her today; she's never been so humiliated in all her life. Adrian pointed out that she knew it wasn't going to be easy. Cody snaps that she didn't bank on him just sitting there holding Caroline's hand. Adrian tells her that he had to be convincing. He goes on that Cody knew it wasn't going to happen overnight, but Caroline's not suspicious anymore; that's good. Cody murmurs that that's just as well, as she's not playing these games anymore. She goes on:
CODY: If you feel some responsibility towards Caroline, then that's fine, you know? You deal with her. You sort it out. And when you think you have, then you can give me a call and we'll take it from there.
Adrian tries to say that they should talk about this. Cody, however, says she doesn't think there's anything to talk about anymore, and she asks Adrian to please go. He looks at her and then turns and walks out.
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Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2491
Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2491
Susan Kennedy

Cody Willis, Adrian Ewart in Neighbours Episode 2491
Cody Willis, Adrian Ewart

Mark Gottlieb, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2491
Mark Gottlieb, Stonie Rebecchi

Zoe Tan, Jen Handley, Cody Willis, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2491
Zoe Tan, Jen Handley, Cody Willis, Hannah Martin

Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy, Brett Stark, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2491
Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy, Brett Stark, Stonie Rebecchi

Lance Hails, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2491
Lance Hails, Hannah Martin

Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2491
Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Angie Rebecchi, Jen Handley, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2491
Angie Rebecchi, Jen Handley, Cody Willis

Cody Willis, Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2491
Cody Willis, Jen Handley

Susan Kennedy, Stonie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2491
Susan Kennedy, Stonie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy

Hannah Martin, Zoe Tan in Neighbours Episode 2491
Hannah Martin, Zoe Tan

Stonie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy, Angie Rebecchi, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2491
Stonie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy, Angie Rebecchi, Danni Stark

Karl Kennedy, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2491
Karl Kennedy, Cody Willis

Caroline Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 2491
Caroline Sinclair

Hannah Martin, Lance Hails, Zoe Tan, Troy Blocker in Neighbours Episode 2491
Hannah Martin, Lance Hails, Zoe Tan, Troy Blocker

Malcolm Kennedy, Sonny Hammond, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2491
Malcolm Kennedy, Sonny Hammond, Libby Kennedy

Cody Willis, Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2491
Cody Willis, Jen Handley

Libby Kennedy, Sonny Hammond in Neighbours Episode 2491
Libby Kennedy, Sonny Hammond

Sonny Hammond, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2491
Sonny Hammond, Libby Kennedy

Cody Willis, Adrian Ewart in Neighbours Episode 2491
Cody Willis, Adrian Ewart

Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2491
Cody Willis

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