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Neighbours Episode 2483 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2483
Australian airdate: 27/09/95
UK airdate: 20/05/96
UK Gold: 08/05/02
Writer: David Allen
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Adrian Ewart: Jeremy Kewley
Waiter: Donn Frizzell
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Angie is shocked that Danni and Mal want to move out - it's an impossible living situation for all of them, and it's time to go home.
- Adrian invites Cody to spend the weekend with him at a guesthouse in the mountains.
- Annalise tells Jo off for being insensitive in going out with Mark.
Glenmoor Guesthouse in the mountains
Adrian and Cody have arrived. Adrian is being a gentlemen and opens the door for Cody. The receptionist shows them in.
They are shown into their room, which has a four- poster bed. Cody is quite overwhelmed.
Lou has arrived back and Cheryl and Danni welcome him. His body is stiff and exhausted because he's been horse riding and fell off during a jump - into a creek(!)
Cheryl tells Lou that Danni is moving back in and Lou is delighted.
Coffee Shop
Annalise storms in to confront Mark about Jo.
ANNALISE: What the hell do you think you are playing at?
MARK: I beg your pardon?
ANNALISE: Do you care about my feelings at all?
MARK: Your feelings? I've got no idea what you're talking...
ANNALISE: I never thought you'd sink this low. You're deliberately trying to humiliate me.
Mark is totally bemused and shocked to hear that Jo consider them to be an item(!) Mark is quite interested asks what else Jo said(!)
ANNALISE: I'm glad you find this amusing Mark. Because I find it really hurtful. And inappropriate. So just back off, alright?
She walks out. Mark just looks pleased that Jo is interested in him(!)
Sam asks Jo if she's OK, as she's looking a bit down. She tells him about Mark and reckons it's fine for her to go out with him(!) Sam is quite shocked and points out that there's a lot of history between Annalise and Mark, but doesn't say a lot for fear of angering Jo(!)
JO: I want more than friendship with Mark. A lot more.
Sam just gulps his orange juice!
Karl warns Mal that he hasn't got time to do his laundry, but Mal says he'll do his own - it's the least he can do if he's moving back in. Karl is absolutely delighted to hear Malcolm is moving back in. Mal explains that he and Danni haven't split up, but the Rebecchis have taken over the house at the moment. With exams coming up, it's a good option to live back at home. Karl hugs Mal.
Coffee Shop (back)
Jo tells Mark that Annalise is on the warpath. Mark (who is sporting a rather effeminate hairstyle) tells her that Annalise said Jo was interested in him, but he thought that Jo was "probably joking". Jo is upset and walks off.
Phil is heading off to help Michael to renovate his house. Jen and Helen wave him off and assure him that they'll be fine.
PHIL: Hannah's holiday money. Now, I told her she could spend it on anything - but try to stop blowing it on lotions and potions.
HELEN: We'll try, Philip, we won't succeed, but we'll try!
He sighs and gets in the car!
Coffee Shop (back)
Jo creeps back to see Mark. She says she feels silly for thinking Mark was interested in her. She's always getting ahead of herself, and would like it if she and Mark could be friends.
MARK: Jo, wait, listen. There is something I'd like to tell you, OK? You have been very silly.
He puts his arms around her waist.
MARK: Very silly indeed.
He kisses her. Yuk.
Glenmoor Guesthouse
Cody and Adrian are having dinner in a very ornate room. Adrian asks the waiter if they can have dessert up in their room (Yuk). Just then, Adrian's pager goes off, but he says it's nothing that can't wait.
As they leave to go to their room, Adrian's mobile phone rings. He goes off to take the call. He tells the person that it's "impossible" to come tonight, but the person is insistent. He tells Cody that they have to go back to Melbourne straight away - tonight.
Cheryl is telling Brett on the phone that Danni is moving back in. She also cross- questions him about what he's been up to until the line is cut off(!) Cheryl wonders if Brett is serious about Samantha. Lou's body is still stiff and painful, and he doesn't know how he'll manage at the Mayoral dinner and portrait unveiling.
Mal and Danni have made dinner for Karl and are now washing up. Karl is impressed by Malcolm's new- found prowess in the kitchen, and he's glad to have Mal home for a bit of company.
When Danni has gone, Mal tells Karl that he's sleeping at Danni's tonight. Karl is a bit quiet, but Mal points out that Karl will have to get used to him having a sexual relationship with Danni.
Glenmoor Guesthouse
Cody has packed her things and is not too pleased at having to leave. Adrian won't tell her exactly why they're going back, and hints it is related to his being a doctor. He asks her to trust him, and promises to make it up to her.
Adrian goes off to use the bathroom before they leave. While he's in there, his telephone rings and Cody answers it. She asks who's calling and it's "Caroline - his girlfriend".
Cody puts down the phone, snatches up her bag and the car keys and stalks out! When Adrian comes back, he's shocked to see (through the window) Cody speeding off in the car!
Annalise and Sam are having a quiet drink. Annalise is upset that Jo is out with Mark tonight. Sam doesn't want to talk about Jo and Mark - this is their night. Just then, Annalise notices that Jo and Mark have come in to the pub and taken a seat(!) They wave at Annalise who looks like she's sucked on a lemon. Sam tells Annalise to calm down - it doesn't matter, and she's got to get along with Jo for the sake of the business.
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