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Neighbours Episode 2489 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2489
Australian airdate: 05/10/95
UK airdate: 28/05/96
UK Gold: 16/05/02
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Adrian Ewart: Jeremy Kewley
Manuela De Ferreira: Claudia Buttazzoni
Caroline Sinclair: Alicia Rose
Matt Christiensen: Nathanial Kiwi
Tommy Roth: Paul Tomkinson
Summary/Images by: Graham
Cody snapping at Caroline to leave her alone.
Mark kissing Jo.
No. 28
Libby and Mal are sitting at the computer, Libby chastising her brother for typing that he's a tall, handsome, 18- year- old multi- millionaire seeking a Pamela Anderson lookalike for meaningful e- mail correspondence! Mal taunts her back that he supposes *she's* never lied at all! There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Libby opens it to Brett, who's loaded down with books on Kenya. Susan joins them as he explains that Colin lent them to him. He goes on that Colin sponsors a child through World Vision in Chad, and he thought it might be the type of charity the school could get into. Susan smiles that she'll bring it up at a staff meeting. Karl arrives home and asks Brett when he's coming down to the surgery for his shots. He starts listing the injections Brett will need, along with the 'side effects', which he exaggerates! Brett's face drops! He runs out. Libby gives her father a filthy look!
No. 30
Mark is teaching Jo how to make pasta. Cody comes in and asks if there are any messages for her, but Mark tells her that there aren't. Cody says she thought Adrian would call; she hasn't heard from him for ages. Jo suggests that perhaps his pager's broken. Cody heads out into the hallway to try calling him at home. She looks up the number and then dials. The call is answered by Adrian and Cody grins:
CODY: At last! I thought you'd left the country or something.
Adrian, however, snaps at her that he told her not to call him there; it's not a good time, so he'll call her back. He hangs up, leaving Cody looking annoyed.
No. 28
Susan is chastising Karl gently, saying she thought doctors were supposed to put their patients' minds at *rest*! Libby is still growling at Mal that it's a wonder his nose hasn't grown two- feet long with the whoppers he's been telling on the internet. Mal exclaims that it's all right for *her* to go round telling everyone she's a pro- surfer. Libby retorts that with a few lessons she probably *could* learn to surf - but *he's* never going to wake up with the face of Brad Pitt or the body of Mr. Universe! Mal challenges Libby to come along with him when he teaches Danni to surf tomorrow. Libby shrugs that she *will*!
No. 22
Brett is reading a medical textbook when Danni comes in and asks him what he's doing. He explains that he's found out he's got to have all these injections for his trip to Kenya, but he was figuring he might not have them and take his chances. Danni taunts that he's a wuss: *she* only has one small needle but she has to stick it into herself every day and she doesn't even get a free trip to Kenya! Brett admits that maybe he *is* acting like a jerk. Danni tells him that a few injections in one lifetime is better than one a day for the rest of your life. Brett thanks her.
No. 30
It's evening- time and Mark serves up dinner in the kitchen. Cody smiles that it smells great. Jo tells her that it's just what she needs to take her mind off the debonair doctor. Mark comments that Adrian seems like a nice guy; if he said he'll ring, he'll ring. Jo then remarks to Cody that the two of them are getting on so much better now; it's good to have someone else to confide in; she's really glad that they're able to put the past behind them and be friends, as they'll probably be seeing a lot of each other in the future. Cody asks how she figures that. Jo tells her quietly that things between her and Mark are getting pretty serious.
No. 22
Mal is at No. 22 and he tells Brett that if he wants a bit of a laugh, he should come down to the beach tomorrow, as Libby reckons she's going to surf! Danni comments that at least *she* won't look like the only dork out there. Brett asks what the big interest is in surfing all of a sudden. Mal explains that Libby's been getting on the internet, telling everyone she's a pro- surfer, and now she's feeling guilty because she's never been on a board in her life! Brett murmurs that he wishes he could come, but he'll probably be covered in a rash, or throwing up or something. Mal grins:
MAL: Believe me, mate, I wouldn't swap places with you for anything!
With that, Brett heads off to bed, Danni telling him not to let it worry him too much.
No. 30
Mark and Jo kiss briefly by the front door and Jo heads out. Mark returns to the kitchen, where Cody comments that he's looking very pleased with himself! Mark tells her that dinner went well, everyone had a good time and Joanna's great company. Cody, however, reminds him that Jo is the reason she left Marlene's in the first place; now it seems like Jo is *following* her! Mark tells her that Jo isn't going to be around long enough to bother her. Cody, however, tells him that Jo is convinced that he and her are launched on the sea of love or something! Mark exclaims that they barely *know* each other. Cody tells him that that's not what *Jo* thinks...
No. 28
Karl is sitting in the lounge room looking at one of Brett's books about Africa. Susan joins him and remarks that it's two o'clock in the morning. Karl tells her that he couldn't sleep. Susan asks what's going on. Karl says:
KARL: OK, OK, I'm lying in bed and I'm thinking I'd better order the vaccines for you and Brett - and it suddenly occurs to me you are going to Kenya.
SUSAN (wryly): Ooh, you're quick, I'll give you that. Nothing gets by *you*!
Karl, ignoring the jibe, goes on that for the first time in their lives she's going to be well and truly out of touch in a place he's never been to and doesn't know anything about. Susan assures him that they'll be perfectly safe: World Vision have got it all planned down to the last detail - and she'll have Brett to protect her. Karl muses that that's very comforting! He then confesses that he's jealous: she's going to have an exciting, fantastic, action- packed time while he's stuck there with the three brats from hell! Susan smiles wickedly:
SUSAN: Why don't you come back to bed and I'll show how much I'm going to miss you...?
No. 30
Cody dials Adrian's number but gets through to his answerphone. She hangs up in annoyance. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and she opens it - to find Adrian standing on the step. He tells her that he realises he's probably not her favourite person, but he's missed her and he wanted to come over and say he was sorry for the way he snapped at her on the 'phone. He reminds her to call him on the pager if she needs him. Cody tells him that she *did* call him on the pager - about seven times to be exact. Adrian replies that he got the messages but couldn't call her back straight away because he's got a few family hassles at the moment. Cody frowns:
CODY: Family hassles...?
Adrian tells her that it's his mum. He asks if he can come in - if she's not planning on going to bed just yet...
Garage of No. 22
The next morning, Mal is loading up the car as Danni whinges about having to be up so early. Libby asks about life jackets in case they get caught in a rip. Mal, however, tells her that surfers don't wear life jackets - it's rule No. 1! He stuffs her into the back seat of the car. Danni walks round and climbs into the front passenger side.
Sometime later, a wetsuited Libby is waxing a surfboard, but Mal tells her to work at it harder. Danni is sitting some way away, wrapped up against the cold! Mal calls to her and she gets up and runs towards the sea - then runs away again after dipping her toe in! She tells Mal that she's had her fun and now it's back to the car! Libby suddenly spots Manuela, who walks over to them. She smiles at Libby that she's trying to reinvent herself for the internet, is she?! She adds that when Libby is sick of learning from an amateur, come and see *her*! Mal laughs and asks who she's calling an amateur!
No. 28
Brett is taking another toilet break before Karl gives him an injection! He walks back into the lounge room and Karl admits that he might have exaggerated about the side- effects. He tells Brett that the most he's likely to feel is symptoms similar to the flu. He tells him to roll his sleeves up, and he cleans the site before giving Brett a lolly stick to bite down on!
Danni watches as a group of surfers, including Mal, run into the water. Libby and Manuela look on, laughing, as the surfers do their thing!
Holy Roll
Mark is icing a cake and Jo smiles at him that everything he does is wonderful! Cody and Adrian come in and Jo smiles that they look good together - they're so in love. Mark takes the opportunity to ask what she's been saying to Cody about the two of *them*, as Cody has been teasing him all morning about wedding bells! Jo explains that she just mentioned how much she likes him and how they're getting on so well. Mark tells her that it's early days yet; it's better to build a friendship and go from there. Jo seems to accept this - but then asks him if he likes kids, adding that she'd like at least six: three of each!
Car park by the beach
Manuela asks Libby how she thinks she went. Libby smiles that it was a lot harder than it looks, but it was good fun. She asks Manuela if she comes there often and Manuela nods that she's there every morning. Danni asks in irritation if Libby and Manuela can hurry up, as she's freezing her butt off. Mal muses:
MAL: There's nothing wrong with the mouth, though!
A car pulls up suddenly and a guy calls out to Manuela to ask if she's coming. He then indicates Libby and asks Manuela who her friend is. Manuela introduces Libby to the guy - Tommy Roth. The two of them walk towards the car and Manuela climbs in. Tommy drives off. Libby then turns to Mal and smiles that this has been great - she's just going to *love* surfing!
Holy Roll
Cody is sitting at the counter and Mark comments that she managed to drag Adrian away. Cody smiles that between the books, his clingy ex and his mother, it's a wonder she gets a look- in at *all*. Mark asks if his ex- girlfriend is still on the scene. Cody nods that she's trying to be, but Adrian reckons it's all fixed now. She picks up two coffees and takes them over to the table where Adrian is sitting. His pager's going off and Cody asks if he has to go to work again. Adrian, however, says he doesn't. He's looking through an electronic personal organiser and he remarks that he can probably squeeze her in: he's got lectures in the morning and tutes in the afternoon... Cody suddenly grabs the organiser and pulls it away. Adrian starts horsing around, trying to get it away from her. All of a sudden, a woman comes in. Adrian stares at her, saying in horror:
ADRIAN: Geez, Caroline. What are you doing here, Caroline?
CAROLINE (upset and furious): You promised. You *promised*, Adrian.
Cody asks what's going on. Caroline snaps at Adrian:
CAROLINE: Go on, tell her, Adrian. You promised.
CODY (blankly): Tell me what?
CAROLINE: That it's all over between you two.
CODY (murmurs): What?
CAROLINE: Look, he's with *me*, not *you*. We talked all this out last night.
Cody sits there looking dumbstruck.
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Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2489
Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Brett Stark, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2489
Brett Stark, Karl Kennedy

Joanna Hartman, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2489
Joanna Hartman, Mark Gottlieb

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2489
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Danni Stark, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2489
Danni Stark, Brett Stark

Joanna Hartman, Mark Gottlieb, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2489
Joanna Hartman, Mark Gottlieb, Cody Willis

Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2489
Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark

Mark Gottlieb, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2489
Mark Gottlieb, Cody Willis

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2489
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Adrian Ewart, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2489
Adrian Ewart, Cody Willis

Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2489
Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2489
Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2489
Brett Stark

Libby Kennedy, Manuela De Ferriera in Neighbours Episode 2489
Libby Kennedy, Manuela De Ferriera

Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2489
Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Joanna Hartman, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2489
Joanna Hartman, Mark Gottlieb

Libby Kennedy, Manuela De Ferriera, Tommy Roth in Neighbours Episode 2489
Libby Kennedy, Manuela De Ferriera, Tommy Roth

Adrian Ewart, Mark Gottlieb, Caroline Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 2489
Adrian Ewart, Mark Gottlieb, Caroline Sinclair

Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2489
Cody Willis

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